Simple 200 Factors For Rank Higher in Google


  • Organic Click through Rate for a Keyword: More Organic Clicks give a boost in ranking for that particular keyword.
  • Organic CTR For all Keywords: More Organic Clicks give a boost in ranking for all keywords.
  • Bounce Rate: Bounce Rate is the rate of people who visits your website but don’t come again. Hence lesser the bounce rate is, better a site gets in ranking.
  • Direct Traffic: Google determines if a people visit a site more often or not. Sites with more direct traffic are ranked higher than sites with less direct traffic.
  • Repeat Traffic: Google also keeps a check that people visiting a page comes to visit it again or not. Sites with constant visitors are ranked higher.
  • Blocked Sites: Earlier this was used, but now it has been disabled by Google.
  • Chrome Bookmarks: Pages which have been bookmarked in Chrome are benefitted.
  • Number of Comments: Lots of comments on a page is an indication of user interactivity and popularity and hence are kept at priority.
  • Dwell Time: Dwell Time is the time that a user spends on your site. More is the time, more advantages you get.

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