A delight for your first-time visitors: The do’s and don’ts

First Time Blog Visitors

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If you have a blog or a website, then it becomes your priority to delight the first time visitors on your page. If the visitors like the blog during the first time, then they will keep visiting the blog.

There are two parts of the posts that you need to keep in mind while taking care of the blog, one is the things that you should do and the other the things that you shouldn’t do.

Here is a list of things that will delight your first-time visitors and the do and don’ts for that. 

Things you should always do: 

Make the landing page of the blog relevant for the first time visitors: 

First Time Blog Visitors
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The most important thing to delight your first-time visitors is to make the blog relevant for them so that they can relate to the things they go through. It is essential to know how the visitors are reaching the page and what they click on to land on the blog. If you want to understand the landing page of the blog, then you need to understand the reference links and sources that are making the visitors land on your website. 

Load quickly: 

First Time Blog Visitors
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It is one of the most obvious things that you should do for the first time visitors on your website. The page should load quickly because then they will keep visiting your page, and if the page takes a lot of time to load, then they wouldn’t feel like coming back. The visitors will be delighted with the page if it opens up fast and provides relevant information. 

The display should be proper: 

First Time Blog Visitors
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After opening the website, the first thing that will attract visitors is the display of the page. The display needs to be proper because then the visitors will feel comfortable visiting the page again. If the display isn’t opening properly, then it can kill the chances for conversion as the visitors won’t open the page again. Make sure that your page opens up properly on the different pages and looks presentable for the customers. 

Provide the first time visitors with reassurance and clear navigation links: 

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It is essential to reassure the visitors that they are visiting the right page by giving them relevant information and directly speaking about the products that they are looking for so that they get hopes of achieving their purpose of visiting the website. It is also necessary to take care of their privacy, security so that they will be comfortable in visiting the page. Another essential point is that the customers should get clear and specific information that is needed by them. There should be no clutter or pop-ups on the page because that will confuse the visitors. There should be relevant pictures, Q & A’s on the page, and specifications related to the products. 

Things that you should never do to delight the first time visitors: 

Do not put up offers and distractions for visitors at the initial stage: 

First Time Blog Visitors
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There are many websites that offer distraction and obstacles to the visitors without any value like a discount on signing up, chat window, and information about the events that are going to happen soon. The timing plays a significant role in this because the visitors can get annoyed with the number of pop up ads coming on the window and distracting them from reading the main content. These ads can easily get attention, but then it can spoil the focus of the visitors from the main content on the page. 

Driving customers towards a discontinued product: 

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It is one of the main problems that can happen on your website. It is imperative to pay attention to this because it can easily happen to the long list of catalog websites. The visitors are usually driven to a page that has discontinued products and of no use to the customers, which can stop them from visiting your page. 

Do not require a plugin to view the page:

First Time Blog Visitors
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There are various websites that haven’t been updated for a lot of years, and it is important to upset the sites continuously, or else it can create a problem for the visitors to view the page properly.

The flash is dead, which makes it necessary to keep your website updated, or else you can lose a bunch of potential customers for your website. You just need to update your website so that the visitors can view the page easily. 

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