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7 Best Ways To Increase Traffic On Your Blog / Website

Though it is not very easy to get visitors through organic searches on your blog, but it’s not very difficult too. If you are ready to work hard and put in your best efforts then you can easily bring a good organic traffic on your website. So you just need a decent investment of time and efforts to leave no stone unturned.

Organic Traffic is basically the traffic which comes to your website resulting from unpaid search results. Visitors which a website gets from organic searches are the most profitable. Google as well as Direct advertisers prefer blog with organic visitors. Also, the CPC is more foe organic visitors. Even it is highly beneficial in case of Affiliate Marketing too.

Here I’ll discuss some of the most important things which you must follow and which you must avoid to increase organic traffic on your site.

Increase Traffic To Your Blog in 7 Steps

1Quality of the content of your site:

This is the very first step you have to keep in mind. You must have heard that updating regular articles is good for SEO. But if you think that it is enough to make your blog popular then I’m sorry, this will actually not take you very far. In fact, it can rather harm you if your content is not good or is copied from somewhere else. If your content is not impressive then the visitor will not like to visit your website again. And your bounce rate will increase which is damaging for your site. If you don’t know how to maintain the quality of content, we have something for you How to write a blog?

Think a lot, give your 100% before you click on the publish button. Write in a way that your readers get tied with you.


Be consistent in publishing articles on your blog. Write consistently. Google or any Search Engine likes and prefers frequently updated sites. Your readers need a consistent feeding of articles. So try giving them that. Else they may seek somewhere else which is not at all good for your blog’s reputation.

Consistency helps you in ranking good and mirrors a good image on your readers.

3Easy to Access Blog:

Make your blog such that it is easily accessible by Search Engines. If you’ll make your site more SEO friendly and give what people want then Search Engines will definitely prefer you, you’ll get a higher ranking and hence your site will get more of organic visitors.

You must start with On-page SEO. Make it indexable as well as make the important part of your site crawlable by Google crawlers.

Make your Blog such that it is easily accessible by Search Engines.

4Build Links

Building more and more links in your articles or on your blog is one of the most important SEO strategies. But you will have to keep in mind that all your links are quality and relevant links. You will have to use both inbound and outbound links.

Inbound links are those links which connect the users with different other articles of your own website. Outbound links are those which connect your users with articles on other relevant websites.

Relevancy and quality of articles to which your website has been connected is very important. Also you must get links to your site by using ways like Blog Commenting etc, that is, by mentioning the name of your blog in the comments of various famous websites.

Develop a good art of building links on your site which connect your users with other quality and relevant posts.

5Social Media Promotions:

Social Media is the platform which has the maximum footfall. So, obviously promoting your blog on Social Media (in case if you don’t know to how to drive massive traffic from the Social Media Optimization to your blog.) is a great idea which can help you in getting more and more organic visitors on your site. You just need to keep in mind that your content must be such that it is sharable.  

Promote your blog on Social Media following each and every step written in the above mentioned link.

6Revisiting Traffic:

Mark my words. Bringing traffic is still easy but making your visitors revisit your blog again and again is comparatively difficult. You need to convert your visitors into your readers. You must give your visitors a solid reason that they become the regular readers of your blog. Make your traffic revisit. This will help in decreasing the Bounce Rate of your site which will ultimately make you rank higher and hence increasing the number of organic visitors on your site.

Focus on the number of readers rather than just craving to get more number of visitors.

7Be Ethical:

It would be better for the health of your website if you’ll do everything legally. If you’ll try to act smarter than Google then your game will be over soon. Though ethical ways will take time but you’ll get long term results. So follow everything ethically and Google will definitely consider your blog very soon.

No tip, this time just a warning. Google is 1000 times smarter than you are, so be careful.

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Blogging Tips

Google Analytics – Free Website Analytics Tool

If you really wanna grow bigger and bigger in the field of blogging, you need to understand the fact that you need to write focusing on your target audience. So obviously for doing the same first of all you must know about your audience. You must know about all the statistics of how many daily visitors are you getting, from which country you are getting more of the visitors, on an average how many page does a visitor views, which of your contents is getting maximum visitors etc.

Now I’ll talk about the most important and the interesting part and that is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is the software which tells you about all the up mentioned activities. It will give you the track of the log of your visitors.

The best statistics which can be used to analyse how your website is growing is Traffic metrics. So here I present some amazing tips which you must follow to improve the marketing of your website and it will help you in driving in more traffic.

1Long term Stats:

There are 2 types of metrics and you should analyse both of them: long term values and local values. Google Analytics displays results of the past 1 month. This will help you in analyzing which of your articles have been flourishing the most. You can also extend the Google Analytics graph to find out the trends of 3-6 months or even a year. By doing this you’ll be able to examine which of your posts are reaping maximum visitors. Be stable, it will make your blog a success.

2Audience whereabouts:

Google Analytics also tells you about the number of visitors you are getting from a particular country. Google Analytics displays a map which shows the number of visitors from all over the world. The regions colored with dark green signify more traffic regions. This will help you as now you will focus on those articles which relate to the country from where you are getting the maximum visitors.

3Articles with prevalent keywords:

Your site is best optimized when you use good keywords and your articles consist of those keywords. You can examine that how your site ranks for specific keywords and how many visitors come to your site because of those keywords on search engine. This all is examined using Google Webmaster Tools. You can study which page the visitors visit, for how much time they stay and how many pages a particular visitor visits etc.

So, basically what all you have to do is:

  1. Search for the keywords with low competition and use them in your articles, that is, optimize your posts using those keywords.
  2. Track the locations from where you are getting the maximum visitors and then upload posts which are trending in those countries.
  3. Analyse your stats and post the articles which are more like by the visitors coming on your website.
  4. Post articles at regular intervals rather than posting as and when you feel like. This also plays a major role in Search Engine Optimization.

You can Sign Up for Google Analytics Here.


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Blogging Tips

Keyword Research for an Article for Better SEO Results

Keywords are the basic foundation of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Most of the traffic which comes on your website is through search engines. You think it by considering yourself in the same situation. If you want to get information on any topic, how many times do you enter the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of a website? Almost every time you search it on Google, rather than entering the website’s address. Everyone is surfing for information, products and services and every other individual search with different keywords. Search Engines display accurate and relevant results according to the keywords entered in the search box. And therefore, you need to do a good keyword research for the better optimization of your article.

So now the question arises “What are the correct and the most searched keywords, using which we can get the link of our website among the top results displayed on Search Engines like Google ?” “How to do a successful Keyword Research for an article?”


First of all, compose a list of keywords which are related to your article in your opinion. Think and jot. Think that if you would have to search about that particular topic, what you would have entered to get the best results. Jot down all the keywords which come in your mind and are appropriate to promote your blog online.

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1Use Google Keyword Research Tool:

Use Google Adwords Keyword Planner to search for the keywords related to your article. Google keyword shows 3 things about each keyword. One is its Local Searches, second is its Global Searches and the third is its Competition. You are advised to use keywords having High Global and Local Searches and Low Competition. You should never choose a keyword with high or medium competition as high competition keywords are for paid results and not meant for organic searches. So, choose your keywords carefully.

2Use Tools from PPC Campaigns:

Google AdWords also provides you with keyword research option. It is free of cost and you don’t need to start a campaign to start with it. It will provide you information about various phrases and keywords that people use as search queries related to the information, products and services available on your website.


We have discussed that what all alternatives do you have to choose keywords, that is, how to choose keywords for an article? Now, I’ll answer to one more important question. You must have thought a lot many times- “What kind of keywords i should focus upon to get the best results?”

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1General Keywords:

These are the 1 word keywords. These are unspecific and very general words used by people. But are not good for organic search optimization as they are very highly competitive.

2More Specific Keywords:

These keywords are phrases containing 2-3 words. They maintain a decent balance between the traffic and the significance of your website.

3Long Keywords:

These are phrases with 4+ words. These are extremely specific and are responsible for driving more than 70% traffic on the internet. Using these will help you In increasing your traffic a little bit.

As a conclusion I’ll summarize everything and will like to give you a precise overview on the selection of keywords for your articles. Survey a lot to get the best keywords for your blog and then end up with keywords which are low in completion and have a huge number of global searches. Also, analyse and track the movement of visitors in your website and improve your overall efforts by implementing improvised strategies to get the best results ever.

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Top List of 40 Best WordPress Plugins You Should Know

Want to catalyse your website? Use best wordpress plugins for your website and its SEO to make it more impactful.

These are some best wordpress plugins which will help you to make your website more SEO friendly and it will also help to increase the ranking of your websites on Google. You can install any of the below mentioned best wordpress plugins according to the requirements of your websites.

Top List of 40 Best WordPress Plugins You Should Know

40 Best WordPress Plugins List


Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin: This plugin will help you to optimise your site in a better way as it provides you with the facility of adding title, alternative keywords and meta description for your articles.


All In One SEO Pack: This is an alternative over Yoast WP SEO Plugin. You can use any of the two for better optimisation.


Contact Form 7: It is a simple and a flexible Plugin which can manage multiple contact forms. One can also customize the form and the mail contents.


Jetpack: It adds influential features including customization, traffic and other performance tools.


W3 Super Cache: Static HTML files are produced by this Plugin.


W3 Total Cache: It uses caching to provide WPO (Web Performance Optimisation).


Revolution Slider: To give a catchy effect to your website, slider is the best wordpress plugin option and in sliders Revolution Slider is the best.


Yoast Google Analytics: This Plugin will help you to track your website from all over the world.


WP Page Navigation: As the name suggests, it provides interface for page navigation.


WooCommerce: It is a Plugin which is used for Ecommerce websites.


NextGen Gallery: It is used to showcase the images of your products in the best possible manner


Google Analyticator: It displays the statistics of the visitors from all over the world.


Js_Composer: It is one of the best wordpress plugins for drag and drop page builders.


WP Polls: It adds Poll System to your website.


LayerSlider: It is a slider which contains layers upon the slider images giving it a more beautiful effect.


WordPress Popular Posts: It is one of the best wordpress plugins which helps you to find out the most popular articles of your website that is it will display the articles in the decreasing order of their popularity.


Shareaholic: It helps in increasing the traffic on your website.


Digg Digg: It adds share buttons on a moving bar.


Simple Social Icons: You can add social icons using this Plugin.


Mailchimp: You can add a Sign Up form using Mailchimp List.


SitePress Multilingual CMS: It helps in building multilingual sites.


Wysija Newsletters: It is used to create auto responders and send notifications to your clients.


Social Media Widget: It links your website with social media, the best wordpress plugin to connect your site socially.


Q2w3 Fixed Widget: It fixes the position of some of the widgets which don’t move even when the page is scrolled up or down.


Yet Another Related Posts Plugin: It is used to display other related and relevant posts on your blog.


Vipers Video Quicktags: This Plugin allows you to post videos in an easier way.


Tablepress: As the name suggests, this Plugin is used to insert tables and this is the best wordpress plugin which can be used to design tables.


Gravityforms: Using Gravityforms you can create any kind of form you want to include into your website.


Powerpress: It is used to support features like iTunes etc.


Addthis: You can use this Plugin to add conversion tools into your website.


Captcha: As we all know, it is an extra step for security purposes.


Lightbox Plus: It displays the bigger version of your images.


Easy Fancybox: Used to display videos, supporting flash movies and iFrames.


Akismet: It is used to check for comments to protect your blog from spamming.


BWP Minify: It decreases the loading time of your page.


Add to Any: Again the best wordpress Plugin to add sharing buttons for various social networking websites.


WP Retina 2x: Make your website efficient so that it can even be displayed on Retina displays.


Download Monitor: It uploads and manage and track downloads.


CForms: Again a form Plugin, an alternative for other form Plugins.


Buddypress: It helps you to run social network on your site with features like chatting, profiles, groups etc.

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