Simple 200 Factors For Rank Higher in Google


  • Penalty: A site with low quality content is less visible on search engines, once they get hit by a penalty
  • Links to Bad sites: Linking to wrong sites will definitely decrease your ranking and visibility.
  • Redirects: Sly redirects should never be done. Never means never. Your site is not only penalized but de-indexed.
  • Add Pop Ups: According to Google, Ads creating diversion and interfering pop ups denote low quality sites.
  • Over-optimization of Sites: Site over optimization is a result of wrong tricks like Black Hat SEO, Keyword Stuffing etc.
  • Over-optimization of Pages: Same as above. Above mentioned was for the site. This one is for pages.
  • Over Advertisements: Sites with more than the limit Ads are penalized according to Google’s page Layout Algorithm.
  • Hiding Affiliate Links: Don’t try to do that, you’ll be penalized.
  • Sites with Affiliate Marketing: It is a positive point in Google’s eyes as Google loves Affiliate Marketing.
  • Automatic Content Generator: Google hates this. If you are uploading computer generated content on your site then your site will get de indexed as soon as you are caught.
  • Server’s IP Address Spammed: If your server’s IP Address is found as spam then you’re in a big trouble.
  • Moulding PageRank: Don’t try to mould the PageRank of your site by doing wrong activities.
  • Spamming Meta Tag: If you are stuffing your Meta tags title and description with keywords unnecessarily then get ready for a penalty.

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