How To Perfectly Wear Your Watches: Modern Men’s Guide

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If you were looking for stunning watches that boasts fine craftsmanship and magnificent specifications, then Megalith watches are the right choice for you. Designed to delight the customers with its unique design and built, Megalith watches have always been the talk of the town since they are launched in the market. Megalith watches prices are also affordable making them even more preferred brands among the customers.

Transforming from a mere time device to fashion staple, watches have witnessed tremendous growth since their inception in the world. It was during the world war when the first watch was invented in order to track the wartime and coordinate with the soldiers. Since then, watches have only grown to become an efficient time device. Though today we have smartphones and gadgets that do the work of watch along with providing several other reformed features, the significance of watches has only grown. Today watches are available in different styles and sizes that further make the choice difficult.

Ways To Perfectly Wear Your Favorite Watch

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While women’s watches can be worn easily with any outfits, it takes a little effort to pull out men’s watch along with abiding by the style. When it comes to men’s watches, they speak for the personality and confidence of the wearer hence, it is important to wear it in the right way to bring out the best. There are some stunning Megalith watches that you can take into consideration to suit your style. It is important to wear your watch properly in order to bring the best in them and make a style statement with this fashion accessory. Take a look at some tips to wear your watch with style:-

Decide Which Wrist To Wear Your Watch

It is one of the most debatable questions when it comes to wearing wristwatches. There are no hard and fast rules regarding in which hand you should wear your wristwatch on. If you are right-handed you can wear it on your right wrist and vice versa. So, next time if someone says that you are wearing your watch on the wring hand, just slam them down.

Picking Watch For Right Occasion

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Ever seen a man dressed in his best suit wearing a G-shock watch? Probably not, there’s a watch for everyone and every occasion. Whether you are going for a formal event or an informal gathering, you must choose your watch carefully. There are sports watches, dress watches and casual watches that will help you determine which watch to don on the right occasion. Megalith watches can provide you with an extensive choice of men’s watches for every occasion.

Accessorizing Your Watch

Accessorizing your watch doesn’t necessarily mean changing the complete style of your watch. As mentioned above, there is a watch for every occasion, you cannot simply change that. All you can do is a little change in the style of the strap to make it look more alluring. For instance, just switching from a black leather strap to a brown can transform a formal watch into an informal one. That’s the power of the straps. It is one of the efficient ways to accessorize your watch effortlessly. You can also think about NATO straps which are made of nylon and other fabrics that add more quirk to your watch.

Wearing Watch With Formal Shirt

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When it comes to men’s formal attires like a crisp shirt, the watch should also be formal in such cases. From wedding to job interviews, pairing watches with formal attires is also an art. There are certain rules for wearing watches with a shirt. When you are wearing a long sleeve shirt it should cover 85% of the watch with straight arms. You watch should be visible only when you bend your arms. Wear your watch under your sleeves and not over it. Choose the thickness of the watch accordingly, so that it sits under the sleeves comfortably. Don’t forget to ensure that your straps are a perfect fit for your wrist, neither loose not tight.

Wearing Watches With Short Sleeves Shirt or T-shirts

Just like formal long shirt t-shirts, there’s a way of wearing. There are no hard and fast rules for wearing watches on casual attires, you just need to be yourself. Watches add more allure to the look when you roll up or button up your sleeves. It’s the most stylish way to show off your watch. Sports watches are ideal with casual t-shirts and add a more cool factor to your look. There are plenty of ideal Negalith watches that you can opt for. Check the Megalith watches prices to compare it with other brands in the market.


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Watches have grown into a stunning fashion accessory than just a regular time device. Bringing out the best in the person and speaking for the personality, watches add a dab of confidence to the persona. Megalith watches are a trending name in the industry for its great design and amazing features. Those who are looking for unique wristwatches that also serve the purpose must take a look at the Megalith men’s collection.

There’s no doubt in asserting that watches have become a fashion staple, but you can only make the of it when you know how to perfectly wear it. From wearing it in the right hand to matching it with the right outfit, there are plenty of things that need to be taken into consideration while wearing a wristwatch. Of course, no one would sue you for wearing the watch wrongly, but wearing it in the right way will enhance your personality and keep you in the limelight as well.

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The above mentioned were some tips to consider while wearing wristwatches. Keep these pointers in mind when you decide to pair your favorite watch with an outfit on a certain occasion.

If you find yourself confused among the options of wristwatches, you can always turn to Megalith watches that have an extensive collection of men’s and women’s watches. Bound to captivate your senses, Megalith watches prices are also affordable, so you can invest in them without a second thought. You can also check Megalith watches prices to get an idea of how affordable these watches are.

See the stunning collection of watches from Megalith to see the quality and allure of the wristwatches by yourself.

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