6 Brands that will inspire you to create amazing content

content marketing brands

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It is very easy to find inspiration if you are looking in the right places for it. To become a great content marketer, it is essential to observe what the other content marketers are doing.

No matter whatever the medium is, a good idea can inspire you to do better and more. It is important to bring innovation and creativity while curating the content for your blog page.

Here are six content marketing brands that will inspire you to create amazing content for your page:


content marketing brands
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Google is one of the best brands which curate quality content for the viewers. The design of the page is classic and minimal, but still, you can find all the information on the page. Google serves a very strong concept of elegance and resourcefulness. Google’s web page is minimalist which justifies whatever is on display.

How the search works for Google:

The original content of Google has been altered and changed. The animated infographic of the page used to inspire the coders to give their best for the page which has changed over time. The current display is also classy, which makes the visitors focus on the content that is being posted.

Google is known as the master of typography because the display and the content on the page are effortless to read and create. The famous phishing quiz: The quiz on the page is a big help to avoid being scammed by the phishing that is very common on the internet.

It has an exquisite style and is super easy to use, which is the main catch to the eyes of the visitors. The best part about this content marketing brand is that the content has a good quality which inspires the visitors to keep visiting the page, and it also helps in building a great relationship with the customers.

New York Times:

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New York Times is one of the best content marketing brands on the internet because they are famous for curating traditional and quality content for the people. The brand also utilizes the digital world to make sure that the presentation of their content is fantastic.

New York Times has been famous for producing data visualization tools and data journalism which is the real catch. The visualization that the brand creates for their content is just amazing, and it attracts the visitors to visit the page often.

Studio 188 as the content marketing brand:

content marketing brands
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Studio 188 is one of those content marketing brands which is famous for curating the low budget versions of the majorly famous movies and tv shows like Game of Thrones, The Matrix, and Star Wars. It is a very fresh and creative concept because the viewers love the content created by them.

The Matrix’s low-cost version made by this brand has around 1.2 Million views on YouTube because people actually enjoy the creative idea that this brand has come up with. Spoof videos can be very creative if the writers and directors come up with amazing ideas for them.


Source: searchenginejournal

HSBC always comes up with great and creative ideas to connect with the viewers. Last year, the brand created a billboard that had a brilliant concept and brought people together.

The campaign specifically targeted the cities with high levels of local pride and it emotionally connected people. HSBC did good research because the ad perfectly connected with people from the cities that were targeted.


content marketing brands
Source: greggs

It is a very inspiring content marketing brand as it changed the whole outlook of the brand. The brand took up a crazy approach for publicity by replacing the baby Jesus with a sausage roll.

Further, it turned the confrontation with Piers Morgan into gold for the Social Media users. They did a spoof apple ad by introducing their new vegan sausage roll. People started taking selfies with the Greggs advert, and it became super famous.

Leeds City Development Map:

content marketing brands
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It is one of the most underrated brands but can be an inspiring content marketing brand for the viewers. The content of this brand can be compelling and super informative. It contains a lot of information which can be helpful for the readers.

You’ll find it pretty overwhelming at first, but once you start clicking, then you’ll realize that it helps you in seeing all the developments in the city of Leeds. The map can be segmented, and it is a great way to find information about the things that you are looking for.



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