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15 Online Tools which will help you in making your Business Online

15 Online Tools which will help you in making your Business Online

Starting up an online venture and wanting it to succeed? This is one dream that some people possess. Online ventures over the years have become a huge success, and numerous people are trying to get higher returns from it. But this road to success can only be reached through persistent determination as well as effective time management. Time plays a very crucial role in building up a base of a brand or any product. Thanks to these 15 online tools that are available in the market which allow you to save time and hence make your business reach up to new heights. Below are a few tools which help you in growing as well as managing your business.

1Managing Your Everyday Tasks

As you’re as of now very much aware, being an entrepreneur requires you to wear various caps. With the release of numerous applications, the work can easily be divided as well as managed and hence you would be able to come up with a higher rate of output. For example, there is an online application called Zapier that allows you to transport data easily while at the same time automating numerous tasks.

Numerous other applications such as Triplt, Echosing and Work have been released to manage your day to day activities. So why not make a profitable use of them to manage your daily tasks?

2Project Management

Trying to settle upon dates for the meeting, getting all your team at a single place and collaborating with your clients, each of this can be a tedious task. But now in the market, there have been numerous tools which can easily help you in carrying out the activity mentioned above. Below I list some of the famous project management tools.

  • Asana: Communicate with your group without email. I must tell you; it is one of my favorites.
  • Wrike: Collaborate and share documents continuously.
  • Basecamp: A very commonly utilized project management tool
  • Evernote: Take notes and sends them to your group.
  • Dawn Calendar: Free logbook so you can never miss a meeting.


On the off chance that you utilize an apparatus like Google Analytics, you can watch out for the wellbeing of your organization’s site. The data Google Analytics gives, tells you where your webpage guests are originating from and what they’re doing on your site.

4Email Marketing

Setting up a marketing campaign isn’t an easy task. However, there are numerous tools available in the market such as MailChimp that make this task an easy process. Tools such as MailChimp allow you to send quick emails to numerous subscribers on a periodic basis. They at the same time provide you with the facility of discovering the profiles of subscribers and also evaluating the best time to send the emails.

5Social Media Marketing

Keeping a record of your social media presence is one of the few tasks for which numerous people or entrepreneurs don’t have time. However, social media is one of the critical aspects of growing your business, and hence you can’t afford to lose your hold on this one. Tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer help you manage while at the same time give you the control of your social media.

6Digital Marketing

With the growth of technology demands and an increase in the needs, you need to improvise your plans for marketing. As this process of marketing online is a tedious task, therefore, why not we lessen our burden with tools such as In bounces and SurveyMonkey, which help you in getting feedback from the customer and hence will help in evaluating what exactly the customers need.


Accounting is one of the few tasks which can’t be overlooked at. However, it is also one of the tasks which consume most time and is avoided by many. However, numerous online tools such as Wave this process become much easier. Whether maintaining a general record or any sort of personal finance, this tool can handle it all. One other software also allows you to keep a track of the time you spend on the project while at the same time sending out invoices.

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8Client Relation Management

The best way to engage in more customers is through providing a high class of customer support. More referrals mean more customers which as a result means more income. Numerous platforms such as Salesforce have proved to be of great help in managing customer relations. Some other tools which allow you for user interaction are Pipedrive, Sprout Social, etc.


Maintaining a business is a diligent work. However, the ones that succeed are the ones who have made sense of how to be more productive. With some Productivity tools like Wunderlist, Producteev, RescueTime, and Pocket, you can deal with your time all the more carefully and remain focused so that you can concentrate on assignments that matter.

10Site Creation/Management

Your site is frequently going to be the major contact a potential client has with your organization. You can undoubtedly make presentation page with LeadPages. On the off chance that you as of now have an extremely impressive site, you can improve it with:

  • LiveEngage: An effective client engagement device that goes right on your site.
  • Optimizely: Test your site to enhance the client experience.
  • Wufoo: Create online structures for your website.

11Human Resources

No matter how impressive your product is or how great your advertisement is, you won’t be able to succeed until and unless you have a decent team which can help in offering a great customer experience. With numerous tools such as TribeHR and Effortless HR, you will be able to find the best people with amazing capabilities.


Offering your items online has never been less demanding. With numerous tools like Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce, Miva Merchant, and the WooCommerce module for WordPress, you can make and deal with an online shop in only several minutes.

13Brand Reputation Management

Warren Buffet very rightly says “It takes 20 years to build an image and only 5 minutes to destroy it.” If you are also one of the people who believe in this thing, then you might consider doing things differently. Gone are those days when knowing your reputation in the market used to be a tough process. Now with numerous online marketing tools such as Social Mention, you can know what is being said about your brand. Also, Google’s tool named ‘ME on the Web” helps you track what is being said about your employee and hence allows you to make choices which will lead to business growth.

14Human ResourcesCorrespondence

Regardless of where you are on the planet, you can now have a worldwide workforce or speak with customers at any time you please. Tools such as Skype, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, Speek, and HipChat are all extraordinary assets to help you helpfully speak with colleagues, have a telephone call, or talk with clients.


With numerous things going on in your mind with regards to the development of your business, the site’s security issue can easily be skipped. Tools such as ‘Hosting’ allow you for safely storing important information online. Similar, Lookout is one of the great tools offering security for mobile.

Aren’t these tools just amazing?

So these 15 Online Tools were some of the wonderful online tools which would help you in bringing your business streamline. These tools would take care of your business from the tip to the toe. They would take care of analysis, management, accounting, marketing and even security of your Business. So, what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and nail it.!

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7 Most Essential Tools for Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing over the years has seen a rapid growth across all parts of the world. According to the analysts if this market continues to rise at the current rate then it would grow to become a $200 billion industry till the end of 2017. This field has provided employment to a huge number of people and is one of the most effective mediums for reaching out to a significant number of customers. But today I am not going to talk about Digital Marketing, what I will focus on is the digital marketer, one who is responsible for implementing numerous online marketing strategies.

If you are a digital marketer, then for sure, you would be having everything except time. You wouldn’t be able to realize how fast is the time passing by and would have trouble managing the same. Being a digital marketer you will need to formulate a number of contents, carry out campaigns, keep a track record of money utilized and many more similar things.

Fortunately to provide you with some help there are a few tools that might help you manage time as well as your work. Check this list of the 7 top used tools by the digital marketers and pick the one that you realize you need the most.

Essential Tools for Digital Marketer

Essential Tools for Digital Marketer

1Dropbox or Google Drive

Being able to share quickly or send your files to a group of people or to be able to share large amounts of data just with a single click, what more can you ask? Both, the Drop Box as well as Google Drive help you with easy sharing of files while at the same time allow you to access your document from anywhere in the world. Although Dropbox is older than Google Drive in this field, Google Drive is being used by many, thanks to its increased capacity of 15GB as well as its easy integration along with your mailbox.


Today, you will find some entrepreneurs as well as online marketers working with some freelancers as well as handling numerous clients. This means that you would need to pay your freelancers, you would be required to send invoices to your clients, etc. This process becomes so hectic that at the end of the month you suddenly would feel as you have a lot to do. Therefore, using management tools such as Hiveage would ease your burden as it allows easy sending of invoices to your clients along with the integrated payment options. They also help you keep a track record of time as well as cost encountered.


While managing numerous passwords as well as login credentials, one thing that you would need is security. You don’t want all your confidential details to be out in open. This is the time when 1Password comes in function. It allows you to manage all your personal accounts and can even save your bank as well as credit card details. This is one of the best ways to safely store all the information you have.


Do you have a problem coming with new and creative topics? Are you the one who tries to brainstorm across the internet and see what’s new in your niche? If this is somehow you are, then Buzzsumo might be able to help you out. This awesome software provides you some assistance in the content creation and is very easy to use. It helps you in coming up with new topics as well as provides you videos and infographics. It also tends to provide you details about what content has recently been published in your domain and where has it been shared and by whom has it been liked.

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Grammarly is a tool that will help you out with content editing as well as proofreading. This spell checker tool works at a level far better than any other grammar checker. It helps you in proper analysis of your text while at the same time allowing you to learn from your mistakes using the grammar cards as well as a custom dictionary.


We tend to have a mixed feeling about using Fiverr. While we wouldn’t suggest you to sell in cheap backlinks or make any claims with regards to increasing any website ranks, this, however, is a great platform to find freelancers. You can easily find some people who can help you out with things such as logo design, content creation, and much other stuff. The punch line of the company “you get what you pay for” is true and you can expect top class services delivered to you. It is one of the most affordable platforms for getting your work done at a quicker pace.

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Moz is one of the most required tools for SEO monitoring as well as tracking. Also, other different tools can be utilized, for example, Majestic SEO, and obviously Ahrefs, however, we found that Moz is the best of them all. Take their Open Site Explorer tool; this won’t return the same number of links as you would see in Majestic SEO however that is for a justifiable reason. You don’t really need to see all links referring to your site, links acquired from the feed, for instance, will be grabbed and reported by Majestic while OSE will leave them as they are pointless to be accounted for and can prompt disarray.

Make use of these Top 7 Tools

However, these aren’t the only tools that would benefit you in one or numerous ways. There are plenty of tools available on the internet or in the market, and you can choose the one that suits you the most. Whatever, you choose just make sure that it suits all your needs as well as helps you carry your tasks more efficiently.

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Top Google Adsense Earners 2015

In the 21st century, the world is inhabited by the money-minded people, obviously to live a luxurious life full of comfort, it is essential to earning a handsome amount of income. Also, this is the virtual era where everything is done online, be it any money transaction, advertising or publicity. Google Adsense has emerged as a boon for all the bloggers and website managers who are hunting for the best ways to promote their media advertisements and gain enough cash for it. Google Adsense has created history by building heaps of wealth for entrepreneurs and other businesspeople who desired to display their ads on various websites through Google Adsense. This program run by Google, which works on CPM basis, has brought a miracle in the destiny of the people who are now known as the Top Google Adsense Earners.

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Here is the list of all those charismatic personalities who got the fortune to be working with Adsense and transforming themselves from rags to riches:

Google Adsense Earners:

1Pete CashMore

He is the one conquering the first position on the list of Google Adsense earners. Pete CashMore is the owner of the website called which deals in technology news, sharing information about social media and development. It all started back in 2005 when he was merely 19 years old. This small boy with big dreams in his eyes came up with this website which changed his life entirely. Can you guess in what figures he must be earnings? Just stop speculating and see the answer. His estimated income is $650,000 per Month. Are you stunned right now? You better be because this is a huge amount. In fact, his Page receives 31,100,000 views per day which is impeccable.

2Shawn Hogan

The second in line is Shawn Hogan, who is the founder of the Digital Point, a website that helps in solving the bloggers’ problems and allows the user to share their ideas. He earns $550,000 per/ Month which is slightly less than the amount earned by Pete CashMore but still huge. His website was launched in 1995 and look, these 21 years of his life have made him worthy of standing on this pedestal.

3Markus Frind is the website launched in 2003 that staged Markus Frind at No. 3. The website earns $350,000 per month, and it provides online dating services to the users. Its Alexa Ranking is 652, and the website is also written as

4Kevin Rose

The owner of, Kevin Rose, lands on position 4th in the list of Google Adsense earners. This is an online site providing information about the current political issues, and Kevin receives a monthly income $250,000 from the Google Adsense program.

5Courtney A. Rosen

Finally, good to see the name of a lady on the list and it is none other than Courtney A. Rosen, the developer of As the name of the website suggests, it is a site that gives an online solution as to how to create videos, and the site allows the freelancers to upload their articles and videos. This initiative was started in the year 1999, and its popularity can be measured by the views that it receives i.e. 25 million per day. Courtney A. Rosen earns an estimated income of $240,000 per/Month.

6J. Michael Arrington

At 6th position is the founder of that was created in the year 2005 named J. Michael Arrington. The site is the provider of the happenings of the tech world, and its Pagerank is 8/10. It has succeeded in making J. Michael Arrington an earner of $240,000 per month.

7Mario Lavandeira

He is standing at No. 7 with an estimated earnings of $200,000 per/Month. He is the developer of, which gives the gossip from the tinsel town of Hollywood. His site gets 30 million views every day, and definitely, the major contributor in viewing the site would be the crazy and loyal fans of Hollywood. Mario Lavandeira is professionally called Perez Hilton, and he is a famous blogger and columnist writer.

8Jason Calacanis

At No. 8th is the man behind the success of, which was started in 2003. His co-founder was Brian Alvey. He solely earns $1,90,000 per/Month as the website is quite famous, and its monthly page gets 25 million views.

9Jeremy Shoemaker

This web entrepreneur has fixed a place at No. 9 for himself in the list of top Google Adsense earners. The site that owns is called Shoe Money. The site developed since 2003 acts like a guide and teaches the user how to manage content online and monetize it. The earns him $1,40,000 per/Month from the Adsense program.

10Pankaj Agarwal

Happy to see the name of an Indian among these highly qualified international entrepreneurs! Pankaj Agarwal is the founder of the site called, which was launched in 2007. This site helps the user to place buy or sell classifieds advertisements online. The website receives 5.5 million views and has enabled Pankaj Agarwal to earn $85,000 per/Month.

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Aren’t you guys inspired to do something glorious and out of this world after Looking at the names of these immensely talented and strategic business men? Don’t you guys want to be called millionaire and billionaire? So, take a step forward towards this new venture of your life where you will be busy placing ads on your sites and blogs with the help of Google Adsense. To get started just make a free account on Google Adsense and once you receive the approval from Google, prepare yourself to place ads on sites under Adsense program.

Knock Knock!!!! That’s your call, for becoming one of the personalities to be enlisted among the Top 10 Google Adsense earners illustrated in the above countdown.

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Google Updates – Types of Google Algorightm Updates

Google is undoubtedly the best search engine in the world of internet. It provides a platform for numerous organizations for writing their own sets of algorithms. The Google algorithm consists of a set of instructions or protocol, rules, and expressions which help in ranking a page on Google. In case you are a blogger or a website developer then you require keeping a track of updates made to this algorithm so that you don’t fall into any pitfall which may result in lowering of your rank on Google.

However, every year there are so many updates released by Google that it becomes difficult for the people to keep a track of them. But these changes are done by Google to prevent spammers from producing irrelevant content as well as stopping the Black Hats from adopting unethical ways of website rank boosting.

The changes made to the algorithm of Google are minor however each year there are around 400-500 updates released. Also, within a span of a few months, some significant changes are made to the algorithm which should definitely be kept track of. Some of the popular updates released lately are the Penguin update, Panda Update, Pigeon Update and so on.

Today I will discuss the most recent updates issued by the Google and we will see what changes have been offered in the same.

Types of Google Updates

types of google updates

1Google Panda

Google Panda update was launched in the year 2011 and was primarily based on the user experience offered by a website. It measured the width of the sites and the sites which were thin and lacked depth were ranked below those which were updated regularly as well as offered considerable depth. Also, the websites which offered low user experience were given a lower priority while those giving higher levels of utility were ranked above. This update was launched as a response to growing levels of commercialisation against user experience.

With the launch of this update, the trend of content marketing grew, and people became more engaged in the trends such as guest blogging and social media promotions.

2Google Penguin Update

Google Penguin Update was first seen in the year 2012 and was launched as a measure to the black hat methods of link building. This update over the years has seen numerous changes, and there has been quite a success in stopping these methods of artificial rank boosting. Through this update, Google targeted numerous manipulative techniques used by so-called SEO experts for link building. They used to buy links, build thin websites just to get a backlink to the main site, comment spamming, etc.

For countering these measures, Google came out with a plan and the site owners were required to know the link profile of their sites. They were responsible for identifying the volume, source and quality of the links those were inbound to their sites. If Google detects any issues with regards to the link profile, then the site owners are required to audit their entire link profile and remove any poor links present on their site.

3Humming Bird Update

This update tends to bring together everything that has been tried in Penguin and Panda update of Google Algorithm. This update, which was announced in the year 2013, tends to provide a special attention on the importance of searching through mobile. This focuses on mobile responsive design and hence rank pages based on the same. It has been told and argued upon that the people visit a website through numerous devices and hence your website should be created keeping in mind the usage through smartphones. Importance tips for optimizing your blog for mobile users.

Also, apart from this, with this update, Google not only search on the basis of relevant keywords (proper keyword researching for your blog) but also displays results by interpreting and establishing a connection between the terms written in the search box.

This update has been known as the evolution of both the technology as well as Google. With people now using their mobiles to search for content, they tend to perform a search in a way that we ask questions, and hence Google with this update has tried to meet their expectations.

4Google Pigeon Update

This update, which was launched in July 2014, focussed primarily upon the local search results. It improved the level of accuracy as well as the specificity offered. It offers user results based upon the local proximity. This update was launched to redefine the world of browsing. With the integration of this new update, the search results offered would be returning better results based on the location from which the search is made as well as a bit outside the local area. This update allowed for an increased level of priority for local businesses and hence people began integrating keywords of location for example- Red Fort Delhi to list their location on Google. There has been some spamming noticed however, this has clearly been a thumb for local businessmen as well as bloggers.


With the release of each of these updates, there are surely some or the other websites which might be losing their traffic. So in case you are one of the people who have suffered a major setback in the levels of traffic then surely you might have been affected by one or more changes in the algorithm. What you need to do is find out which update has affected the level of traffic on your site and then you can work on the measures to avoid any penalty. There have been numerous tools developed online which will help you figure out what has caused the level of traffic to go down and hence you can work towards making appropriate changes to avoid penalty.

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How to Earn Money From in 6 Simple Steps

In case you are a freelancer, there are hardly any jobs that would meet your abilities. Most people prefer working as a freelancer as it not only offers you freedom but also at the same time tends to offer you a level of satisfaction as well happiness. Usually, people work as freelancers because of one of the two reasons. One is that they want some extra income along with their salaries.

The other reason is that they don’t want to work, or I should rather say that they can’t work under someone as tolerating a bossy behavior is something which is not their cup of tea. They want to be their own boss, and they would prefer working only for themselves instead of working for someone else. This makes them happy, and they feel free and sorted.  There are a lot of online portals which are now offering people a choice to work from home and earn a constant income depending upon the level of hard work they can put in.

One such place is This site tends to offer freelancers with a chance to work in the file of content writing, designing, development or any other job profile that a person might be interested in working. The best part is that you get to decide what work do you want to do, bid for the same and hence will be able to get the job based on the qualifications you possess.

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6 Steps For Make Money as a Freelancer

So, let’s dive in a little deeper and see what steps you need to follow to earn a decent amount of income.

1 Create an Effective Profile

Yes, this is definitely a task which is a big pain in the head. You have created a profile on LinkedIn, Twitter and God Knows on how many other platforms, but you need to create the same on this portal as well. But, this is required as this is what will distinguish you from all the others present out there. Fill in your details, your education, your work experience and the most important your profile picture. Try and make sure that you make an effective profile and get yourself verified too. Your profile should create a picture of a genuine person in the mind of anyone who looks at it for the first time. You should be very particular about the description of your skills that you are mentioning.

2 Choose the Area of Specialisation

Yes, this is the area which will help you earn some income. You need to decide upon the task in which you are good at, and should be able to showcase that in your profile. Your mere word of mouth won’t be enough for getting you some work. You will need to convince the customer that yes you are the best suited for the job.

You will undoubtedly receive a higher price as well as work in case you have an experience in the field you mention yourself to be good in. An imperative thing to be kept in mind is that you need to focus on a particular field in which, you think, you expertise in. Entering the whole ocean of skills will not help you getting the project, rather, it is a negative thing. Customers search for people who are expertise in particular skills.

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3 Bid Often and Pay Up

One thing that you should try and go for is frequent bidding. Try and set aside some time for sending bidding applications to the customer. The more you bid, higher your chances of getting a project are.

Also, customers prefer freelancers with a higher starred rating as well as good previous feedbacks. Therefore, while in the initial phase of freelancing, try and bid lower than all other people on a particular project. This portal allows you to see the total project cost as well as the average bidding cost. Hence, use these as a guide and bid lower than this as well as pay an extra amount of money for keeping your bid on the top. Initially, you will have to bear some expenses to get your first project. Once, you will get an excellent rating; it would become a bit easy to get projects further.

4Read the description of the project carefully

Most of the customers feel very irritated when they receive cover letters from freelancers who haven’t actually read the project requirement and description. Before sending these letters, take a moment and read what the project is about and include a keyword in your bid to help the customer realize that you actually read their description very cautiously.

5Sending in Cover Letter

Now this is again one of the most important steps of bidding on a particular project. There are cover letters for writers, designers and for every other profession. Write down a solid cover letter followed by why you should be hired for this project. Don’t just send same cover letters to all the employers as this reduces your chances of being selected.

Include a quality that you think would help you stand out from the rest. For example, in the case of writing tasks, you can say that you are a native speaker of that language, and hence, it would give you an edge over others. Include as many links to your work as you can, and also provide a specific link to any task you have done which is similar to the one you are applying for. Also, include your qualities and do not be over-descriptive as the employer can read your profile for any other information.

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6 Be Specific, Be Precise, Be Punctual

If you get a message from the employer, who is hesitant to provide you the job, give him contact details of any previous employer you have worked for. However, don’t offer a sample of your work if it is a one-time deal. If it is a long and expensive project then providing the sample is fine.

Also, once you get the project from the employer ask him to set up clear sets of milestones as you don’t want yourself to be not paid for the work you have done. Do not start with something without having a clear idea of what the customer requires. Talk to him and settle on the terms that may be agreeable upon for both of you. As, if you won’t do that, disputes might occur in future, and you will be in trouble. Problems like not getting paid for the work done, an increment in the modules decided to be done; all such are problems are likely to occur.

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Also, avoid any unnecessary Skype chats or other forms of communications as this is simply a waste of your time.

Try and underbid a few times after which you can set up your hourly rates. Also, look for people who offer a precise and crisp requirement description as these people are fun to work with. There are some employers who don’t know what they precisely want and some, who are quite painful, stay away from such people even if they are offering massive projects.

Deliver what you have been hired for on time, ask them for a release of milestones, try and be courteous and even ask the employer whether he wants to hire you for any other projects.

Delivering work with perfection and within the time deadline is the most important thing you need to take care of. As this will not only enhance your rating but will also give you a client base who would directly talk to you whenever they would want any project to be done related to your skills.

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4 Ways to Boost Your Traffic from StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon over the years has grown up to be one of the top destinations for getting traffic to your website. In a recent survey, it even surpassed Facebook as the referrer. During its initial phase, it used to be considered as a strange website which numerous people found hard to understand. However, during the recent times, it is one of the best sites for your blog promotion and traffic generation.

Why is it growing so rapidly?

You might be thinking what is the secret behind the quick success of this website, or why is this site being used by so many people so? The answer lies in the keyword ‘stumble’. As soon as any of the person visits or stumbles upon your blog, your page is pushed across to a number of users across the internet. This results in a greater viewership of your page or blog and hence the traffic is directed to your page.

One disadvantage that you may face by using this site is that you won’t get access to directed traffic and hence it will eventually lead to a poor conversion rate. Apart this there is nothing to worry about.

So let’s discuss how you can take an advantage from this site and how you would be able to generate traffic from this site.

Quality Content

The first solution to almost every problem in Blogging is, of course, its content. The first step towards the success of your page or blog is the content you provide or publish. The quality of the content is judged on the basis of two factors – one is its uniqueness, and the other one is its grammar, spellings and the style of writing. Until and unless your content will not be of a level that it is able to engage maximum users, visitors would not get converted to regular readers.

This means that your content has far more chances of getting liked if you have quality content with you. Unless and until you are some famous writer or a quality content creator there isn’t much of a chance that people will be coming to your page if you have a poor content presentation. Also, beware, people can easily dislike your content and hence all your dreams of getting high traffic may get buried along with it. You need to focus on generating and offering high-quality content on your blog.

So the first and the foremost step is to ensure that the content you deliver is good. Try and search for relevant keywords according to the niche your blog belongs in. Some of the popular media content which is known to do well on StumbleUpon is:

  1. a) Tutorials: Numerous people find this content to be effective and hence it has a great chance of generating traffic.
  2. b) Videos: These are always known to be everyone’s favorite and hence people are expecting a lot from them.
  3. c) Images: Yes, this community on StumbleUpon is very popular.
  4. d) Infographics: These are the contents which are growing rapidly in the industry of social media.

So, try and produce your content in any of the above form or a form which you think will drive an audience to your site. Also, in case your website or blog tends to perform well on other social media platforms then it is sure to perform well on this site as well.

Tricks to Generating More Traffic:

1Try and Get Organic Stumble

The best way to measure the success of your blog on this platform is to maintain a record of the performance or keep track of the analytics. Numerous people have experienced an exponential growth in the amount of traffic over the time span of 1-2 days. You can have an increased 3000-4000 views per day even if a single person stumbles your content.

Try and integrate StumbleUpon badge on your page as this would make it easy to stumble your content. You can get the coding of the same on the official badge page of StumbleUpon. Here you would also find tips and tricks related to the integration of badge into your WordPress or another site.

2Share Content with “”

Yes, this is one of the link shortening procedures provided by StumbleUpon itself. Once you sign up for this platform and log in your account, you can go and enter the link in the system.

This system would shorten the link provided and then you can copy the same link and share it across numerous social networking platforms, or if you have connected your social media sites to StumbleUpon, then you can directly share it with the help of options provided.  Every time someone clicks on the link that you have provided they will see the content along with the StumbleUpon toolbar on the top. If logged in to their accounts, they will be able to like the content immediately and hence will help you in increasing the traffic. The toolbar provided also helps them directly share the content across other social media sites such as Facebook and hence you can expect a greater amount of traffic.

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3Taking Matter in Your Own Hands

Yes, it is possible for you not to rely on random people for your traffic generation process. You can have your own set of followers and hence share your content directly with them. Getting followers on StumbleUpon is similar to Twitter. However, there is no automatic follow back system. Here you will be required to follow people and then in return expect them to follow you.

Also, finding the followers with the same interest as yours, prove to be beneficial. You can search for the users interested on the same topic as you by making a simple search with the help of relevant keywords, and then follow these people and wait for them to follow you.

When you open someone’s profile, you will see a small graphic image at the side of their profile. This tells the level of similarity you have based on your interests. You can use this as well as the total number of people they are following as an indication of whether they are going to follow you back or not.

4Increase your Followers

To increase followers on StumbleUpon, it is necessary that you have a fab profile to showcase. This means that you need to take your profile seriously and fill in as many details about yourself as you possibly can. Make sure that you follow the below mentioned three steps:

  1. Complete your profile under the Setting-Customise Profile tab.
  2. Fill in the topics you are interested in under Setting-Manage Interests tab.
  3. Upload a good photo of yours under the Settings-Profile Picture tab. Try and ensure that you use similar profile photos across numerous social networking platform as people will following you elsewhere can easily find you here.
  4. Start Sharing the Content

Once you are following people and they have started to follow you, you can start the process of content exchange. For this, you can utilize the StumbleUpon Add-on, which showcases a red number telling someone has sent you some content. It has been observed that more interactive or responsive you are with your followers, chances are higher that they would stumble your content the next time you share it with them.

Some people say that you shouldn’t stumble your content, but then there are alternative ways of doing so. Either you can wait for an organic search to lead to your page, or you can ask some friend to stumble the content as a favor.

As soon as your post has been stumbled, you can share the same to numerous people along with a 140 character message attached to it.

Share the content in small groups or else system does at times gets stuck.

Nowadays, StumbleUpon is one of the underrated social media networks which is not being utilized to its full potential. Try and make sure you follow the guideline diligently as well as follow the social media etiquette to gain respect as well as followers on this site.

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