Search Engine Optimization Tips

Search Engine Optimization Tips

Is just developing a website more than enough? The answer is NO. Search Engine Optimization is a must after developing a website.

If we think properly, we’ll realise that we never develop a website just to post articles on it; rather we create a website to promote it in the best possible way and to make it a brand. We basically want to create our name and earn through various advertisement sources. So obviously, before applying for any advertising network, it is a must to have a good number of visitors visiting our website regularly, ie, we must have a decent traffic on our website. And to bring traffic on our website we have to do Search Engine Optimization.

So let’s see how we can get a huge number of visitors on our website. As the maximum visitors come from Search Engine, we need to optimize our website so that it is displayed among the top links for various keywords. The technique which is used to bring our website from the last pages of Google to the first page of Google is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search Engine Optimization is a necessity to generate traffic on our website.

So, here are some tips to help your website get noticed.

Search Engine Optimization Tips

1Research and Analysis:

For On Page Optimization, research of keywords is a necessity. Many a times, while writing a post, you already include some keywords unknowingly. But you need to find other related and relevant tools too, by using various tools and techniques to make your blog a big hit. The best tool to find perfect keywords for your article is Google Adwords Keyword Tool and Semrush. You can even spy on various other websites of the same field as yours, to see on what words they are aiming to bring traffic on their blog.

2Utilize those keywords sharply and frequently:

Once you’ve searched for a couple of relevant and most searched keywords, you need to utilize them in the best possible way throughout your article. Use them frequently, for example, if you have written an article of 20 lines then you should use that keyword approximately 7-10 times. Also, the place where you’ll use them also matters a lot when we are talking about Search Engine Optimization. Place them where they’ll give the maximum impact on the crawlers which are used by Google to index your content. Try to use your keywords in the following places-

  • Title
  • Title Tags and Meta Descriptions
  • Headings and Subheadings
  • Anchor Text
  • Introductory Sentences
  • Concluding Paragraph

Be cautious. Don’t try to be smarter than Google by filling your content with n number of keywords, even at the places where it is not required at all. It will not only annoy your followers, as it becomes difficult to read, but you will also be penalized by Google, and you’ll be banned from Google Adsense for several months.

3Optimize your images:

While optimizing your site, you not only optimize your articles but it is equally important to optimize your images. Search Engine Optimization plays a vital role for both text and images. Whenever you upload a picture, don’t forget to include keywords in the title, alternative text and the description.

4Inbound and Outbound Links:

While writing keep all your past articles in mind, which you’ve uploaded in near past, and give the links wherever you find relevance. If you find that any of your articles relates with your current post, add its link then and there. It will create more of inbound links which is also a plus as Search Engine Optimization. Also, if you want to mention an article of some other website, give its link, so that it becomes easy for your visitors to surf.


5Give Subscription:

Provide your readers with the opportunity to subscribe your blog. You must give an option to your followers to subscribe to your articles via emails. This will give an instant notification to your users regarding your recent posts even if they don’t come to your website regularly.

6Promote through social media:

You must also promote your website through various social media. You can easily do this by creating a fan page of your blog on Facebook and promoting it immensely.

By the above mentioned simple and easy to follow tips on Search Engine Optimization, you can increase your rankings in Search Engines and can get higher traffic.

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