Simple 200 Factors For Rank Higher in Google

Simple 200 Factors For Rank Higher in Google


  • Flood of Links: If suddenly, links start inflowing on your site then Google takes it negatively.
  • Penalty by Penguin:  The visibility of such sites decreases which are penalized by Penguin.
  • Links from Low Quality Sites: Links from low quality sites decreases the ranking of your site too.
  • Relevance of Linking Domain: The domain linking to your site must be relevant. Irrelevant sites’ linking to your sites is considered as gaming with the Algorithm.
  • Selling Links: Selling Links also harms the visibility of your site.
  • Disavow Tool: Using this tool might help you in removing the penalty from your site.
  • Links from the Same Class IP: If a site is getting a large number of links from sites hosted on same server then Google considers it a game of network.
  • Reconsideration Request: This might help you in lifting your penalty if you have been penalized.
  • Temporary Links: Creating and Removing links is a spammy scheme. Avoid it for your betterment.

Though this is a long post, which might tire you a bit, but this post is really helpful as it has covered all the ranking factors used by Google to rank your site. I’ll soon update with you the most important out of these all to make it more amazing for you. Thank you readers.


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