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Simple 200 Factors For Rank Higher in Google


  • Freshness: Newer pages are given a boost for certain searches by Google.
  • Diversity: Diversity is added to a ranking page for ambiguous keywords.
  • Browsing History of the User: Sites which are frequently visited by a user are listed higher in their results.
  • Geo Targeting: Google prefers sites with a country specific domain extension.
  • Search safe On: Sites containing slangs and adult content are not displayed for the people who have turned their Safe Search on.
  • Google+ Circles: A user can add sites to Google+ circles. These sites will be displayed higher to that user.
  • Search History of the User: Search chain also influences search results for future searches.
  • DMCA Complaints: Pages with DMCA Complaints are ranked lower by Google.
  • Diversity in Domain: This is adding more domains to each SERP Page.
  • Local Searches:  Google prefers Google+ local results over normal organic SERPs.
  • Transactional Searches: Different results are displayed by Google for shopping and related keywords.
  • Google News Box: Google News Box is triggered by various keywords.
  • Preference to Big Brands: Preference is given to Big Brands as compared to others by Google.
  • Image Results: Image Results are displayed according to the optimization of images.
  • Shopping Results: Shopping results are also displayed by Google.
  • Results for Brands: This shows brand oriented results.
  • Easter Egg Results: This is an amazing feature. If you’ll search a game like Atari Breakout, it will display the game itself and you can start playing online.

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