Simple 200 Factors For Rank Higher in Google


  • Valuable and Unique Content: Update new things, rather than repeating older stories and content.
  • Contact Us Page: Make a good Contact Us page with suitable information. It develops trust.
  • Architecture: Google prefers Silo Structure. It helps it to organize your content.
  • Site Updates: The freshness factor again matters.
  • Number of Pages: Number of pages is also a criterion Google looks at for page ranking.
  • Sitemap: Your website will not be indexed by search engines if you’ve not created your sitemap.
  • Site Uptime: Use a good hosting because server issues can harm your ranking.
  • Server Location: Server location matters in case of region specific searches.
  • SSL Certificate: Google has assured that it uses SSL Certificates for indexing.
This page assures that your website is trustworthy. It is a necessary condition for Google
  • Copied Meta Information: It drastically hurts the visibility of all your pages.
  • Breadcrumb Navigation: An amazing user friendly architecture which tells the user in which section they are reading right now.
  • Mobile Optimization: Creating a responsive site is very important. Read this you’ll come to know how important it is. 
  • YouTube: YouTube video Links are given preferences.
  • Usability of Site: A site in which a user gets lost or we can say a site which is difficult in navigation will surely decrease the Page Ranking because of reduced page views and increase in bounce rate. Also read reduce the bounce rate
  • Using Google Webmasters and Google Analytics: Having these two pages is the foremost thing one must do. As it improves indexing and ranking both.
  • Reputation of site: A site’s review on review sites like and prospectively play a vital role role in the Google algorithm.

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