Person behind Blog Duniya

Person behind Blog Duniya

About Divya Gandotra

Divya Gandotra is the creator of BlogDuniya. Divya Gandotra holds an Engineering Degree with specifications – Computer Science and is now pursuing MBA in Marketing and Information & Technology. Divya Gandotra has always been a sincere student. Starting from the school she has always been performing well in her Academics as well as Extra Curricular. Divya Gandotra has won so many awards in any field you talk about. Divya Gandotra was the English Gold Medallist of her college and has won many Competitions like State Level Painting Competition, College level Seminar Presentation, College Level Creative Writing and Essay Writing, Dance Competitions, MIME and SKIT and so on. Divya Gandotra has participated in every event and has made herself stand out of the crowd.

Divya Gandotra has also worked in referral marketing along with her college and has learned about Blogging and Optimization from the same. The day she realised her talent of writing, she decided to share her knowledge with the world and created BlogDuniya.

Here, Divya Gandotra shares everything related to – How to create a Blog? How to make it popular? How to start monetizing through your blog?

Writing is her passion and she will continue to share her knowledge, experiences and views with her lovely readers.


BlogDuniya is a perfect destination where you can learn How to create a blog and then to turn it in an infinite money generating well.

BlogDuniya covers all the answers to all the questions related to blogging. If writing is your passion and you are extremely sincere about creating your own blog and earning through it then BlogDuniya is the best destination. It also covers Entrepreneurship articles for people who want to be self-employed instead of being a jobber.

Readers will get satisfactory answers to questions like:

  • How to create a blog?
  • How to make it popular?
  • How to increase traffic?
  • How to monetize online?

It is an emerging blog which is going to make home in hearts of many people all over the world very soon.

Thank you all!!!!

  • Divya Gandotra

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