Tips to promote your old content on the blog

It is imperative to keep promoting the old content on your blog while posting the new one. It is essential to make sure that the traffic is giving attention to the old content also. There are various ways to promote your blog and let the visitors go through the old blogs also.

Keep a collection of your old blogs:

Promote your blogEvery content is created while keeping something in mind, so when it comes to collecting blogs, it is essential to obtain the right ones rather than collecting all the old blogs. It is essential to make sure that you are considering only high-quality content blogs to promote your blog again.

The content which was relevant a year down the lane is even going to be relevant today will make more sense than the content, which does not make the readers draw any connection. Even if the content is old, it should make sense to the readers now, or else it will be of no use to promote the old content.

Be selective of the content and choose the right ones to promote your blog so that the traffic engages in reading the old blogs too.

Make a schedule for sharing the old content to promote your blog:

When you are done with selecting the right content from before, then start preparing a schedule to share the old content on your page again. There is a system where you can make scheduling slots, and the content will be shared on the specific time as given.

The content is created and scheduled in a way that they do not clash with the newer ones. There are different hashtags in different posts, and every post has a different topic to talk about. If you are focused on posting on twitter, then there is a plugin that will only post your articles on the archives' scheduled time.

Feature your old posts on the new posts:

Promote your blog

You can get more traffic on your blog by featuring your old posts in the new blogs that you are posting on the website. A great way to promote the old blogs on your website is to create a sidebar on the latest blog and highlight some content from the old popular blogs on your website.

It will make the visitors check out the old posts and also promote the old blogs on your website. Various plugins can help in handling this work at the scheduled time. You can use the plugin tools and schedule the topics, time, and the posts that you want to promote.

You can also create a customized list, and it will work by default. It is one of the best ways to promote your blog as it will attract the traffic to read the old blogs and the new blogs as well. While reading the latest blog posts, the readers can also get hold of the old articles that interest them.

Add old blogs in the roundups:

One of the easiest ways to promote your blog is to use roundups for the previous articles as it will help in generating extra exposure for your website. You can concentrate on the best things that are going around and use that to create the blog for your website.

If you are a travel blogger or a food blogger, then you can curate an article with the ten best food dishes or ten best places to travel. Such articles help in attracting more traffic on the website as it gives them a lot of choices for the question that they are searching for and also resolve the problem.

These articles can also be promoted very quickly because you start understanding the needs of the readers visiting your page for the queries.

You can boost the top articles and optimize them for further conversions to promote your blog:

Promote your blog

There will be some content on your blog, which will be the top-performing content, and you can use them to promote your blog very easily. Try to identify the content, which is the top-performing articles, and draw a lot of traffic, then you can further use such articles to boost the old content.

You can also use the additional services available on social media platforms to drive more traffic using these blogs and attract more traffic on your website. It will give you a better understanding of the kinds of articles your readers prefer reading about, and you can also interact better with the readers.

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