Identifying content marketing trends to enhance your 2020 strategy

content marketing trends

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A good marketing strategy for content needs to be based on significant assumptions as it cannot be built on bare assumptions. Content marketers keep checking the trending pages to monitor popular topics constantly.

There are channels with hashtags of content marketing that gives the content marketers great ideas to enhance their strategies.

Twitter is one such platform which has more than 330 million users, and you can easily post things with just hashtags.

The hashtags on twitter help like-minded people to connect. There are various infographics involved in some discussions which help in a better understanding of the things.

Here are some strong strategies which will further help you in strong content marketing trends: 


content marketing trends
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You can start posting hashtags on the post which will help you in connecting with the people who have the same interest.

You can also start putting visual content which will further be beneficial for the content that you are posting. The #contentmarketing can also be analyzed with the help of keywords and likes.

You can then make a list of the top searches and queries that happened during that month and further move forward to develop a strategy according to that. 

Research Findings overview: 

Growing digital: 

content marketing trends
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A lot of people consider the birth of content marketing after the first post by Benjamin Franklin, which was published in 1732. Nowadays, people don’t think that content marketing is separate from the digital world, and it is considered the same. People have started going through the content through their digital devices, and that’s why digital marketing is also growing fast. If your content is of good quality, then it will grow really fast digitally and become popular soon. 

Strategy matters: 

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There is no doubt in the fact that strategy plays a huge role in the content world, so it is important to plan a good strategy for your content to become popular.

Content marketing strategy is the second most searched keyword on the internet, and it proves that the industry knows about the importance of having a strategy for curating content.

The right kind of content marketing and strategy will help in the growth of the content that you are posting on your page. 

Focus on old friends, not old enemies: 

content marketing trends
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SEO and content marketing are two terms that go together and are very important in the world of content.

There are many questions related to these topics like what is content marketing in SEO or how to do research for content marketing keywords?

Optimizing the content for search engines, and organic searching helps in the increase of the reach that your page can have, and any good content marketing strategy can help you in doing that.

Blogging is considered as the human face of content marketing because it is one of the best ways to show the value of the brand and also delivers the message pleasantly and informally to the customers which makes them feel good. 

With distribution in mind: 

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It is essential to know that content marketing is made up of many things like generating ideas and good hashtags, creating good content and optimizing it, and of course, the most important part is the distribution.

The choice of the channel that you go for will make or break your strategy for content marketing.

So it is imperative to do the distribution in the right way, which will further make the customers feel inspired to read the content. 

Based on the stats and facts: 

content marketing trends
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The distribution and performance of the content on each channel will play the most important role, so it is essential to analyze it carefully and make sure to enhance it so that the next strategy or next content comes out even better.

The stats and facts will help you in improving the quality of the content. 

Leveraging advanced technology: 

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AI and machine learning have become hot topics these days, and it is imperative to use them for your benefit.

It will not only help you in developing your page but will also help in engaging the audience to your page even more and attract more traffic. 

The power of visuals: 

content marketing trends
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There is no doubt about the fact that visuals can play a significant role in boosting the content on your page. It can help in better content marketing and also attract more traffic which will further develop the page.

The images, video graphics, and gifs will help in improving the quality of the content. 



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