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Top Google Adsense Earners 2015

In the 21st century, the world is inhabited by the money-minded people, obviously to live a luxurious life full of comfort, it is essential to earning a handsome amount of income. Also, this is the virtual era where everything is done online, be it any money transaction, advertising or publicity. Google Adsense has emerged as a boon for all the bloggers and website managers who are hunting for the best ways to promote their media advertisements and gain enough cash for it. Google Adsense has created history by building heaps of wealth for entrepreneurs and other businesspeople who desired to display their ads on various websites through Google Adsense. This program run by Google, which works on CPM basis, has brought a miracle in the destiny of the people who are now known as the Top Google Adsense Earners.

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Here is the list of all those charismatic personalities who got the fortune to be working with Adsense and transforming themselves from rags to riches:

Google Adsense Earners:

1Pete CashMore

He is the one conquering the first position on the list of Google Adsense earners. Pete CashMore is the owner of the website called which deals in technology news, sharing information about social media and development. It all started back in 2005 when he was merely 19 years old. This small boy with big dreams in his eyes came up with this website which changed his life entirely. Can you guess in what figures he must be earnings? Just stop speculating and see the answer. His estimated income is $650,000 per Month. Are you stunned right now? You better be because this is a huge amount. In fact, his Page receives 31,100,000 views per day which is impeccable.

2Shawn Hogan

The second in line is Shawn Hogan, who is the founder of the Digital Point, a website that helps in solving the bloggers’ problems and allows the user to share their ideas. He earns $550,000 per/ Month which is slightly less than the amount earned by Pete CashMore but still huge. His website was launched in 1995 and look, these 21 years of his life have made him worthy of standing on this pedestal.

3Markus Frind is the website launched in 2003 that staged Markus Frind at No. 3. The website earns $350,000 per month, and it provides online dating services to the users. Its Alexa Ranking is 652, and the website is also written as

4Kevin Rose

The owner of, Kevin Rose, lands on position 4th in the list of Google Adsense earners. This is an online site providing information about the current political issues, and Kevin receives a monthly income $250,000 from the Google Adsense program.

5Courtney A. Rosen

Finally, good to see the name of a lady on the list and it is none other than Courtney A. Rosen, the developer of As the name of the website suggests, it is a site that gives an online solution as to how to create videos, and the site allows the freelancers to upload their articles and videos. This initiative was started in the year 1999, and its popularity can be measured by the views that it receives i.e. 25 million per day. Courtney A. Rosen earns an estimated income of $240,000 per/Month.

6J. Michael Arrington

At 6th position is the founder of that was created in the year 2005 named J. Michael Arrington. The site is the provider of the happenings of the tech world, and its Pagerank is 8/10. It has succeeded in making J. Michael Arrington an earner of $240,000 per month.

7Mario Lavandeira

He is standing at No. 7 with an estimated earnings of $200,000 per/Month. He is the developer of, which gives the gossip from the tinsel town of Hollywood. His site gets 30 million views every day, and definitely, the major contributor in viewing the site would be the crazy and loyal fans of Hollywood. Mario Lavandeira is professionally called Perez Hilton, and he is a famous blogger and columnist writer.

8Jason Calacanis

At No. 8th is the man behind the success of, which was started in 2003. His co-founder was Brian Alvey. He solely earns $1,90,000 per/Month as the website is quite famous, and its monthly page gets 25 million views.

9Jeremy Shoemaker

This web entrepreneur has fixed a place at No. 9 for himself in the list of top Google Adsense earners. The site that owns is called Shoe Money. The site developed since 2003 acts like a guide and teaches the user how to manage content online and monetize it. The earns him $1,40,000 per/Month from the Adsense program.

10Pankaj Agarwal

Happy to see the name of an Indian among these highly qualified international entrepreneurs! Pankaj Agarwal is the founder of the site called, which was launched in 2007. This site helps the user to place buy or sell classifieds advertisements online. The website receives 5.5 million views and has enabled Pankaj Agarwal to earn $85,000 per/Month.

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Aren’t you guys inspired to do something glorious and out of this world after Looking at the names of these immensely talented and strategic business men? Don’t you guys want to be called millionaire and billionaire? So, take a step forward towards this new venture of your life where you will be busy placing ads on your sites and blogs with the help of Google Adsense. To get started just make a free account on Google Adsense and once you receive the approval from Google, prepare yourself to place ads on sites under Adsense program.

Knock Knock!!!! That’s your call, for becoming one of the personalities to be enlisted among the Top 10 Google Adsense earners illustrated in the above countdown.

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How to Earn Money From in 6 Simple Steps

In case you are a freelancer, there are hardly any jobs that would meet your abilities. Most people prefer working as a freelancer as it not only offers you freedom but also at the same time tends to offer you a level of satisfaction as well happiness. Usually, people work as freelancers because of one of the two reasons. One is that they want some extra income along with their salaries.

The other reason is that they don’t want to work, or I should rather say that they can’t work under someone as tolerating a bossy behavior is something which is not their cup of tea. They want to be their own boss, and they would prefer working only for themselves instead of working for someone else. This makes them happy, and they feel free and sorted.  There are a lot of online portals which are now offering people a choice to work from home and earn a constant income depending upon the level of hard work they can put in.

One such place is This site tends to offer freelancers with a chance to work in the file of content writing, designing, development or any other job profile that a person might be interested in working. The best part is that you get to decide what work do you want to do, bid for the same and hence will be able to get the job based on the qualifications you possess.

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6 Steps For Make Money as a Freelancer

So, let’s dive in a little deeper and see what steps you need to follow to earn a decent amount of income.

1 Create an Effective Profile

Yes, this is definitely a task which is a big pain in the head. You have created a profile on LinkedIn, Twitter and God Knows on how many other platforms, but you need to create the same on this portal as well. But, this is required as this is what will distinguish you from all the others present out there. Fill in your details, your education, your work experience and the most important your profile picture. Try and make sure that you make an effective profile and get yourself verified too. Your profile should create a picture of a genuine person in the mind of anyone who looks at it for the first time. You should be very particular about the description of your skills that you are mentioning.

2 Choose the Area of Specialisation

Yes, this is the area which will help you earn some income. You need to decide upon the task in which you are good at, and should be able to showcase that in your profile. Your mere word of mouth won’t be enough for getting you some work. You will need to convince the customer that yes you are the best suited for the job.

You will undoubtedly receive a higher price as well as work in case you have an experience in the field you mention yourself to be good in. An imperative thing to be kept in mind is that you need to focus on a particular field in which, you think, you expertise in. Entering the whole ocean of skills will not help you getting the project, rather, it is a negative thing. Customers search for people who are expertise in particular skills.

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3 Bid Often and Pay Up

One thing that you should try and go for is frequent bidding. Try and set aside some time for sending bidding applications to the customer. The more you bid, higher your chances of getting a project are.

Also, customers prefer freelancers with a higher starred rating as well as good previous feedbacks. Therefore, while in the initial phase of freelancing, try and bid lower than all other people on a particular project. This portal allows you to see the total project cost as well as the average bidding cost. Hence, use these as a guide and bid lower than this as well as pay an extra amount of money for keeping your bid on the top. Initially, you will have to bear some expenses to get your first project. Once, you will get an excellent rating; it would become a bit easy to get projects further.

4Read the description of the project carefully

Most of the customers feel very irritated when they receive cover letters from freelancers who haven’t actually read the project requirement and description. Before sending these letters, take a moment and read what the project is about and include a keyword in your bid to help the customer realize that you actually read their description very cautiously.

5Sending in Cover Letter

Now this is again one of the most important steps of bidding on a particular project. There are cover letters for writers, designers and for every other profession. Write down a solid cover letter followed by why you should be hired for this project. Don’t just send same cover letters to all the employers as this reduces your chances of being selected.

Include a quality that you think would help you stand out from the rest. For example, in the case of writing tasks, you can say that you are a native speaker of that language, and hence, it would give you an edge over others. Include as many links to your work as you can, and also provide a specific link to any task you have done which is similar to the one you are applying for. Also, include your qualities and do not be over-descriptive as the employer can read your profile for any other information.

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6 Be Specific, Be Precise, Be Punctual

If you get a message from the employer, who is hesitant to provide you the job, give him contact details of any previous employer you have worked for. However, don’t offer a sample of your work if it is a one-time deal. If it is a long and expensive project then providing the sample is fine.

Also, once you get the project from the employer ask him to set up clear sets of milestones as you don’t want yourself to be not paid for the work you have done. Do not start with something without having a clear idea of what the customer requires. Talk to him and settle on the terms that may be agreeable upon for both of you. As, if you won’t do that, disputes might occur in future, and you will be in trouble. Problems like not getting paid for the work done, an increment in the modules decided to be done; all such are problems are likely to occur.

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Also, avoid any unnecessary Skype chats or other forms of communications as this is simply a waste of your time.

Try and underbid a few times after which you can set up your hourly rates. Also, look for people who offer a precise and crisp requirement description as these people are fun to work with. There are some employers who don’t know what they precisely want and some, who are quite painful, stay away from such people even if they are offering massive projects.

Deliver what you have been hired for on time, ask them for a release of milestones, try and be courteous and even ask the employer whether he wants to hire you for any other projects.

Delivering work with perfection and within the time deadline is the most important thing you need to take care of. As this will not only enhance your rating but will also give you a client base who would directly talk to you whenever they would want any project to be done related to your skills.

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How Do Free Apps Make Money – Free Apps Monetization

How do free Applications make money? This is the query which would have struck your mind a lot many times, but you might still be searching for an answer to this question. It may sound a bit strange, but many of the top trending applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. are available without any price.  It is a genuine question which pokes everyone’s mind as one thing is for sure that nothing in this world is available for free. While most of the people think that their applications should be available without any cost, how do the App developers get profit out of the applications they make?

To put it plainly, there is a technique of App monetization that allows the developers to earn money from their applications available free of cost. In-app purchases and advertising are the most popular approaches to make money off a free application. But these techniques of monetization require a thorough market research, client research and putting in some knowledge of business to bring about right paid user experience. Below are the things that you need to understand to make money out of your free application.

App Monetization Options

There are numerous App monetization options available with the prime one being in-app purchases and in-app advertisement. Choosing which technique to inculcate depends on the type of application you are launching and the kind of audience you are targeting.

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1In-App Purchases

In-App purchases allow the user to download the application for free, but certain premium or additional features of the application are available for a particular price. This technique of monetization is commonly seen in mobile gaming apps, in which numerous things such as an extra gear, extra life and so on can be purchased. One of the famous games utilizing this feature is Mini Militia, in which the users can buy additional features or what is called as a ‘Pro Pack’ by paying for it.

This option of in-app purchase is also found in numerous applications other than that of gaming, such as Apple Music, etc. These categories of applications tend to offer you features that last for entire time unlike the consumables that will be utilized in a short period, and you would need to pay for the same again.

Applications which offer access to certain premium features only after spending a certain amount of money are referred to as “freemium”. There are numerous techniques of making an application freemium. You can keep certain features in the paid section, or you can initially cause the user access a particular feature as a trial, and later you can lock it down. The second concept of locking an application requires a lot of backend coding and is quite tedious.

There are other types of free applications, one that allow your renewable subscriptions. It means that you get the premium features upon payment for a fixed span of time. After the time expires you will be required to pay the additional amount to renew the validity of those features.

2In-App Advertisements

These in-app advertisements are available to the user in numerous sizes, types and positions in the application.  The amount of money that you can generate out of this model of advertisement is based upon various advertising models available. You will get paid differently based upon the number of clicks, country and the most important- the type of ad. Advertisements which are displayed in video format turn to earn more, as compared to the static ads.

free apps make money

Techniques To Increase Your Revenue

While the above two are the most common strategies of getting revenue generated from your free application, the primary motive is to implement these strategies correctly. To do so keep in mind the following things:

1Pay Attention On User Growth

It doesn’t matter what type of app monetization technique you are using, until and unless you have a small user base. A small user base will result in less revenue throughout, either through advertisement or purchases. Therefore, initially, your motive should be to grow as many users as you can which means you need to make your application reach out to masses. It is imperative to decide the conversion rate of your application from free to paid and also consider other factors such as churn rate (recurring subscriptions), lifetime value of a customer, etc. Without reviewing these parameters, you might not be able to increase your revenue substantially.

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2Find Out Your Market and Your Users

The initial approach to start monetizing is to do your research. By research we mean, that try and understand the market. Go over to the play store and have a look at the apps offered by your competitors and the monetizing approach used by them.  While it might be difficult to get hold of the amount your competitors are pulling in, what you can find is the monetization techniques they are adopting and how are they framing their applications for optical transactions and ad impressions. Once done with the research of your competitor’s, the next step is to find out any opportunities they are missing on, and then work on them to produce new strategies of monetization.

Understanding the mind of your users is an important aspect of this research. You need to find out what exactly do your users need, as only a few out of your entire user base, will pay for something extra. Perform a demographic research and present relevant advertising for what exactly do your users require. You will need to maintain a balance between the free features with the paid ones so that neither does it appear useless to the user base nor does it throw away your customers.

3Try to be Subtle as well as Actionable

Try and remember the use of your application, and don’t only focus on monetization. Mobile users tend to be sophisticated, and only a few people will go for applications that are Increase your website traffic. Most of the successful applications tend to work in a way that their monetization techniques appear as a regular part of user interface.

Make sure to focus and develop rapid monetization strategies. Also, if you are growing your user base, then try keeping strategies of monetization at bay, for a while. Whatever, you implement, make sure that the research is done accurately, and the conclusions drawn are implemented thoroughly.

These are just the basic points of How do free Apps make money. Soon, I’ll be presenting you with the business and money making models of various Applications like Whatsapp, OLX, etc. in detail.

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Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives For Website Monetization

There are numerous people who tend to apply for the Google AdSense account, and their application is rejected. For some people “Your Google AdSense account has been disabled or temporarily banned” is a message that is frequently seen. Every day thousands of users apply for the Google AdSense account, and their applications are rejected, or their accounts are banned. However, instead of cursing Google, what you can do is try and go for some of the below-mentioned alternatives until your website gets good enough that it receives a Google Adsense approval. There are lots of tricks and tips that I have discussed in my prior articles which help you in getting an Approval for Adsense from Google. But if your blog is taking time to get an approval from Google for Adsense, then till then, you can go for various other alternatives available which will help you generating income from your Blog. These alternatives are not better than Google AdSense (which is, of course, the best), but they are decent alternatives to earn something rather than nothing.

10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Website Monetizations

So, let’s dive in and see what some of the best available alternatives are:

  1. Amazon Display Ads:

You might be surprised to see Amazon Display Ad as an alternative to the Google AdSense program, but this has actually become one of the most sought options by bloggers for monetization from their blog in the year 2016. Quite a few years back this was merely just an Amazon affiliate program, however, over the years with the inclusion of CPM based ads and native ads, it has become one of the most preferred alternatives to AdSense. Amazon display program is best suited for the audience who have a majority of their traffic coming in from US or EU.make money blogging.

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    2. Infolinks:

Infolinks is an in-text link advertisement network that has proven to be a primary source of revenue for bloggers. Infolinks tends to offer you numerous type of advertisement that you can display or attach on your blog. The most mainstream one is an in-content advertisements unit, trailed by an in-frame promotions unit.

This doesn’t offer you any contextual Ad as the Google AdSense does, however, this alternative is highly recommended in place of Google AdSense. You can utilize other promotion systems with it to build your website’s income. Registering to Infolinks is simple, and they have a small bar of minimum payment value which is again an excellent point to be considered.

  1. AyBoll:

2016 is the period of local publicizing, and on the off chance that you are searching for an alternative way to get some cash, you ought to begin utilizing local advertising. This sort of promotion can be put at any place around the content. What we recommend placing these advertisements either near the sidebar or after any related blog. AyBoll offers local promotion and advertising, and it is very simple to register for AyBoll and start using the same.

Ayboll shows local advertisements, and it is a premium CPA system. You will get paid for any activity on the site, and the payout is gigantic. Their income split is high at 50/50, however considering the way that they pay premium $ per deal, it is beneficial in giving it a try. Ayboll has a threshold payout limit of $100, and the payment is either transferred through net banking or with the aid of Skrill. To put the Ayboll widget, you can utilize the Ad inserter module.

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  1. Adversal:

Adversal works similar to Superlinks, and you need online visits of 50,000 per month to apply. Least payout is $20, and after the end of 35 days, you will receive payment by the end of the month. Payment modes available are Wire Transfer, PayPal, and ACH. It takes 3-4 days to get your application endorsed, and I propose that you apply for both Superlinks and Adversal. In spite of the fact that Superlinks promotions will pay more, it is additionally great to have another option available as a support.

  1. BuySellAds:

This is again one of the prime alternatives available for Google AdSense. When you submit your blog to BuySellAds, it will automatically display all your blog info which incorporates PR, Alexa Rank and so on.

With a specific end goal to get selected for BuySellAds, your site ought to have a decent amount of traffic (ways to increase your traffic ). When your blog gets the approval, you can set up a place on your blog for BuySellAds, and sit tight for promoters to bid.

  1. Chitika:

Chitika is a program which is oriented and is based on CPC system. There are many advantages of Chitika. To begin with, it showcases advertisements based upon the site content which helps you get more clicks or traffic. Besides, you can alter content color, URL shading, and outskirt shading to mix with your blog appearance. You can likewise pick their referral program and make some additional bucks.

  1. Viglink:

This alternative is best suited for the blogs which are associated with any business or e-commerce website. The concept of revenue generation in Viglink is entirely different from all the alternatives mentioned above. Here you tend to make money by making affiliate sales.

Viglink works incredibly when you have active connections to business or product pages, for example, design store or Amazon. In case, you don’t have any such outgoing connection, and you are using words like Apple, iPhone or whatsoever, Viglink will add connections to these words, and you will wind up profiting. What’s best about Viglink is that it is managed by Google, and it is an SEO-accommodating promotion program.

  1. Skimlinks :

Skimlinks is the best option to consider as an alternative to Viglink, and it works in a similar way. Skimlinks changes over your outgoing connections into affiliate relationships, and you earn money as soon as any deal happens. You ought to pick amongst Viglink and Skimlinks depending upon the type of blog you owe.

It is conceivable that you could wind up making ten times your current income with Viglink and Skimlinks, as they pay per deal and not for clicks.

  1. is the one of the best options to AdSense as far as ad types are concerned. is a logical promotion system by Yahoo!, furthermore, Bing, and it offers very high paying advertisements. Besides, the advertisement type included is like AdSense, and on the off chance that you have a quality site; probably getting endorsement is a matter of seconds.

  1. PopCash

This is again one of the beneficial ad networks that have been in the market for quite some time. This network consists of PopUnder Ads along with a great CPM and inventories for almost every country both for desktop and mobile traffic. You can ask for the payment to be made on the dashboard which will be transferred to you within 24-48 hours.

These are only a portion of the best options to AdSense. If your AdSense is banned or disabled, an ideal approach to cover the lost AdSense income is by utilizing a mix of two or all the more promotion systems discussed above. This article and the options covered in this article will definitely help you in overcoming Adsense issues and earn a handsome income even when Google Adsense is not approved or your blog. I would soon be there sharing the above points individually in separate articles. Till then try the above propitious options availed to you superseding Adsense.

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How To Make Money With Clickbank Affiliate

While most of you would think ClickBank as yet another affiliate network, it is more than just that. It is a platform where both the manufacturers and the affiliates can make money without the utilization of huge paper works.

From the affiliate point of view, this program is fairly simple, and anyone can enrol in the same, create his unique affiliate links for numerous products listed on the site and start pushing traffic. You will see all that you earn in real time mode.

From a producer or manufacturer point of view, it provides them an e-commerce platform where the product owners just need to add their products and rest will be handled in by the ClickBank owners. They will manage all the technical stuff for you and choose the affiliate program for it.

However, keep in mind that for these services ClickBank will take 1 dollar plus 7.5% of your total sales. This might be a good option for small-scale sellers, however, once you start making enough profit you would want to step out of this system.

Working as an Affiliate

The best approach to make most out of ClickBank is to work as an affiliate.  However, this task is not as simple as you think. You need to do some initial research, select best products and promote them sufficiently to make a decent amount of money.

Some other Affiliate program to earn more money

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  2. How to earn money from Flipkart

earn money from clickbank

To start earning through ClickBank you need to follow 2 major steps:

1Choose the Best Product

Before you begin your work as an affiliate, you need to do some research just as you perform keywords research in SEO. Until you get the best product to promote all your promoting skills are of no use. There isn’t any benefit of promoting or pushing traffic to a page of a product that doesn’t sell. Therefore, first choose wisely which products to promote.

Also, try to be a bit practical in your choice and think that which product will drive more traffic. Instead of choosing a wedding product, go for a fitness supplement as it is what more people will buy. A wedding product might provide you with a tight income, but you won’t be able to scale up as high as you can with a weight loss product.

Once done the next step in your money making venture is to start building affiliate links. Also, try and maintain a tracking ID with each of the affiliate links that you generate. In this way, you will be able to keep track so as from where the maximum of your income or traffic is coming. Once done with this process the next step is gradually building traffic.

2Driving or Building Traffic

What do you mean by building traffic? Simply, it is exposing your products to the right audience and hence making them purchase the same. There are numerous methods of driving in traffic and building audience. These methods include-

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  • Own a Blog or a Website

Although there are many other methods of promotion the best way is to own a Blog or a Website, where you can paste links or banners. This is the best way to increase your income significantly, as you will know who are your target audiences and what all they like. Hence, in case you own a page related to fitness, then promoting a product related to supplements would be a smart choice.

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  • Adopt Social Media and E-Mail Marketing

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t have your website or blog to start with making money with ClickBank. You can even promote the products through social media marketing and E-mail marketing. Just include the links and the banners in the E-mail of the products that you are trying to promote. In case you have a huge number of followers on Twitter, Facebook, etc. then you can utilise your popularity to drive traffic to the website.

  • Building a Subscribers’ List

This is one of the effective methods that numerous people are utilising. You should build your own subscribers’ lists and send them regular updates with regards to the products launched on ClickBank.

However, try and focus on one concept only and do not over complicate the things. Adopt the method you are most comfortable with.

  • Increasing Your Conversion Rate

Now this is the step where most of the people tend to lag. As I have mentioned in my previous articles, driving traffic is one thing but converting that traffic into readers is another. If you are successfully able to turn the traffic into your buyers/readers, then you can make massive amounts of income. To do so, you need to have the mentality of ‘Value before Sales’. You need to gain the confidence of the visitors and show them why they should trust you and buy a particular product. Pre-sales is very much important for generating a decent income.

The best way to increase the conversion rate is to gain more confidence, which can successfully be achieved through E-mail marketing and techniques, mentioned above. Before selling a particular product to the customers, try and incorporate lines so as to why the people should buy the product? What are the drawbacks of the product? By doing this you will gain trust of people and they will depend on you for a transparent purchase.

What I mean to say is that you need to separate yourself from other affiliates. You need to build a rapport and relationships with individuals who will gradually increase your income in the long run. What makes affiliate marketing a successful affair is that you neither need to manufacture the product nor need to handle any complaints etc. However, if you are transparent with the consumers and are helping them get knowledge about the benefits and harms of a particular product, you automatically are standing out from rest. After this, they won’t be left with any reason to not to trust you. More people you gain the trust of, more consistent is your income.

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5 Tips to Increase Your Income From Flipkart Affiliate Program

Flipkart has turned out to be one of the leading e-commerce websites in India. The company found by Sachin Bansal in the year 2007 sells everything starting from clothes to electronics, all at one single place. Most of you might have utilised this website for purchasing something or the other.

However, do you know that you can even make your living utilizing this website. YES! You heard it right; you can make money using this E-Commerce portal, and I’m now going to explain how to do that.

The method which allows you to earn money from this online portal is known as the Flipkart Affiliate Program. Becoming a Flipkart Affiliate means that you will help this e-commerce company earn more money, and you will get a commission on each sale that gets converted because of you. All you need to do is help the company get more customers or to be more precise more buyers. For each sale that you help in making, you get a percentage of the amount that Flipkart earns. Cutting the long story short, when you become a reseller of Flipkart, its products are advertised on your site, and then, whichever product is sold from your site from Flipkart, you get a commission on that product.

Who Is Eligible for this Program?

Any person who has a blog or a website can register for this program. But in case you want some decent earning out of this affiliate program, then you should have at least 1000 unique visitors each day. This means that you should have a blog that has a decent amount of incoming traffic daily.

5 Tips to Increase Your Income From Flipkart Affiliate Program

How to Earn Using the Flipkart Affiliate Program?

There are five major steps that you need to follow to start earning money from this Affiliate program:

  1. You need to start your blog or website on which you are going to advertise your products. However, do not just start your blog on any random topic, instead try and start a blog about the products that you will be comfortable in promoting. For example, if you are thinking of promoting protein and fitness supplements, then try and focus your blog on fitness related topics. So before starting your blog do some research work and find your interest areas. You can learn how to choose the perfect niche concerning your interests and demand in the market. I would rather say that first build a blog, and then search for products related to that niche that can be sold through your blog.
  2. Once you have your blog ready, get it hosted using any of the hosting companies and then try to increase the traffic to your website, using various SEO optimization techniques, Social Media Marketing, and other methods of promotion.
  3. Once you have a successfully running blog with a decent amount of traffic, (You can read about how to get traffic on your blog ) your next step is to register for the Flipkart Affiliate program. To register yourself as the Flipkart Affiliate Reseller, follow this link This link guides you step by step towards the registration process.
  4. Once you have registered and got the approval from Flipkart, your actual work begins. Flipkart provides you numerous banners and links of products which you can include into your articles and blogs. You need to promote various products sold on Flipkart either through product reviews or by integrating the product links in the articles you publish. Your ultimate aim is to get these products purchased by the customers. For each shopping that a person does from Flipkart after visiting the link you provided, you get the commission for every product that he buys.
  5. Also, try to optimize the content that you publish so that more traffic is driven towards your page. Try to incorporate as many products as you can in the form of a banner, button or link depending on what looks pleasant on your website.

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How much can I earn from this program?

Numerous people have this doubt as to how much money can I make using this Flipkart Affiliate program? Now this is purely based on how much traffic does your blog drives in. In case you have a website that has a high traffic driving capacity then you can easily make 20-30 thousand per month. But that is a case only if you have high traffic on your website.

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If we talk about averages, then on an average a website with a nominal amount of traffic can help you earn around Rs. 5000 per month. This may sound a little less to you but keep in mind that this is the passive income that we are talking about, an income that is being generated without doing anything. And, this is when you have just started.

When do I get paid?

Flipkart tends to pay its affiliates 30 days after the income is generated and it reaches its minimum threshold value. For example, if your earning reaches a threshold value of Rs. 1000 on September 1 then your amount will be credited to your bank account on September 31.

Some Tips to Increase Your Income via Flipkart Program

  1. Try to find the product that matches the theme of your blog. Choosing the right product plays a very crucial role in increasing your income as it is something that users can relate too.
  2. Again one of the important aspects is choosing the right kind of banners and posters for your website or blog. Most of the times, banners are seen successful than buttons and links, but the case is not always the same.
  3. Try to place the banners in numerous different positions all over your blog. This will help you find the perfect CTR (Click Through Rate) value and hence will increase your income subsequently.
  4. Again being lazy won’t do any good. Therefore, try and incorporate as many new products related to your website theme as you can. Also, keep on optimizing the content you post so as to increase your website traffic continuously.
  5. And the last and an important tip is, do not think of becoming a millionaire overnight and be patient.

Just like Flipkart Affiliate Program, there are other Affiliate Programs also, which can make you earn. Other than Affiliate Programs, you can also earn through various Ad Campaigns like Google Adsense (how to earn from google adsense).

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Make Money Online

Best Way to Make Money Using Fiverr and SeoClerks

Making money online has become one of the favorite trends that most of the people are going for. And why wouldn’t they? There isn’t any harm earning some extra income by doing something apart from your regular jobs. There are two very popular websites that provide you with an opportunity to earn money by doing something sitting at your home. These are Fivver and SEOclerks. While Fiverr provides you with an opportunity to make money by doing tasks such as video editing and content writing, SEOclerks helps you earn money by providing services related to SEO.

Let’s try and understand one by one how you can make money online by using these websites.

Two Best Ways To Make Money Online By – Fiverr and SeoClerks

Making Money Using Fiverr

In case you are new to Fiverr then here are the steps that you need to follow to start making some money:

The first and the foremost step is to create an account on Fiverr.

  1. Once done, your next step is to browse through the site and see the possible services that you might be able to offer to clients.
  2. Buy a $5 gig from somebody. This is an imperative step to initiate with, as this will help you get an idea so as how the complete process of purchasing and reviewing works. Like amazon (Make Money by Amazon), here also, you get stars as a seller. The number of stars or rating is given according to your work which determines your quality and reliability.
  3. After seeing and reviewing the purchases now, it is the time to start offering your gig. For the setup stage you’ll require a decent photograph, and you should also try and incorporate a video which will help your customers know what you are putting forth. Gigs which have a video attached to it tend to make more money. The video need not to be made professionally; rather you can directly make it with your phone and later edit it using some video editing software.
  4. Try and include keywords which more people will search for. For example, in case you are offering content writing services then something such as “ I will offer SEO optimized content” will work just fine. Try and incorporate catchphrases in the title, however, do not over utilize it.
  5. Finally, the last step is to publish your gig and wait for purchases of your gig.

Making Money from SeoClerks

SeoClerks is also an online marketplace that lets you sell your services similar to Fivver. However, unlike Fiverr, SeoClerks is more inclined towards serving gigs related to Search Engine optimization or online marketing. You can serve any of your services which are related to SEO or online marketing such as increasing Facebook likes, or twitter followers, etc.

Registering on SeoClerks:

  1. Visit the SeoClerks signup page and click the join button provided on the top
  2. You will then be popped up with a page where you would be required to enter your skill set. Enter the skill set that you possess such as SEO, CSS, and Design, etc.
  3. Once done, you will be sent an activation mail on the registered Email id. So click on the link sent and your account will be activated.
  4. After this step, log in to your SeoClerks account and click on “Seller” button and after this click on ‘Create a Service.’
  5. Once done then a pop-up page will open where you will be required to enter your gig details. Enter the details of the service you are offering and attach a picture along with it.
  6. Once done, click on ‘Submit’ option and your gig will then be available on the ‘SeoClerks’ site and you will be notified if anyone purchases your services via E-mail.

Promotion of Your Gig

Once you have published your gig on Fiverr or SeoClerks, the work does not stop here. It is now when the real work starts. It is the time to make your gig popular and well known, for this try to share it on social media, spread words among your friends or adopt any other method for publicity. Higher the purchases you get, higher is your rank on these sites. You can also list your gig onto numerous social bookmarking platforms such as Reddit etc. Without promotion it is very rare to get good number of clients and hence very difficult to make good income.

On Fiverr each day you can see numerous people making numerous requests to find great sellers. These people can be reached out by going to ‘My Sales’ tab and then clicking on ‘Buyer’s Request’. Make sure to respond to people whose request matches your Gig.

Fiverr and SeoClerks Ranks

There are three ranks that Fiverr offers to its sellers these are Level One, Level two and top rated sellers. These ranks are provided to the seller who successfully fulfils the Fiverr requirements. In case, your level is higher than the other seller, then more people will contact you and hence, your sales level will get a hike.

In case of SeoClerks, four levels are provided by the company these are Level one, level two, level three and level X. Level X being the highest level gives you max number of benefits and maximum chances of generating a handsome income.

Some Tips from the Top Rated Sellers on these Sites

Everyone has the dream of achieving the top rated seller tag on Fiverr. So here are some tips that you can utilise to become one of the top rated sellers:

  1. Try and deliver the work to your clients in time. Clients will rate you after you complete their task. So, if you will complete their tasks in time, they will evaluate you better and hence your rating would improve.
  2. Try and over deliver. A person gets satisfied when you give him the results as he expected and as he wanted. But, if you will give them something above their expectations, they will not only be satisfied but also contented. They would be happier and would prefer you over others for tasks related to your field. This is what we technically call as – Customer Retention.
  3. Always try and improve your Gig descriptions to improve the conversion rates. It is the most important tip, as satisfaction is the second move. You will be able to satisfy a customer after you get one. So, focus on attractive Gig descriptions so that you can get quality clients.
  4. Try and offer clients opinions with regards to what will work best for them. Clients just love this thing. They will love it if you make them feel that their business is not less than yours for you. Suggest them with ideas which will work best for them so as to get excellent results.
  5. Don’t go too heavy on a bad review; it is common to get a few bad reviews. Remember, every coin has two faces. If some people like you, some will dislike you too. It is not possible to satisfy every customer. So be audacious to face some troublesome clients.
  6. Stay to the point with your Gig description.
  7. Treat small orders as well as bulk orders with the same level of professionalism as you never know, what might turn out from those small orders.
  8. You can also offer 24 hours delivery of services in the beginning to engage in more customers. Using this will help you in gaining the attention of the customers who are in urgent need of your services.

So, start with these tips, and these tips will help you with the above-mentioned Money Making Programs.

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How to make money from Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Affiliate program is one of the most lucrative options for the bloggers to turn their passion into something which generates revenue. Before we discuss how to make money using the Amazon Affiliate Program let’s learn what this program is all about.

What is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon Affiliate program is a venture run by Amazon that helps blogger and online marketing specialist earn extra income by promoting one or many products offered on Amazon website. The basic working of the program consists of three major steps:

  1. You direct your visitors to the Amazon website utilizing your affiliate link
  2. The visitors make a purchase from the website
  3. You get a commission for each purchase made

Any purchase that the customer makes on Amazon after visiting the website through your affiliate links earns you the credit. Even if the product they purchased is not the one that you referred you still get paid.

What Should I promote Using My Blog?

Although you can promote any product mentioned on the Amazon’s website, it is best to promote things that are related to the topic of your blog. For example, if your blog is related to fitness, then promoting a particular ‘Whey protein’ sold on Amazon will seem like a good option.

make money from Amazon Affiliate

So How Exactly Should I proceed?

For making revenue out of your blog you will need to follow 5 major steps:

1Start your Own Unique Blog

This is the first and the foremost step in earning money through this Amazon program. You need to have your own blog or website along with quality content. Focus on getting your site designed with the help of popular CMS such as Word Press etc. as they are free, and the only investment you would make is the time spent in designing the site.

Choose a topic that you personally like and writing about it won’t seem a burden to you. This way you would consistently provide quality content on your website and hence more traffic would be directed to your page. Also, make use of social media in promoting the blog you have started. To sum up, the first step requires you to establish a good website that drives in a lot of traffic.

2Get enrolled in Amazon Affiliate Program

Once you have set up a distinguishable image of your blog or website, the next step is to register for the affiliate program. Registering for this program is very easy and absolutely free. You can get the detailed step by step guide for registering for this program on the Amazon’s official website.

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3Start with the Blog Posts and Reviews

Now once you have registered your blog or website, this is the time when your actual work begins. Now you have to apply all your marketing and blogging skills to promote products related to your blog. Don’t be disappointed as the progress in the initial phase is generally slow. Start by reviewing right products and use right keywords in order to target the right audience.

Don’t think that you will achieve an overnight success or you will start earning from the first post that you write. It is your consistency and quality of content that will make your business flourish.

4Linking To Amazon

Now that you have your contents well written and blog well established, it’s time to link to the Amazon website. While writing a review or promoting a particular product you can visit the Amazon affiliate page and fetch the link of the product you are referring too. After fetching, this link includes a hyperlink in your blog which leads to this product.

You can even get banners of these products on the Amazon affiliate page once you have been accepted as the affiliate, which you can utilise on the sides of your web page.

5Increase Your Profits and Optimize Your Content

Once you have got your blog running successfully and have linked numerous products to your site, it is the time to optimise the content you have included so that you have a streamline flow of income. Some things that you can try doing include:

  • Updating new links regularly into the site as the links once clicked by the visitor expires after 24 hours for that particular visitor. Therefore, including new links gives you a chance to increase your earnings significantly,
  • Amazon has numerous products on its site, so try to incorporate as many links as you can with time to increase your earning significantly.
  • Amazon pays you on any purchase that is made using the referral link provided by you. Hence, share these links with your friends and family members and ask them to use it within 24 hours as the link expires after this time.
  • Adding widgets to your blog and site provided by the Amazon can help you suggest products to your visitors and hence again provide an easy way of increasing the income significantly.
  • Products with higher value tend to pay more, therefore try to include numerous products that are doing well in market and are available at a lower price on Amazon.
  • Try to release a list with the top-selling products or highly recommended products every month or every quarter. This will drive more traffic to your website and you will gain more trust of the people who will result in higher income.
  • Try to increase posts based on numerous occasions such as Christmas etc. This is the time when people tend to shop more and hence a list of recommended buys for Christmas will help them significantly. Try to cash in on such opportunities as Amazon does eventually.
  • At last try to include numerous SEO strategies and improve in aspects of Keyword density, short URL’s etc. More the people will read on your site, more clicks you will have on the links that you have provided.

Earning through Amazon is easy, provided that you are familiar with some basic SEO practices and possess basic marketing skills. And you can easily learn and develop these skills by reading various knowledgeable articles provided in this portal. You can learn anything and everything related to Blogging and Digital Marketing, which will eventually help you in generating revenue from your blog. Amazon Affiliate is just one of the numerous ways to earn from Affiliate Marketing; you can have a lot more in this vast ocean of Affiliate Marketing.

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How to Make Money Online Using Google Adsense

How to Make Money Online Using Google Adsense

The world has changed tremendously because of great evolvement in technology. People no longer need to be employed to earn and support their needs since internet has provided better and dependable financial opportunities which can be earned at the comfort of their home and time.

One of the most popular and powerful tools used by website publishers in establishing their Adsense empire is “Google Adsense”. This tool enables users to effortlessly monetize from their websites and once used properly, they can generate healthy and large income too. This is an “advertising revenue sharing” program which allows website owners to post ads on their site to earn money out of successful promotions.

1Understanding Google Adsense Revenue Source

Google is a “search engine” that allows people to search anything for free. If this is how Google works, then how does it generate money and why it became so immense? Good question, everybody wonder on how it became so rich, though its services come for free. Actually, aside from the free of cost search service, this holds an advertising product called Ad Words.

Google clients pay the site for advertising their services or business in Google search results under priority list. This is the process of promoting Ad Words clients in “search result” or in Gmail, Google Maps, Google Group, Blog Spot, Google Blog Blogger and a lot more. This is not just adoptable to Google but also in other websites which is not owned by them.

2Process of Signing-Up to Google Adsense

As long as you have your own website, you are allowed to sign-up with Google Adsense. Even the free site owners can apply for it. Nevertheless, Google prefers those sites that hold good and unique content. For you to sign up, it’s best to create your own site that holds unique content.

You will need to wait for 2 to 3 days for an account to be approved. You will be receiving a message whether the application has been accepted or not. Once the application is not accepted you will get a message which states the reasons for condemnation. According to research, the main reason why most sites are being rejected is simply because of their site content. If you really want your application to be accepted, simply change your content and make it more unique. Avoid copying content from other since Google hates plagiarism. You can check the plagiarism of your article here.

3How to earn?

Once your application was approved, you can easily make and post advertisement in the site. Your guests need to click on the ads, Google will be the one to pay the site owner since Ad Words clients pay the site for each click. In view of this, Google share “a portion” of the revenue through Google Adsense program. If your website gains great traffic that click the ads you have posted you can earn millions of dollars. But you have to understand that you will be facing great challenge to do this. There are some who are besieged in getting their initial pay check worth $100.

So at the end I have some tips for you all if you want to earn through Google Adsense –

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Prevent your Google Adsense Account from getting Banned

Scared of getting your Google AdSense Account banned?

Everyone knows this very well that it is not an easy job to get Google AdSense approval, and even after getting the approval bloggers are afraid of getting banned as Google is extremely strict about the AdSense Terms of Services. You have to take care of certain norms and terms and conditions to prevent your blog from getting banned from Google Adsense.

These are some of the mistakes which Google AdSense publishers usually commit and they must try to avoid these faults to save themselves from getting banned.

1Invalid Clicks

The most common committed mistake is Invalid Clicks which takes your account to the danger zone of getting banned. Your account gets banned only when you try to act smarter than Google. When a publisher starts with Google AdSense, in over excitement, he asks his friends to click on the Ads and increase his page views by opening a few numbers of pages. He runs his brain and asks his friends to click on the advertisements with different IP addresses. And then, whenever the AdSense team perceives this activity, they disable your AdSense account. So please don’t try these foolish activities to increase your Ad clicks.

2AdSense on Unsupported Language Blogs

If your Google AdSense account has been approved and you are using that account for a blog in the language which is not supported by Google then kindly make the changes as there are bigger chances of getting banned. These are the languages which qualify the AdSense TOS (Terms of Services).

To get the list of AdSense supported languages click here

3Making alterations in AdSense Code

If you are an amazing programmer and you are implementing your skills in making alterations in your AdSense code then this is one of the worst things you are trying to do because this is not at all permitted by Google. Also, if you’re great in using Adobe Photoshop and you think you’ll make a clever move by adding Google AdSense image with adjacent image then wake up. Doing this might ban your account. Google TOS does not permit you to shade your AdSense images with other images.

4Publishing copied content

If Google has accepted your application of AdSense and you’ve become successful in getting AdSense account and now you want to save your time of writing articles and you take a smart step of uploading copied posts on your website then you’re completely trapped in the threat zone of getting banned. You must know how to start writing a proper blog.

5Hosting Copyright Content

If you’re using Google AdSense for a site which contains copyright contents like songs, movies etc then also you’re in risk as this is not allowed.

6Linking To Wrong Sites

You’ve to take extreme care while adding links on your site as even if your site doesn’t have any copyright or illegal content but you’re linking to sites having stuff like pirated software, or illegal content etc, Google will ban you.

Here is the list of content which is not allowed for Google AdSense

    • Porn, Adult material

    • Violent content

    • Racial content

    • Hacking/Cracking

    • Gambling/Casino

    • Pages selling Drugs, Alcohol (Beer or hard alcohol)

    • Pages selling Weapons and ammunition

    • Distribution of course work. Eg: Student essays

7Advertisement Label

A big no to tricks like Click here to download this paper, Click here to make new friends etc. This is an activity which encourages clicking on the Ads. This may lead to a big trouble for you.

8Using other Advertisement Programs

Don’t use other advertisement programs as Google may not like it. It decreases the gravity of your website. Still, you can use some advertisement networks like Infolinks, BuySellads etc as they fit in AdSense TOS.

So now I’ve shown you all the pits, which will attract you to put your feet in them. Don’t commit these mistakes and enjoy monetizing online.

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