Simple 200 Factors For Rank Higher in Google


  • Anchor Text of Brand Name: It is a powerful brand signal.
  • Searches for Brands: Just like people search for brands, Google will consider when people will search for your site on Google.
  • Facebook page with likes: Obviously a good website will have its Facebook Page with tons of likes.
  • Twitter Profile with Followers: Obviously a good website will also have its Twitter Account with lots of followers.
  • Linkedin Page: Company Linkedin page is a must.
  • Linkedin Employees List: If people’s Linkedin profiles say that they work for you then it is a plus as Brand Signal.
  • Social Media Accounts’ Legality: If a social media account is having only a few posts but a huge number of followers then it is seen with doubt. But a social media account with a huge number of followers and lots of communication is better.
  • Brand Name on News Sites: If your site is mentioned on News Sites then you are a real Brand Name and that’s amazing.
  • Unlinked Brand Names: Google takes unlinked Brand Names positively. That is if your name is mentioned and not linked then this is also a plus.
  • RSS Subscribers’ Number: If your site has many RSS Subscribers then again you are a Brand.
  • Location: If you are a brand and a real business then according to Google you must have an office. So Google also checks for location data.
  • Paying Tax: Google also checks whether you are a tax payer or not. This is also included in Brand Signal.

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