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Top 10 Off Page SEO Optimization Techniques – Complete Guide

To build up your rank on the Google Index you need to incorporate various On Page as well as Off Page Optimization techniques. On Page Optimization technique refers to the changes and modification that you do on your website only. Whereas, Off Page Optimization refers to the creation of links from the third-party website back to your page or blog. Off Page Optimization is a powerful tool that helps you develop and generate a massive amount of traffic for your web page, thereby resulting in a higher Google rank.

Top 10 Off Page SEO Optimization Techniques - Complete Guide. Use this technique to improve your website rank on google, Bing, Yahoo search.

Top 10 Off Page SEO Optimization Techniques Complete Guide

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Simple 200 Factors For Rank Higher in Google

There are a lot of factors on the basis of which Google decides the rankings of various websites. Earlier, the things were completely different. Earlier, the only technique to get your website a higher ranking was embedding more and more keywords in your articles. So, it was easy to disguise the search engines. But now, you have to follow so many factors to increase the ranking of your website. Google has been changing its algorithms just to make the search criteria better and better. Google updated his algorithms from Panda to Penguin to Humming Bird and their further versions too to make everything more efficient and intuitive.

You must have heard that there is a list of 200 factors in Google’s algorithm for deciding the rank of a website.

You are lucky enough that I’m presenting the complete list here today exclusively for my readers but as all of the factors are not important enough, I’ll give the details only of those factors which are the most important.

Here is the complete list. And the most important are marked bold.

Domain Factors

DOMAIN FACTORS – Start Your Blog with Great Domain

  • Domain Name Age: The Domain Name of the website must be at least 6 months old.
  • Domain name consists of keywords: If keywords appear in the domain name, it is definitely a plus, but even if they do not appear in the domain, it is not a minus at all.
  • Keyword as first word in Domain: Domain with first word as the keyword is definitely preferable.
  • Length of Domain Name: One of the Google Patent says that

“Valuable (legitimate) domains are often paid for several years in advance, while doorway (illegitimate) domains rarely are used for more than a year. Therefore, the date when a domain expires in the future can be used as a factor in predicting the legitimacy of a domain”

  • Keyword in Sub Domain: Keyword in subdomain sometimes boosts ranking. Again not very important thing to be done.
  • Domain History: A site with volatile ownership (via whois) or several drops may tell Google to “reset” the site’s history, negating links pointing to the domain.
  • Exact Match Domain: If the search query is as same as the domain, that is, matches with it completely, it gives you an extra edge.
  • WhoIs Information: WhoIs privacy protection service also plays a role. If you have a single site in your name, it is a plus. But, no need to pay a lot of attention on this.
  • Penalized WhoIs owner: If a person is detected as a spammer by Google, then all his other sited will be inspected.
  • Country TLD extension: If your Domain Name is a Country Code Top Level Domain then it helps your site to rank good for that country but restricts to rank globally.

By choosing the Domain name for blog – the question rises that how to select a right domain name for your blog

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Why to choose WordPress over Other CMS?

The name WordPress has now become largely popular in the field of website development and content management. However, numerous beginners still do not know why it is beneficial to utilise WordPress as a CMS rather than other options such as Drupal etc. Therefore below we have compiled few of the advantages that WordPress offers to its customers with regards to their website or blog development.

Why WordPress?

People think that WordPress is merely a blogging platform that was founded in the year 2003. They may be partially correct as WordPress was a blogging platform in the past. However, over the years WordPress has evolved as one of the most popular Content Management Software with the help of which you can create simple blogs as well as large scale websites.

The reason for its high demand is the flexibility and easy to use functions that it offers. In a recent survey, it was found that around 25% of the websites on web are developed with the help of WordPress. Not only a small organisation but large scale companies such as Facebook, Sony etc. are using this as well for creation of their web applications.

So let us see what features does WordPress offers to bloggers or developers over other CMS:

1It is Free

The prime reason for WordPress being so popular among people is it being an open source. You just need to download and install the software and you are good to go. You can utilise the software to design a sort of website, blog, newsfeed, podcast etc. and modify the features according to your needs.

This software is known to contain around 2600+ themes and 30,000+ plugins that are easy to download and utilise. To run this software, all you need is a web hosting and domain. This community software is maintained with the help of group of volunteers most of which are WordPress consultant. As this software is open source anyone can provide his/her input and modify the functionality of this software.

By using this software you become a part of ever growing WordPress community and can get your doubts and query resolved by the group of experienced individuals.

2This software is Easy to Learn

Every day numerous users are entering the WordPress community by making their WordPress powered websites. The reason for this rapid growth of consumers is due to its ease of learning and highly interactive user interface. There are numerous people to help you out in case you feel any issue and there are tutorials available on the WordPress site to help you easily install and work with this software.

3This software is very easily extendable

People who utilise WordPress are mostly designers not developers. Rather they are not even designers they are mere beginners trying their hands at this software. WordPress possesses a feature of easy extendibility due to the presence of numerous themes and plugins which allow you to give your website any appearance and functionality.

These themes available in the software can also be customised and they come with options to change color, design, and upload a logo and many other functions. You are able to perform majority of the customization very quickly without even writing a single line of code.

4Is Search Engine Friendly

The WordPress has been written in high quality code that is deemed as attractive by modern search engines. Any website or blog you develop using this software tends to acquire the WordPress architecture and hence is ranked higher.

Moreover, WordPress offers you a choice of optimizing your content produced using the SEO plug-in.

5Software is Easy to Manage

As mentioned before, WordPress is easily customizable and can be learned by almost anyone in a short span of time. The software has been loaded with inbuilt updater that tends to update the plug-ins and themes. These changes can be controlled easily with the help of admin panel provided. WordPress also automatically informs you in case there is an update available. It also provides data backup facility and you can set up automated backup to keep your data safe and secured.

6It is very much Safe and Secure

WordPress has been created keeping in mind the security and safety of a website. But, there are always chances of intrusions and hacking. WordPress recommends a ‘Sucuri’ tool to be included with the site developed so that there is a regular monitoring of threats and errors.

7Can Handle Multiple Types of Media

WordPress has not only been designed to manage written content. The software allows you to work with the audio, video and images as well. It is very easy to include audio and video in your posts, by simply providing it with the URL.

It also provides the facility to include videos and images in comments posted by the users.

8It secures your websites future as well

WordPress has been developed to meet the ever changing demands of its customers. So, in case, in future you want to grow your simple blog into a revenue growing venture, WordPress will help you make this change with ease. Also, it has been seen that people tend to modify or re develop their blogs or sites in 2-3 years and hence WordPress will serve as the optimal solution for this change. Using WordPress will not only secure the website for now but ensure it for future as well.

9Easy integration with numerous platforms

WordPress offers easy integration with most large platforms and applications and hence allows your blog or site to become a part of large scale business or enterprise.

10Minimizes cost to the most extent

As most of the work and functionalities have already been included, therefore, there is no need of developers or technical specialists. The users save both money and time.

There is large number of CMS available in the market with numerous different features. However, no other CMS tends to provide a greater UI than WordPress. In case you are a passionate blogger or small business owners than WordPress is the best solution for producing content driven and dynamic websites.

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What is SMO? and 8 Benefits of Social Media Optimization

‘Social Media’ at present is what excites everyone the most across the globe. It is indeed one of the biggest creations of the 21st century. One small news even in the farthest corner of the world reaches every single individual with the help of social media. Different news across the face of the earth or even in the outer space is now accessible with the help of social media.

In the last decade we have seen Web evolving from just a limited information sources to a global phenomenon which gives every individual access to more information, more resources and social connections than we have ever seen in the history of Internet. What we are actually talking about is the importance of Social Media Optimization (SMO) and how exactly it has become important part of our life.

What is SMO?

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Social Media Optimization actually refers to creation of such contents on the Internet that can be shared through different kinds of social networks.  It is also referred to as the next wave of online marketing. Social Media Optimization incorporates social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as well as RSS feeds and all kinds of blogging and video sites for example YouTube. If used in a correct way, social media can be the greatest asset for improving the site’s search results.

It connects us with different people and one can extend the reach of his business and can also amplify the opportunities.  As a business at this time in the world, one can’t exist without addressing the critical issues of online visibility and customer interaction. This is what SMO actually does. SMO is very similar to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in a way, as the the main target of both the processes actually remains to generate relevant traffic and increase the visibility of a website in the main search engines mainly like Yahoo, Google, Bing etc. So, both SEO and SMO helps you to promote any given website and its contents by sharing them across different popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and even the media sites, but SMO is more popular right now as it gets faster results for the website as compared to SEO which is comparatively a slow process.

Though Social media optimization can also be very difficult because many times it proves to  be very difficult to come up with contents that can be consistently shared. But It is gaining a lot of noticeable importance because social sharing is being integrated in search results. It has now become one of the most effective strategies for promoting and improving online business and marketing.

SMO basically involve two steps:

1. The creation of shareable content

2. Addition of social sharing tools to make it easy for the users to share.

8 Benefits of Social Media optimization

8 Benefits of Social Media optimization

8 Benefits of Social Media Optimization:

1Firstly, with the help of SMO one can establish a brand and raise awareness about things people haven’t heard of or known much of.

2SMO reaches out to a wide range of audiences and also helps in driving more traffic on the internet.

3It allows others to make use of your content. YouTube is a very good example of this. YouTube allows you to download videos to the websites in order to enhance your content. The positive result is that it will drive increased traffic to the website.

4Bookmarking and tagging can also be used more easily by using content features such as “add to Facebook” and other bookmarking sites.

5SMO also helps in bringing attention to various ranges of products and also helps one to  compare between different qualities of products. Speaking to the customers on the sites will comfort the customers and leads to a better relationship with the customers. It also improves the chances of customer recommendations.

6For an individual SMO helps in building a reputation because it allows one to get his name out to the world. It also helps one to look for a job or even display his resume. One can also showcase one’s talent out to the world or even connect with professionals across the globe to get advice.

7It also helps an individual to create business contacts and share information with anyone he would like to.

8SMO also helps in connecting with long-lost school friends, classmates, old colleagues or even out of town and out of country family relatives.

It may now be easy for you to understand from above points that SMO is simply a nowadays technique and it helps to promote any given website and its contents by sharing them across different popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and even the media sites.

What is the general procedure or method to implement SMO to your website?

  • First Rule is to keep your site updated which means avoid keeping your website static for too long.
  • The second rule is that content’s linkability should be higher to get maximum benefits.
  • Another good step would be to create a blog which will boost your incoming audience. 
  • Submit your contents like videos, audios or PDFs to relevant sites.
  • Don’t encourage irrelevant submissions, remember submitting to a relevant site only will work wonders for you.It will make your content more visible which in turn will bring you more audience or organic traffic.
  • Allow others to share and bookmark your content, it will definitely help you grow and will increase your visibility.
  • Add quick buttons to make tagging simple and fun but again the golden rule is to use relevant tags.
  • Another important quality needed for successful SMO campaign , is to be focused. Focus on a particular website( eg. Reddit) and target your audience

Success of Social Media Campaign varies from one individual to another, depending upon the business goals of each person. Sometimes it is a part of direct response or sometimes the objective may be simply of Branding your business or Brand engagements. So different parameters are for measuring your SMO campaigns success. Social Media Optimization is the easiest and the fastest method to encourage more traffic to your website. So start with it and take your website to another level of earning…!!

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What is SEO? Pros and Cons of SEO – BlogDuniya

Today SEO  (Search Engine Optimization) has become one of the most important tools for bloggers, webmasters and other web professionals to position their site on the top on Google. Though SEO is not a one time job, it is a continuous process. SEO is all about optimizing a website for search engines. As all of us know that nowadays almost everything under the sun is available online and there are many people who search  for things online. So you may be interested in knowing how to actually get maximum and relevant traffic or leads which will ultimately make your business profitable and will generate revenue for you. Without getting into the exact technical process regarding SEO, let me tell you some pro’s and con’s of SEO

Pro’s of using SEO


You get qualified organic traffic: Generally, the results of search engines depend on the existing demand. This means, users that get into your site from a web search engine like Google, are expecting to find a site that satisfies their expectations, which means, whatever the information they are looking for, if they find it there, the most probable is that they will become your new customer, subscriber of whatever you are looking to engage.


First page:  Once your site is positioned, the site will appear at the first page (although this is not completely warranted). 7 Best Ways To Increase Your Traffic On Blog


Independency: The price of a positioning campaign in SEO is higher than the price of a campaign in SEM –ok we agree- but once your site is positioned you will only have to pay for maintenance maybe every two months (each case is different of course).


Your investment is fixed: The investment is stable; it won’t depend on how many number of visitors your site has.


Dynamic process: The searching bots (yes, the search engines) are constantly looking for new content or changes in your site. This means you have the chance to improve your strategy in a completely dynamic way according to the results you are getting.


It is more trustworthy than SEM. 


It improves the Quality Score


Its totally “free”, I mean, you don’t have to pay for clicks, your only investment is paying for people who frequently analyze the websites and making sure that it is at the first position


Inbound links give reputation: A strong strategy is creating attractive original content for other people so that they will link to your site. This way your site gets ranked and influenced.


You will become omnipresent: a good seo can easily make you appear immediately to your target customers.


Higher conversion rate: statistics shows that the SEO conversion rate can reach a maximum of 14.6. This conversion is higher than the conversion that you get from an email or graphic marketing.


The maximum time you work with SEO, the best results you will get.


SEO is definitively cheaper than PPC (pay per click).

Of course, if we dig deeper we will find some other fantastic qualities, but unfortunately, not everything here is milk and oats. Most of the people who initially start to work with SEO, though there are many other factors but most of them get disappointed soon because of lack of patience.

What is SEO and why it is important

Here you have some of the Cons of SEO:


Waiting for results: Definitely, this is not a method for anxious people or business persons who want instant or urgent Internet fame, it is a long-term process. You can see the results in few weeks (we agree) but all will depend on many facts like competitors, keywords (Keyword Researching) etc. Normally SEO positioning takes between 4 and 6 months of daily work, but as I always say, all depends upon the scenery, everything is variable, so positioning can also take between 6 months or a year.


Hard to control: Reached positions at the search engines depend on constantly changing unknown algorithms and the movements of your competitor, so positioning require specialized knowledge, constant monitoring and fast answers. Because of all this, it is impossible to guarantee the position or volume or clicks that you may receive.


Constant inversion: I am sure you don’t want to give an advantage to your competitor. The hard job is not to get on the top, rather it is to stay there. If you want to keep your site positioned on the top, you will require a constant investment, learning, content generation etc. etc.


There is more than Google: You can´t think only in search engines, the big alternative for search engines are the social networks where people opinions and recommendations are as important as the first page results on Google.


You cannot measure everything: You can measure almost everything, but not everything. Google filters a part of the traffic generated from the sites. It doesn’t show 100% of what is happening with users.


Generating unique content in a continuous way sometimes involves a lot of hard work. Read More How To Write a Blog Post


Penalties: Google is constantly uploading actualizations containing penalties against wrong SEO practices like hiding text, creating different links with the same content, creating “link farms”, tricky re-directions or spam comments on blogs. So you need to be updated with SEO practices constantly.

You must know that SEO is one of the most effective and profitable marketing strategies. By using SEO you can get a very high rate of ROI (Return Over Investment). The main advantage is based in the possibility of attracting qualified public or organic traffic in an affordable way. However, like all strategies, it too has its disadvantages, but it shouldn’t deter you from using SEO as an effective tool for placing your website on the first page of search engines.

Follow the following advice to obtain better results with SEO:

  •  Quality content should be regularly uploaded
  • Duplicated content should be strictly avoided
  • Improve the loading time of your site
  • Use only friendly websites
  • Keep the site optimized
  • Publish periodically
  • Improve images.
  • Improve design

And keep “white hat”, if you don’t want to be penalized and don’t want to disappear suddenly from the search engines. Remember Google is smarter than you are. If you’ll try to be smarter then all the hard work you did in the last few months will be sent to trash and everything will go in vain. All the Best..!!

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How To Choose an Effective Content Management System (CMS)

Here comes the responsibility of web owners or who so ever is assigned a job to manage database properly what we call as Content Management System. Basically, CMS is all about maintaining data of a company through a template which is generally a creation of a web graphic designer. If all set for what to present, then get ready for how to present it generates a need for choosing an effective CMS thereby resulting in good web traffic and increased business.

In today’s scenario where a human day starts with a cup of tea accompanying Internet access whether it is a social website for refreshing or most importantly in a need of a good content for a purpose. So it is the ultimate duty of a web developer, web designers, bloggers etc to present their content to user in an effective, organized and in a precise manner.

For this, systematic steps are needed to attain a fruitful business from its CMS.

First is preparing a catalog by identifying the needs of a business from it. CMS with the views of marketing department, users, web designers etc to cater the needs of CMS. Once we are ready with the abstract, the most considered criteria should be the needs and wants. Wants must be included but needs not to be is a major issue while preparing a list. Indeed some CMS are open sources but monetary aid is a major concern by hiring a company for the same if CMS needs to be updated for customer satisfaction.

Secondly, systematic investigation is required to have different CMS options. List of various

CMS needs to be maintained for choosing the best one. For this, reference needs to be taken from other business person by discussing the pros and cons. Once the search is being started, go through the CMS companies. Choosing a large or popular CMS should not always be the criteria.

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, SilverStripe are some examples of CMS companies.

Many CMS companies are open source also, somehow if nobody in open source companies is providing information on how to use it, then supporting companies should be the best option.

If the company is not engaged with IT department, CMS expert is hired for technical support.

Now, ask CMS vendor to show the exact working of their CMS. Installation part needs to be understood first carefully and efficiently. Once finished with installation, ask for how often it needs to be updated because updating is an ongoing process that requires various steps in which consistency is a big and a major task to prevent halting a system. If you are an e-commerce website, then maintenance at a large scale can prove curse.

Furthermore, front end and back end are primary concern. Front end is a look-and-feel of your website which is maintained by using a well-designed template. Depending on the requirements to customize the appearance of a website, make sure that the current template is having the features for customization. With back end handling, ask vendor how changes at back end will be permissible because every business needs to change the information as required without any assistance.

As some of the information is not published for public but only accessible to company employees, so functionality of intranet must be known. You should ask your CMS vendor towards progressive ideas of his CMS as business and customer grow and increase, so for customization our requirements would able to be fulfill or not.


Lastly, for choosing a CMS, use a sandbox version or demo from your selected 4-5 vendors. Choose the most effective employees for using demo in 1: n ratio of demo to people. Instruct them to upload information and see the changes.

Then select a CMS and prepare a deadline to be met. Before making commitment for a longer period, test it for some target period. After finalizing, implement it by conducting a needful training program for its proper use.

Examples of some CMS include:


Currently, WordPress is the most liked and admired CMS for blogging. Majority of websites on Internet are using WordPress. Although, it started career as blogger platform but now it reached heights to Content Management System as its footprints are developing huge ecommerce portals, forums etc.


It is in the top five most server applications. It is built on Microsoft .NET technology and many .NET developers use it as a CMS. Due to its no cost, quality of being understood, open source licensing, it is a choice of many developers. It is a matter of pride of having 85000 installation of Umbraco. Instead of using it as a personal blog, it proves a better CMS for organizations running large sites.


The biggest competitor of WordPress is Joomla. Joomla is having around above 7000 extensions that make it community very active. It’s very easy in Joomla to find extension of anything and loads of themes are available very easily. But to use it, one has to pay for its plugins and many more themes.


Drupal is also the most considered CMS by most of the web developers. Its new version Drupal 7 has been launched recently. Being easier to use, more scalable and its flexibility makes it a powerful open source content management system empowering millions of websites. Drupal forum is also very popular about its quick response of questions.


It is similar to WordPress but only limited to content management system rather than blogging. SilverStripe community is putting emphasis on translating their application framework and CMS into various languages. Perhaps, this proves many users to bend towards this providing a rapid growth in business. It maintains its reputation in having good hands on SEO also.


It is the most simple content management system which is having everything a client needs. It is XML based CMS having a brilliant user interface. Regardless of having lot of features in large companies, it is very simple to use, easy to install and customize.

So, now get set go and choose the most effectives CMS to design your website.

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How to increase Twitter followers?

Twitter is a social networking platform which allows people to publish tweets. Tweets are the short messages of maximum 140 characters which one can publish. One can also share news, broadcast any interesting information and interact with specific people across the globe. It has millions of active users with a huge number of following and followers which helps one to improve his networking with concerning people globally. Twitter has an average of 9100 tweets per second summing up to over 1 billion tweets in five days. So comparatively, Twitter is one of the largest raised areas for social networking online.

Method 1 of 3: Get More Followers Review

1. A good Profile picture with a brief but a great personal bio:

People will follow you on the basis of how your profile reflects your impression. So you need to maintain it accordingly.

  • Your profile picture must be large, clear of your own or your company logo.
  • Your bio must be in brief but very good to explain you. Write it in a clever way which can highlight your identity to impress others.
  • Maintain your profile in a way to reflect your logical image accordingly what others who follow you can expect.

2. Tweet regularly at least twice or thrice a day:

Tweet on a regular basis at least twice or thrice a day if not more, else people won’t find you worth following. Tweet anything you like but it must be interesting or useful, do not write anything silly which spoils your image socially. It is only to show that you are frequently active. So settle in your twitter agenda to get the best results.

  • Tweet at the time like early in the morning and in the evening to catch people before and after work.
  • To catch more attraction Re-tweet your well-liked tweets for the people who missed it.
  • Programs like TweetDeck etc, are very beneficial for your tweets to get scheduled and let you keep active even when you are busy.

3. The Different array of tweets to connect multiple audiences:

Twitter is a social networking site to publish tweets of maximum 140 characters still it allows you with different other options.

  • Twitter allows you to send pictures and videos.
  • Twitter by design links to Instagram, allowing you to edit photos with no difficulty.
  • Send links of some interesting articles with your opinion.
  • Comment on the trendiest happening of the day. (Use twitter’s “Moments” or “Trending” section for popular hashtags.)

4. Follow the right people:

It is a system of “give and take” which one commonly sees everywhere in his life. Same is with Twitter if you will not follow others how will you get followers. It is a tough task to get followers without following others.

  • Always follow the one who follows you.
  • Follow those people who follow people similar to you.
  • Follow the leaders of the industry you belong to.
  • Try to get a celebrity or a leader to follow you.

5. Set agenda to promote your account:

There are many other ways to boost up your account and getting more followers by promoting your account.

  • Promote your twitter account on different social networking sites. Post “Follow Me” buttons on your different social media accounts like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and link your tweets to Instagram and your blog too.
  • Discover those keywords and hashtags to find people related to your concern who like to follow you back.
  • If you use any printed material like Business cards, Flyers or any other thing, mention your twitter account there so that people can easily connect to your account.

Method 2 of 4: Gaining Followers

1. Use Hashtags:

Twitter was the first public platform which introduced hash-tags. ‘Hash-tags’ is the best way to unite with the people of similar interests. Hash-tags can also raise the visibility of your tweets.  

  • Use hash-tags in your tweets.
  • Keep an eye on trending hash-tags (follow ‘Trends” at your homepage) and tweet on the most admired hash-tags of the time.
  • Re-tweet on trends that relate to your interests and follow them time to time to improve your visibility.
  • Use common hash-tags to expand the reach of your tweets.
  • Look for your business related keywords and hash-tags.

2. Maintain supreme presentation:

While working on twitter use your best practices to make an impact on people to follow you.

  • Be informative by posting such content which is useful to people or which creates their interest in reading your content.
  • The Content you are posting must be original and the best of your knowledge.
  • Tweet quotes to inspire your followers and to get re-tweets. Quotes are one of the most re-tweeted content on twitter.
  • Tweet regarding any breaking news or happenings in the world.
  • Engage people by asking questions or give challenges to your followers. Use this to get responses and re-tweets.

3. Engage public on twitter:

To improve your followers, you need to engage people by different tactics and generate their interest in your twitter handle.

  • A great writer gets great followers, so always write as good as you can.
  • Always keep a check on the recent happenings on twitter.
  • Never do rapid tweets, it may irritate your followers.
  • Value your followers by re-tweeting them. Giving exposure to them will consider you back in the same sense.
  • Mention your followers and something interesting about them. Share it with others too.
  • Always comment if someone mentioned you on twitter.

Method 3 of 3: Increasing your visibility

1. Request for re-tweet:

Ask your followers to get your tweets re-tweeted to improve your re-tweet rate and visibility.

  • Ask you followers to re-tweet on your posts by simply using “RT” or “Re-tweet”.
  • Posting ‘RT’ will get you 12x’s higher re-tweet rate as well as posting full ‘re-tweet’ will get you 23x’s higher rate.
  • Answer or thank if someone re-tweets you.
  • Timely follow the responses coming to your tweets.

2. Examine the outcome:

Always analyze the outcome of your tactics done to improve your followers. Try to change the strategy when needed.

  • Try to monitor yourself – what people like the most in you and act accordingly.
  • You can also use “Twitter Analytics” or “Third party dashboards” to monitor your twitter handle.
  • Improve your tweeting practice and based on your outcome, engage more with the most appreciated way by your followers.


So here are some tips and advice which will help you to improve your twitter followers and to maintain a wonderful twitter handle. Twitter will be a great platform to improve your social networking individually or for your business across the web. Happy Tweeting.

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10 Best Ways To Increase Your Pinterest Followers

Ever since its launch in March 2010, bloggers and website owners have been amazed by how much traffic a photo-sharing site can generate for a given post or site. One of the basic secrets about Pinterest is to pin photos which are quite captivating so that the other users can repin them. The more intriguing your pins makes more traffic getting attracted to your profile. This among the other tips would be an added advantage to market your brand as shall be seen below. When all is said and done, growing your fan base on Pinterest can be fun, free and easier than you may have thought.

10 Simple Steps To Increase Your Pinterest Followers

1The first step to increasing Pinterest followers is to add the Pinterest follow button. This should be installed on several important places on your blog or website for that matters such as the header or the footer. The Pinterest follow button is meant to divert your blog or website visitors to your Pinterest page thus attracting followers who would be interested in your market brand. In order to create a button, you should use the widget builder page on Pinterest which would enable you to easily create a button.

2A similar step to increasing your Pinterest followers would be to add the profile widget to your blog and website. The added advantage is that unlike the follow button, the profile widget is actually larger and displays some of your notable Pinterest pins. This can be possible by either using the widget builder or you can create a custom one based on your blog or website’s layout.

3Similarly, to garner more followers, increase the traffic with the contest and give-away entries. Hosting a give-away and including a “Follow on Pinterest,” option can be a way to quickly gain followers. Many companies use contests and give-aways to increase traffic to their page and followers by extension. Pinterest is an incredible way to promote them. By creating a very clear image of the image and the prize, people can see at a glance what they can win. If you do a search on Pinterest for “give-away” or “enter-to-win”, you’ll come up with different kinds of images. Serious contest entrants use Pinterest to search for contests to enter. You should let them know you have a contest. In the description field, be sure to include “contest”, “give-away” and “enter-to-win”. If you also have a cash amount for your prize, Pinterest will add a banner to the upper left-hand corner of your pin with the prize amount. This is bound to attract more attention. You can even have your entrants use Pinterest to enter the contest by asking your readers to create boards that include your keywords in the descriptions and have them repin your images to these boards. Promoting bold images will surely increase the number of interested followers flocking to your profile.

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4Aim to captivate the emotions of your viewers. Although we all see things differently, we are all connected emotionally to the things in our immediate environment, the things that touch us. For instance, a photo or drawing of Santa Claus and his Reindeers over the festive season is bound to make one wistful and nostalgic. A picture they say is worth a thousand words. A picture can tell a story. It can also convey intense emotion or a complete thought of feeling. When searching for the right picture to pin, look for photos which can convey a particular message. With or without added text, if you use images that people can respond or relate to, you’ll increase the likelihood that they will find value in what you’re sharing and thus decide to follow your account.

5Although most of the people may not know this, another way of attracting more followers is by tagging others in your pins or comments. When you create new pins, you should tag those accounts which are bound to be associated with the said pin. There is a high likelihood that you are already following those accounts if you have similar interests, go ahead and let them know by tagging them.

6Another tip is concerned with the question of when you pin and how much you pin. You are bound to loose your followers if they keep seeing large amounts of pins about you coming up at the same time. This can lead to information overload for there is bound to be monotony in a number of posts at a given time. To keep your followers intrigued, you should spread out your focused pins throughout the day to your target audience. Facebook usually alerts a user when friends are online at a given time, you should use these insights to help you discover when your readers are online thereby knowing when to pin something.

7As you begin using a Pinterest account, it is important to identify others with similar interests, engage with them, and follow new people often. When selecting users to follow, you should always ensure that they have similar interests, for this increases the likelihood of following you back. For instance, if you were to follow 5-10 people every week, hopefully, some of them will follow you back. Ideally, you should follow content-specific boards that are likely to benefit you before you follow the entire users account.

8Another way of getting more followers is to observe Pinterest analytics on your site. Install your Pinterest analytics to discover who is pinning your content and what types of boards they are pinning it onto. Your analytics will inform you exactly who is pinning from your website. You should take this information to your advantage by engaging with such followers on Pinterest. Additionally, you should consider liking their pins or even commenting at times to increase engagement, for almost everybody loves a brand which connects with their customers at a more personal level.

9Moreover, you can check out your competition by using the search feature and entering keywords relevant to you or your brand. If you note a limited number of boards on the results, you can choose another keyword that has more boards for your title. Trending topics are an advisable choice for keywords. Additionally, you should give your images descriptions that will entice people; it should be something personal yet engaging, not just a basic mundane description that one is bound to find on a product page. When adding descriptions, it is important to include hashtags too. This will help you in reaching more people, especially users who take advantage of the search feature on Pinterest.

10Lastly, you should link your Pinterest account with all your social networking accounts such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. The latter two will definitely help you to gain traffic by bringing in friends, family or followers from other accounts. You can also use other social media platforms to promote your Pinterest boards. This will also enable you to share your pins as much as you can on different social websites to increase traffic to your account.

These are the best ways using which you can increase your Pinterest followers by a huge number. Just use these approaches and then come to us for more happening ideas. All the Best..!!

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How To Choose The Perfect Niche For Your Blog

Thinking to start a new Blog? So, the very first problem you might face, which most of the bloggers face in the beginning is deciding the perfect niche for your blog.

Okay. Let me ask you a question? Will anyone read your text which you would put online just like that? Take it on yourself. Will you read anything and everything I’ll post online? Naturally, you’ll nod your head in a no. Blogging is not just writing, learn How to write a blog. Blogging needs readers’ attraction, and you can only get that if you know how to talk to people in writing. When a reader is reading your content, he should not feel that he is reading something; rather he should feel that the screen is talking to him. So, the foremost thing that you need to know is that you need to select a niche to which you can remain committed for longer than an expected time.  Also, if you are thinking of building a blog which will ultimately earn a living for you then you’ll have to spend most of your time on reading, writing and talking about the niche your blog is based upon.

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Now the question arises how to pick the perfect niche for your blog according to your interests and the market demand.

Here are some simplified tips which would help you in selecting the niche in which you must start blogging.

Choose The Right Niche For Your Blog

How To Choose The Right Niche For Your Blog



The prime thing you would have to do without any choice is Brainstorming. Sit and think about what are the topics which take most of your time talking about. Think about the fields you are interested in. It can be anything from sports to fashion to entertainment or being specific like cricket in sports or apparels in fashion and so on. So you just need to draft down a list of topics you enjoy. Don’t worry about the length of the list; we will filter it in the coming tips.

Find your Passion

If you’re getting confused and not getting proper answers by brainstorming then you can find your passion by answering these simple questions-

  •    What are your hobbies?
  •    How do you mostly spend your free time?
  •    What do you prefer reading?
  •    What do you love and enjoy doing?

And the most important one –

What work would you happily do even if you are not paid for it?

By answering these basic and easy questions, you will end up with some topics of your interest.

    • Why Passion and Why Not Profit?

A question might be coming to your mind, why am I asking you to quest your passion and not telling you to straightaway choose the niche, the world is searching. Good question; with an even better answer. The question has already been answered by me earlier. Blogging will take you nowhere if you will only think about profit forgetting about your interest. You can’t work for a longer period if you would start working on a topic which is not of your interest. And, also you won’t be able to express yourself on any topic in a way you can do it if it is of your appeal, that is, your quality can only be delivered in the field you love. Cutting the long story short, don’t include the topics you don’t like on your list.

    • Competition and Demand

Now, after we are through with our exploration and have prepared the list of our favourite topics, another step is filtration. We need to pick up the best one from the list. How to do that? I’ll explain this to you with the help of an example.

      1. Suppose, the niche which topped in your list is Cricket. Many of you will end up to Cricket. So should you just start your blog on Cricket? Amm, think for a minute; if you do this, you’ll have to face competition with blogs like cricbuzz.com, cricinfo.com cricketnext.in. It might become difficult for you as a beginner to compete with these already established cricket blogs.
      2. Moving on to the second topper. The second topic in your list is How to decorate the wall of your house? The decoration is the second field of interest. You searched, and you came to know that there is no competition. You won’t have to face competition in this field at all. But, again take a minute, and think. How many people will search for it? Is this a topic on which you’ll get enough searches in a month or even in a year? Hence, we need to take care of the demand too.
      3. Therefore, conclusively, choosing a niche is not at all a tough job. You just need to create a balance among three things-
        • Your interest and passion
        • The level of competition you are going to face
        • The modern trends or we can say the demand in the market
    • Long-term Potential Topic

After satisfying the above three things, just give a little bit concern that your niche has a long-term potential. Don’t start a blog on an event which will be finished after a month or two.

I hope it would now have become immensely easier for you to choose an impeccable topic to start a blog. So, now it’s high time, get up and start with a blog on the niche you love. All The Best!

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How To Select a Good Domain Name For Your Blog

Domain Name, as we know very well, is the foremost thing which we require whenever we are starting a new blog or a new website. Choosing a Domain Name for your site is just like choosing a name for a firm which you are starting. Selection of a good Domain Name for your portal needs a lot of research, thought and contemplation.

How to select a Good Domain Name For Your Blog

Selecting a great Domain Name is not a tough task. You just need to keep some essential points in your mind while picking a Domain Name and follow some simple steps-

10 Rules For Selecting the Good Domain Name For Your Blog


The very first rule you must follow is having a list of options of Names according to your niche. Search for 5 Top Most Searched Keywords and make a list. This is done so that you have alternatives among which you can pick one. After this, we can add prefixes and suffixes with these top searched keywords to get a great Domain Name. For example, the subject of the Blog you’re beginning is Fashion and the top searched keywords in this field are Fashion, Trend, and Diva, etc. So you can make Domain Names like FashionWorld.com, LatestFashion.com, etc.

2Make your Domain Name Unique

Assure that the Domain you are choosing is unique. By unique here, I mean that don’t pick a Domain such that the people get confused with some other popular site. You’ll not be able to make your portal a Brand if your Domain resembles some other famous website.

3Easy to write and pronounce

Obviously, the Domain you are picking must be easy to write and pronounce. If a person is facing difficulty even in the pronunciation of the Domain, then you need to think well upon this. If the name requires attention in typing because of any reason like – spelling, length, use of characters, etc., then you should accept the fact that you might face difficulties in branding and promotions.

4Easy to Remember

If your name is such that the users are facing complications even in remembering the name then you have lost a portion of the cake of marketing value. Today, the most used advertisement mode is mouth publicity and if your name wouldn’t be easy to recall then no one will be able to publicise it among his/her friends and social network.

5Keep it Short

Both the rules mentioned above would somewhat get followed by following this rule. A short name will reduce the complexity, ultimately reducing the possibility of committing errors in typing. Longer the name is, more are the chances of mistyping and misspelling. It should not contain more than a combo of two words.

6Avoid Numbers and Hyphens

Try to avoid numbers and hyphens as much as you can. A Domain Name with numbers and hyphens are complicated, and Google ranks them poorer as compared to other Domains. The simple you are, better you are. So avoid these to avoid confusions.

7Take Care of Copyrights

Check your Domain Name on copyright.gov before you buy it. This will ensure you that you are not intruding on anyone’s copyrights. This happens very less, but you should take care as in case it happens, everything will go in vain.

8Reflect well

Reflection just means that whenever anyone hears your Domain, he should be able to guess instantly the content you would be covering in your blog. The niche of your Blog should be reflected by your Domain Name. You will entail less promotional strategies if your Domain mirrors itself enough. For example, it would have been easy for Naukri.com and careerebuilder.com to brand themselves as compared to monster.com and shine.com.

9Prefer dot-com level Domains

I’m not saying that pick only “.com” level Domains, but yes, they are preferable over others when you are concerned with traffic and Name recognition.

10Use Keywords and Target Your Niche

As I’ve mentioned earlier, your Domain must contain a right keyword as far as possible. Having a keyword in your Domain will prove to be the best in future for SEO purpose. Also, target your niche and choose the best combination of words which belong to your field as a Domain.

These were some majorly vital points which will help you in choosing the best Domain for your site. Following these points will assist you in building a successful Portal.

Now I’m providing you with some Domain Name Generator Tools. These tools will help you to get good suggestions and would assist you in picking up a right Domain for you.

You can also generate Domains from these significant tools

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