8 ways to take customer feedback

customer feedback

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Customer feedback is one of the best marketing and improvement tools for any brand. As a brand and marketer, the biggest goal is to learn about what the audience wants and work according to that.

There are various things that a customer is looking for while searching for a brand, and it is essential to know multiple ways to help them or provide solutions.

There are various ways to get customer feedback and work on it to improve the brand and customer experience. 

Constant customer check-ins: 

Customer feedback
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One of the most important things to stay in touch with customers and interact with them is by checking in on the customers.

You can select a group of customers each week and then talk to them about the products and services that the brand is providing and their opinions.

Following up makes a customer feel that you care about their needs and wants. You can merely check-in through an email or a phone call and make sure that the customer knows that you have their best interest in mind. 

Host live customer Q & A’s to get customer feedback: 

Customer feedback
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Hosting Q & A’s with customers helps the brand get an insight about the audience that will use the product or are interested in knowing more about it.

The question and answers also help in recognizing the things that are missing and can add up to the value of the brand.

You can always test this by hosting Q and A’s before launching the product because that will help you know more about the product or ways to make it better. 

Customer support: 

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Customer support is the best way to know more about the efficiency of the product that the customers will use.

The support team can make calls to the customers and learn more about the product and the things that customers think are missing from the brand or the product.

You can also have a customer support meeting where you can know more about the information you need to collect and what customers need from the brand and product. 

Check and analyze chat logs: 

Customer feedback
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There are various calls made to the customers, and it is essential to analyze and check the chat logs because it will give you an excellent overview of the customer’s needs.

Interact with your customer support team and check the chat log reports monthly because it will help you in knowing more about the audience that your brand has, and also it will help you in finding solutions to attract more viewers. 

Scrub your site search for customer feedback: 

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Google analytics offers a fantastic tool, the site search, and it’s an underrated tool that is very efficient for the brands to look into the customer feedback.

Site searches will help you to know more about the things that the customers are searching for and looking for online.

It will help you know what the customers are not able to find online so that you can improve it and gather the information to provide it to the customers.

It will help you in knowing the information that you need to add on the website for the customers. 

Hold a survey: 

Customer feedback
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Surveys are one of the best ways and most efficient ways to find out about the customer’s needs and wants.

You can create a survey for your customers with the questions you want to ask or the things that the customer wants the brand to improve further.

There are various types of surveys that you can host and get more customer feedback through that. There are pop up surveys, email surveys, Facebook messenger surveys, and much more. 

Use the abandon cart emails for the follow up: 

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There are times when a customer clicks on the ad and goes through the products displayed on your website. They also go further by adding the products in the cart, but suddenly they abandon the cart.

In this situation, you can follow up with one or two emails to the customers, which include short polls and surveys about why they left the products and abandoned the cart.

It will help you in gaining more understanding and insight into the needs and wants of the customers. 

Track your brand for customer feedback: 

Customer feedback
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It is essential to keep track of your brand for customer feedback. There are a lot of things on the internet, and finding the mention of your brand mainly can be difficult sometimes.

So the things that you can do to track your brand is to keep a check on your social media, follow the comments and reviews, and see which area needs the improvement and changes for better customer experience. 

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