How to make content marketing part of your DNA

Content Marketing DNA

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Content marketing is a way of developing your company as it will help in the growth and will also help you in attracting more traffic. Every company has a marketing department that has someone in charge of the content.

These departments go through all the customers’ needs and make sure that the content is of great quality so that more people would love to read it.

Here are a few ways to make content marketing as a part of your company’s DNA: 

Get the perspective of every department for content marketing:

Content Marketing DNA
Source: Marketing Land

Sometimes when the company only employs around 4 or 5 people, then those employees take part in doing everything in the company, from taking care of the customers in the company to marketing a lot of things.

It simply means if someone is working in sales can also work in marketing sometimes, so the content that they create understands the journey of all the elements which are needed.

When the company slowly starts growing, then the employees start specializing in their particular department, which sometimes results in forgetting that it is important to see from a customer’s perspective and an employee’s perspective.

Here are some ways about how the other department will see your target audience from their point of view: 

1 Sales:

Content Marketing DNA
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  • Knows what prevents customers from buying. 
  • Understands the points and the questions that customers have before purchasing. 
  • Understands the target audience in depth. 

2 Customer Service:

Source: Salesforce
  • Understands how to keep a customer happy. 
  • Understands the list of questions that customers have after purchasing.

3 Leadership:

Content Marketing DNA
Source: Inc
  • They can easily explain the solution they created for the target audience. 
  • Understands the main problem for the solution that they are providing.

4 Finance:

Source: All Business Schools
  • Gives perspectives and opinions to all businesses. 
  • It can help in explaining the certain moves that businesses will make.

Invite more than marketing to produce the content:

Content Marketing DNA
Source: Neil Patel

After understanding how the other departments in the company can help you understand the company’s target audience, you can invite them to something more than marketing, which is producing content.

Customers have always heard the voice of the marketing department, but sometimes they would love to have some other perspective. Content marketing is created to style a guide for the company. There are different ways to voice the content of your company, like:

  • Technical? 
  • Friendly? 
  • Approachable?

While creating content, make sure that you define these characteristics. It is important to make sure that everyone knows your brand mission and more about the company.

Expand the definition of your content:

Source: CommBox

One more way of integrating content marketing in your business lifestyle is by expanding the definition of the content that you are curating. There are a lot of elements that need to be taken care of like email, videos, and much more.

Talk to the other departments in the company to understand the emails and prospective buyers. They will help you understand the main attraction for customers, and it will help you curate better content and attract more traffic.


Content Marketing DNA
Source: Litmus

Email is an important thing while taking care of the customers because the words you choose to write and help them with say a lot about your services. Break out of the normal emails and try to see what other departments are writing and then bring some changes in your emails also.

The email doesn’t have to look fancy or have any designs because the content will speak a lot about the emails. You can add some elements in the email to make it attractive for the customers but also make sure that the content is informative and answers the queries. Email can help a lot in the marketing area of the company.


Source: Forbes

Every company has started using videos as a way of thanking or introducing something to the customers.

There are ways to make and share quick 10-20 second videos to the customers, which will change the way they read emails and make it more interesting for them.

A simple video that will help the customers in understanding the product and also shows gratitude towards them can boost up the content marketing of the company.

Social media:

Content Marketing DNA
Source: Neil Patel

Social media has become an essential part of every business nowadays. You have to make sure that you are posting quality content on your company’s social media, which shows and explains all the details about the company and the products that the company offers.

It is a great way of interacting with the customers and also for the company’s content marketing. 

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