Simple 200 Factors For Rank Higher in Google


  • Number of Facebook Likes: Number of Facebook likes a page gets, is one of the ranking factors.
  • Facebook Shares: Facebook share carries more weight than Facebook likes when we talk in the field of ranking factors as shares act as a backlink.
  • Level of Facebook Accounts: From what kind of page you’re getting likes and shares also matters. If your site is getting likes and shares from a popular then obviously it has a stronger impact.
  • Number of Tweets: Number of tweets your site has may also matter.
  • Level of Twitter Accounts: It is probably expected that getting tweets from an older page having a large number of followers gives more impact than getting tweets from a general account.
  • Pinterest Pins: It is also a social media and perhaps a ranking factor. Still not very important.
  • Votes on Social Sites: Shares at sites like Digg, Reddit etc is also counted by Google.
  • Number of Google+1’s: Not an important factor at all.
  • Authority of Google+ User Accounts: Again the same, getting +1s from popular accounts is better than normal accounts.
  • Known Authorship: This program has been shut down now.
  • Neck and Neck Social Signals: This may increase the authority and visibility of a site.
  • Relevance of Social Signal: It is checked if the social account sharing your content is relevant or not.

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