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How To Install WordPress On Localhost Using XAMPP

There are numerous issues that many WordPress users experience. One of the most common issues is whether WP can be installed offline? Or is there any way that I could test the working of themes and functions as per my requirements?

To your surprise, there are plenty of ways to accomplish this task. Few of them being utilizing WAMP server and MAMP server. Here we will discuss one of the best approaches to installing WordPress offline, which is using XAMPP-Lite. This approach is much more user-friendly than most of the other offline installations. Therefore, below we present to you a quick guide with regards to WP installation using XAMPP.

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Step by Step Installation Guide For XAMPP:

1Download XAMPP from Apachefriends.org

This step is simple and does not require any explanation. You just need to visit the site and get the server software downloaded. After the download completes, install the software along with MySQL services.


2Working with the Xampp Lite

xmapp control pannel

Once the software has been installed successfully, go to Xampp control panel and start the Apache and MySQL services. Initialization of the services can be done by ticking in the ‘Svc’ checkbox in front of the Apache and MySQL options. Once the services would be successfully initiated, a ‘Running’ status would appear in front of the Apache and MySQL column.

3Configuring the Databases

The next step after the initialization of the services is the configuration of MySQL database. To accomplish this, open your browser and type http://localhost. A site will open, here choose the language and then type http://localhost/security/index.php and then change the password according to your wish.

xampp for windows

4Create tables for your WordPress Installation

Now our job is to create tables for your word press. For this, visit http://localhost/phpmyadmin, and then log in using the username as ‘admin’ and password which you had changed earlier. As soon as this is done, create a new database from the admin panel using the interface provided. Give a name to this database you have created and do not change any other settings.

xampp database

5Download and Install Latest Version of Word Press

Once each of the above steps has been performed, then go to the website www.wordpress.org and download WordPress from there. Once the download is finished, go to the folder where you had previously installed Xampp and in that folder, you will find a folder named htdocs. Open this folder and extract WordPress here.

xampp folder.png

6Word press configuration

Once the extraction procedure is finished the, open the extracted folder. There you will find a file named wp-config-sample.php. Open the file in notepad and make the below-mentioned changes:

  1. Change the DB name to ‘wordpress.’
  2. Change the DB_User field to ‘root.’
  3. Change the DB_PASSWORD to the one you had changed in step 3.

Once done with all the steps, save the file and rename it as wp-config.php

Xampp configuration

7The Final Step

Once done with the above steps finally go to this link http://localhost/wordpress and install the same. Go to the wp-admin panel and you can start playing with the control and functionalities of the themes etc. Numerous developers of WordPress have the software installed on their PC’s so that they can make quick changes as they require.

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9 Tips to Select The Perfect WordPress Theme For Your Blog

Now, you must be done with choosing a perfect niche for your blog and selecting the most appropriate Domain Name and Web Hosting. Choosing WordPress to build a blog is a great decision, but you might be confused in picking up an exquisite as well as a user-friendly WP theme for your blog.

Most people are normally confused when it comes to choosing the perfect theme for their website. You have plenty of innumerable options when it comes to choosing amongst the free and the paid themes. Before we go further, one thing we need to understand and keep in mind is that there is a difference between a beautiful looking theme and a user-friendly theme. The time has gone when a pretty theme used to be enough. Now it’s not about a good theme, rather it is all about a user-friendly theme.

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So here we go.

Why should you choose a Theme Carefully?

There are a number of themes available in the market from which you can choose and each has its own pros and cons. For example, if you are starting a blog on education then you should choose a theme that will increase the readability of users. There are themes which possess customization issues and in case you want to add in any feature, the website won’t allow you to do the same. There are some websites that are very nice to look at but once you utilise the same you won’t be able to get optimum load speed and as a result, your traffic would deviate.

Why should you choose a Theme Carefully

As it is rightly said, “All that glitters is not gold”, therefore, keep in mind the following things before choosing the perfect theme for your web portal:

1Go for a Simple theme

Numerous things come with different outlines, colours, and designs and are very appealing. However, there are very few instances when you require all those animation and effect. While creating your blog or website you should choose a theme that demonstrates your actual goal. Don’t overcomplicate the design of the site as it tends to confuse your visitors.

If a theme is superb in appearance with lots of effects present in it, but the users are not able to find the information they were looking for, then the designed site is of no use. So basically, you need to focus on the fact that the theme you choose is easy for your readers to navigate and is simple enough that makes reading comfy.

2Having a Responsive Site is Not an Option Anymore

Apart from the home computers or laptops, a decent amount of traffic is produced with the help of devices such as smartphones. Nowadays, people surf the net from their phones rather than opening their laptops every now and then. Depending on the theme of your blog or website the ratio of the people using the net on laptops to those people using internet on phones may even increase to 50%.  According to Google, a mobile friendly website tends to attract 70% more audience.

Although the themes offered on Word Press are mobile friendly, there are certain themes in which the width layout is fixed, and hence, they are not mobile responsive.

3Verify Browser Compatibility

As your visitors vary so are the browsers they use. Your blog or website may work just fine on a particular browser, but might appear broken in others is a flaw which should not be made at all. So to prevent any such happening it is recommended to check the functionality of your blog or website with numerous browsers.

Although most of the theme developers check the theme rigorously with numerous browsers but it never harms to check cross browser compatibility.

4Make Sure That Your Theme Supports Numerous Plug Ins

The main advantage or let’s say the strength of a template comes in from the plug-ins it supports. While there are numerous plug-ins available in the market, you should make sure that your theme supports most of them.

In case you are feeling any issue with the working of any of the plug-ins, it’s advisable to contact the theme developer and get the issue resolved.

5Ensure your Blog or Site is Multilingual

You may be creating your website in English as of now, but as your visitor base increases, you might need to convert your page to Chinese or French. Therefore, make sure that the theme that you choose supports multilingual plug-ins and can easily be switched from one language to others.

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6Make Sure the theme you purchase comes with a pre-installed Page Builder

Page Builders as the name suggests are the plug-ins that provide you with the features responsible for designing a layout of the page. It possesses as a simple drag and drop interface and comes pre-fitted in numerous themes. Although mostly used by the developers, these page builders are of great use when you require switching in the theme.

Try and get a theme with the latest version of page builder and or you can get these page builders separately as well.

7Check the theme you choose has good support options

With numerous Word Press themes available in the market, be sure to choose the one which has good support. Many free theme developers provide support options to the customers in case they face any issues, but there are other themes with little or no support.

Therefore, in case you mess up a particular theme, you would require a third party to solve the issue even if they are the tiniest ones. So, try and go for themes which tend to provide excellent support to their customers and are easy to handle and use.

8Choose the ones which are SEO Friendly

You might think what role does a theme play in SEO. Trust me, it does. RatherI would say that the theme you pick, play a very crucial role in deciding your overall rank in the search engines. A theme may look very pleasing from the outside but might generate a poor HTML code and thereby affect your ranking.

So I would advise you to go for the themes which are SEO friendly and tend to help you gain ranking on Google Index especially. For this, you can check your HTML code on tools provided over the internet. Also, most of the developers mention whether their themes are optimised or not.

9Check the Reviews and Ratings

The last parameter to consider while selecting a WordPress theme is the rating and reviews provided by the previous users.  In the case of themes which are available free of cost, the rating is available just below the download button. Clicking on the rating you will be able to see the reviews of numerous users.

Conclusively, before settling on any theme make sure that you have a clear image of what you want and what you can handle. Don’t just decide upon a theme based on its appearance, rather test it on the parameters mentioned above and especially the load time and SEO levels, as these are the prime factors which will drive in traffic. Go for the one that meets your requirement the best and tends to attract your visitors the most. Keep the above points in mind and choose the best theme for your blog or website.

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3 Important Factors For Choosing Best WordPress Hosting

Are you thinking about launching your WordPress channel? If yes, then you might probably have numerous things going in your mind. You might require a great domain name, plugins, an eye capturing the theme and the most important the WordPress hosting service.

You need to think about numerous parameters before settling on to a hosting provider. You would not want your website to face any issues as it would be bad for business. You would not want your website to be prone to hacking and other threats just because your service provider wasn’t so much concerned with regards to your security.

Today we uncover some of the things that you need to keep in your mind before settling on a choice of WordPress host. The hosting will ensure that you get best of the services and release your site with a bang.

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How do you choose the Best Host?

Word Press requires minimal requirements, and you just need to have the latest version of My SQL, PHP, Apache a bit of a disk space, and you are ready to go. Before you start searching for a web host, you need to make a list of things that you would require for your business. Ask yourself:

  • How many sites would you host?
  • Does your web host support or provide any web scripts other than Word Press?
  • Is the disk Space offered sufficient for your use?
  • Would scaling to a higher package be an issue in case you reach a tipping point?

Have a solid business strategy in front of you before settling on the features that you would require in your business. Once you have finalised the business plan then only decide upon the components that you would need; one that would meet all you requirements.

Keep in mind that not each Word Press host is a good fit for your business, regardless of the features that they offer. For example, a shared hosting is sufficient for a personal blog, whereas a magazine company that draws millions of traffic would require managed hosting.

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3 Important Factors to Keep In Mind For Choosing Best WordPress Hostings

Although you might have got an idea about choosing the best host, there are three things that you need to consider while settling on any choice:

1Backup Plan and Customer Support

Whether you select any web hosting, you need to make sure that they provide a good customer support. During the initial phase of setting up your business, you will need to call your service provider many times. This one thing is inevitable. You cannot just leave this parameter as you will require your host to help you in times when your site goes down, or you have an overflow of traffic. Whatever web host you settle on make sure that they have a quick and responsive customer support. Determine that whether they can solve your issue in time or do they take ages to solve even the thinnest issues.

One more thing to take into consideration is what backup plan they offer. This can be one of the critical aspects to consider as you wouldn’t want all your data to be lost just as your site goes down or there is some error.


Many people get sucked into the trap of web hosting companies that tend to offer ‘unlimited’ plans, with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space. We would caution you to stay away from such web hosting provider as they tend to give you a congested shared hosting plan with benefits that don’t even last for a year. Provided you have the list of features you require you can compare them with the cost of hosting. Spending a 100$ per month for hosting a personal blog without any revenue would be a foolish choice, but you also cannot expect added security and data backup in a plan worth 2$ a month. Keeping your budget under control, you can start small by taking a shared hosting plan from reputable hosting companies such as Blue Host. Then you can gradually expand as your business grows and go for a managed hosting which is considered as the best choice.

3Types of Hosting

Now before settling on the hosting, you need to know what the difference between various hosting types is. There are primarily 4 types of word press web hosting:

types of webhosting

    • Shared Hosting:

The most widely recognized and least expensive of all hosting type, this type of hosting includes many websites being hosted on a single server. Ordinarily, the costs will drop to as low as $3 bucks a month because the total expense of the server is shared amongst you and the other owners. Also, be mindful that the initial cost might be small but over the time these expenses tend to see a rapid increase. Therefore, you keep yourself prepared regarding this. Companies offering this hosting include Blue Host, Dream Host, Go Daddy, etc.

    • VPS Hosting:

VPS refers to Virtual Private Server and is a hosting type in which you get your virtual server. This kind of hosting makes use of cloud technology, and there are some servers hosted virtually from a single computer. In this type of hosting, you would never share your resources with anyone therefore there would be an increase in speed and you can get added applications and privilege. The cost of such hosting lies in between 20$-60$ per month. Companies offering this hosting include Blue Host, Dream Host, Go Daddy, etc.

    • Dedicated Hosting:

Dedicated hosting refers to the hosting where you have the computer server all to yourself including the hardware. This is one of the most powerful hostings as here the computer hosts only one server i.e. your server. This type of hosting is particularly beneficial for large companies with extensive requirements. Most companies tend to use a hybrid of VPS and physical hosting which turns to offers even more powerful features. The cost of this type of hosting is general $100-$200 depending upon the features requested. Companies offering this hosting include Blue Host, Dream Host, Go Daddy, etc.

    • Managed WordPress Hosting:

This is one of the most popular Web hostings for the WordPress users. This is because the companies which provide these types of hosting tend to deal with WordPress script only and do not work in any other domain. You get numerous added benefits and features for about $30 per month which is the industry average. Companies offering this hosting include WPEngine, Pressable, etc.

Let Us Conclude:

Choosing the perfect plan and web host for your word press isn’t as tough as it seems. You just need to get a list of features you require and determine the maximum amount that you can pay for the same. You don’t need to spend A lot of money to get the essential benefits; you can start small and then upgrade to a better plan if and when needed.

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What is CMS? Which CMS is Suitable For Your Website

Content Management Systems

Are you a content manager of an organisation and have to deal daily newsfeeds etc.? Or are you a passionate blogger and need to organise all those content you produce? Content Management Systems is the best choice for the people like you. These provide you with a framework for organising all the content that you have developed and publishing that on the web.

Diving in a Little Deep

Content Management system (CMS) is a favourite tool in the internet industry as it helps site administrators’ display their information amongst masses. This CMS or management system does not have to be online and can be used efficiently in the organisations that have more expansive needs.

The content management system allows multiple users or bloggers to manage content information on the websites or project on an internet application. It has the capability of providing the users with the permission to access partial or entire content available. Using this tool you can have a centralised control over the content you produce and arrange this information in a sequential manner. This tool is mostly being used in the fields of e-commerce, blogging and web applications.

When I mention “manage content”, I mean developing, editing, filing, reporting, gathering, information and data. Think: blog. These are sites that require regular maintenance and upkeep to remain just as interesting for the readers. That’s a lot of content for multiple people to handle; therefore, a CMS can make your life easier.

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Some of the Best CMS:

So now you have a quick idea of what a Content Management Software (CMS) is all about. Now which CMS to choose? Or what all CMS choices do you have? For this we list to you, the five top CMS utilised today along with the features that they offer.


Started in the year 2003 as one of the blogging sites WordPress has become one of the most loved tools for content management. What separates WordPress from the others available in the market? The answer is – its simple user interface. WordPress has the most interactive user interface along with easy to use controls. You don’t require any specific technical skills to design your website and host it in no time. For refinement, you might require some back-end knowledge; however, that is not at all a necessity.

WordPress provides numerous free templates for you to use and hence create an eye-catching website. All you need to do is install WP and configure it according to your choices. This CMS is extremely flexible and offers you many interactive features to add to your website. And the best part is that it is totally FREE!! Yes-free! You can design the website all by yourself without paying any amount to the website developers.

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Similar to WordPress, Drupal is also an open source CMS available for designing your blog or website. Numerous popular websites such as the site of White House etc. have chosen this platform for their development. And there is probably no reason that this CMS cannot suit your needs. Unlike WordPress, in Drupal, you have ultimate control over the URL or the permalink of your site. This CMS is search engine friendly and ranks higher than other competitors such as Joomla.

A USP of this CMS is that it allows you to uniquely classify each content page as a blog, story, podcast, etc. You can create numerous categories in Drupal and let the software known how you want this category to be displayed.


Ranked amongst the top three, Joomla is considered a bit different CMS than WordPress and Drupal. With Joomla, you can handle a site with heavy article content with much ease. Although Joomla doesn’t have a much interactive interface or customizable functions, it provides features that are in the middle of these two. Blog users might be very much amazed at the features that Joomla offers with regards to article management.

Other features that you get in this CMS include image resizing, advertisement management, content scheduling, metadata customization, etc. And again, all these things are available at absolutely no cost.

4Expression Engine

Ranking fourth on the list, expression engine is a CMS, which is a combination of open source and paid versions. By the combination of open source and paid, we mean that to get its services you need to spend in a couple of bucks, but once you purchase it, you can customise it according to your needs and add your own plug-ins. This CMS is also very user-friendly and one can work both in the back end as well as in the front end.

Some features that it offers on administrative level include data export, extension manager, site membership, etc. On user level, you can manage user profiles, create member groups, etc.

5eZ publish

eZ Publish is again one of the popular CMS available and utilised. However, this supports a lot of functions but for working with this software, you need to have some basic technical knowledge. It is not meant for the people who cannot dig in to customise their source code. The USP of this CMS is that it offers numerous functionalities at a single click. Anything that you need to add to your blog or website, you can directly download it from the downloads section.

This is more of enterprise management software, however, is helpful and very easy to use for bloggers with a bit of technical knowledge.

Does having a CMS alone solve all your issues?

So do you think that having a CMS alone can solve you issue? Think again. Having a CMS might solve the majority of the issues for you, but there are some restrictions to this as well. For example, consider a case where you have WordPress as your CMS, which provides a user-friendly interface and easy controls. However, now you decide on to add log-in functionality to your blog, for this, you would require some back end programming knowledge, only after which this issue can be resolved.

Similarly using a CMS doesn’t guarantee that your website or blog will be successful, rather CMS will produce the most organised content, but it will be you who will be responsible for successful marketing and quality assurance of your content. If you only depend on CMS services for your blogs to be successful then my friend you will be left disappointed.


So, after going through all the CMS options available to you, you may conclude that WordPress is the best, which is not wrong. If you are a beginner in the field of Blogging, then, WordPress is undoubtedly the best for you. You can read more about this in my article Why WordPress?
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Why to choose WordPress over Other CMS?

The name WordPress has now become largely popular in the field of website development and content management. However, numerous beginners still do not know why it is beneficial to utilise WordPress as a CMS rather than other options such as Drupal etc. Therefore below we have compiled few of the advantages that WordPress offers to its customers with regards to their website or blog development.

Why WordPress?

People think that WordPress is merely a blogging platform that was founded in the year 2003. They may be partially correct as WordPress was a blogging platform in the past. However, over the years WordPress has evolved as one of the most popular Content Management Software with the help of which you can create simple blogs as well as large scale websites.

The reason for its high demand is the flexibility and easy to use functions that it offers. In a recent survey, it was found that around 25% of the websites on web are developed with the help of WordPress. Not only a small organisation but large scale companies such as Facebook, Sony etc. are using this as well for creation of their web applications.

So let us see what features does WordPress offers to bloggers or developers over other CMS:

1It is Free

The prime reason for WordPress being so popular among people is it being an open source. You just need to download and install the software and you are good to go. You can utilise the software to design a sort of website, blog, newsfeed, podcast etc. and modify the features according to your needs.

This software is known to contain around 2600+ themes and 30,000+ plugins that are easy to download and utilise. To run this software, all you need is a web hosting and domain. This community software is maintained with the help of group of volunteers most of which are WordPress consultant. As this software is open source anyone can provide his/her input and modify the functionality of this software.

By using this software you become a part of ever growing WordPress community and can get your doubts and query resolved by the group of experienced individuals.

2This software is Easy to Learn

Every day numerous users are entering the WordPress community by making their WordPress powered websites. The reason for this rapid growth of consumers is due to its ease of learning and highly interactive user interface. There are numerous people to help you out in case you feel any issue and there are tutorials available on the WordPress site to help you easily install and work with this software.

3This software is very easily extendable

People who utilise WordPress are mostly designers not developers. Rather they are not even designers they are mere beginners trying their hands at this software. WordPress possesses a feature of easy extendibility due to the presence of numerous themes and plugins which allow you to give your website any appearance and functionality.

These themes available in the software can also be customised and they come with options to change color, design, and upload a logo and many other functions. You are able to perform majority of the customization very quickly without even writing a single line of code.

4Is Search Engine Friendly

The WordPress has been written in high quality code that is deemed as attractive by modern search engines. Any website or blog you develop using this software tends to acquire the WordPress architecture and hence is ranked higher.

Moreover, WordPress offers you a choice of optimizing your content produced using the SEO plug-in.

5Software is Easy to Manage

As mentioned before, WordPress is easily customizable and can be learned by almost anyone in a short span of time. The software has been loaded with inbuilt updater that tends to update the plug-ins and themes. These changes can be controlled easily with the help of admin panel provided. WordPress also automatically informs you in case there is an update available. It also provides data backup facility and you can set up automated backup to keep your data safe and secured.

6It is very much Safe and Secure

WordPress has been created keeping in mind the security and safety of a website. But, there are always chances of intrusions and hacking. WordPress recommends a ‘Sucuri’ tool to be included with the site developed so that there is a regular monitoring of threats and errors.

7Can Handle Multiple Types of Media

WordPress has not only been designed to manage written content. The software allows you to work with the audio, video and images as well. It is very easy to include audio and video in your posts, by simply providing it with the URL.

It also provides the facility to include videos and images in comments posted by the users.

8It secures your websites future as well

WordPress has been developed to meet the ever changing demands of its customers. So, in case, in future you want to grow your simple blog into a revenue growing venture, WordPress will help you make this change with ease. Also, it has been seen that people tend to modify or re develop their blogs or sites in 2-3 years and hence WordPress will serve as the optimal solution for this change. Using WordPress will not only secure the website for now but ensure it for future as well.

9Easy integration with numerous platforms

WordPress offers easy integration with most large platforms and applications and hence allows your blog or site to become a part of large scale business or enterprise.

10Minimizes cost to the most extent

As most of the work and functionalities have already been included, therefore, there is no need of developers or technical specialists. The users save both money and time.

There is large number of CMS available in the market with numerous different features. However, no other CMS tends to provide a greater UI than WordPress. In case you are a passionate blogger or small business owners than WordPress is the best solution for producing content driven and dynamic websites.

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How To Choose an Effective Content Management System (CMS)

Here comes the responsibility of web owners or who so ever is assigned a job to manage database properly what we call as Content Management System. Basically, CMS is all about maintaining data of a company through a template which is generally a creation of a web graphic designer. If all set for what to present, then get ready for how to present it generates a need for choosing an effective CMS thereby resulting in good web traffic and increased business.

In today’s scenario where a human day starts with a cup of tea accompanying Internet access whether it is a social website for refreshing or most importantly in a need of a good content for a purpose. So it is the ultimate duty of a web developer, web designers, bloggers etc to present their content to user in an effective, organized and in a precise manner.

For this, systematic steps are needed to attain a fruitful business from its CMS.

First is preparing a catalog by identifying the needs of a business from it. CMS with the views of marketing department, users, web designers etc to cater the needs of CMS. Once we are ready with the abstract, the most considered criteria should be the needs and wants. Wants must be included but needs not to be is a major issue while preparing a list. Indeed some CMS are open sources but monetary aid is a major concern by hiring a company for the same if CMS needs to be updated for customer satisfaction.

Secondly, systematic investigation is required to have different CMS options. List of various

CMS needs to be maintained for choosing the best one. For this, reference needs to be taken from other business person by discussing the pros and cons. Once the search is being started, go through the CMS companies. Choosing a large or popular CMS should not always be the criteria.

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, SilverStripe are some examples of CMS companies.

Many CMS companies are open source also, somehow if nobody in open source companies is providing information on how to use it, then supporting companies should be the best option.

If the company is not engaged with IT department, CMS expert is hired for technical support.

Now, ask CMS vendor to show the exact working of their CMS. Installation part needs to be understood first carefully and efficiently. Once finished with installation, ask for how often it needs to be updated because updating is an ongoing process that requires various steps in which consistency is a big and a major task to prevent halting a system. If you are an e-commerce website, then maintenance at a large scale can prove curse.

Furthermore, front end and back end are primary concern. Front end is a look-and-feel of your website which is maintained by using a well-designed template. Depending on the requirements to customize the appearance of a website, make sure that the current template is having the features for customization. With back end handling, ask vendor how changes at back end will be permissible because every business needs to change the information as required without any assistance.

As some of the information is not published for public but only accessible to company employees, so functionality of intranet must be known. You should ask your CMS vendor towards progressive ideas of his CMS as business and customer grow and increase, so for customization our requirements would able to be fulfill or not.


Lastly, for choosing a CMS, use a sandbox version or demo from your selected 4-5 vendors. Choose the most effective employees for using demo in 1: n ratio of demo to people. Instruct them to upload information and see the changes.

Then select a CMS and prepare a deadline to be met. Before making commitment for a longer period, test it for some target period. After finalizing, implement it by conducting a needful training program for its proper use.

Examples of some CMS include:


Currently, WordPress is the most liked and admired CMS for blogging. Majority of websites on Internet are using WordPress. Although, it started career as blogger platform but now it reached heights to Content Management System as its footprints are developing huge ecommerce portals, forums etc.


It is in the top five most server applications. It is built on Microsoft .NET technology and many .NET developers use it as a CMS. Due to its no cost, quality of being understood, open source licensing, it is a choice of many developers. It is a matter of pride of having 85000 installation of Umbraco. Instead of using it as a personal blog, it proves a better CMS for organizations running large sites.


The biggest competitor of WordPress is Joomla. Joomla is having around above 7000 extensions that make it community very active. It’s very easy in Joomla to find extension of anything and loads of themes are available very easily. But to use it, one has to pay for its plugins and many more themes.


Drupal is also the most considered CMS by most of the web developers. Its new version Drupal 7 has been launched recently. Being easier to use, more scalable and its flexibility makes it a powerful open source content management system empowering millions of websites. Drupal forum is also very popular about its quick response of questions.


It is similar to WordPress but only limited to content management system rather than blogging. SilverStripe community is putting emphasis on translating their application framework and CMS into various languages. Perhaps, this proves many users to bend towards this providing a rapid growth in business. It maintains its reputation in having good hands on SEO also.


It is the most simple content management system which is having everything a client needs. It is XML based CMS having a brilliant user interface. Regardless of having lot of features in large companies, it is very simple to use, easy to install and customize.

So, now get set go and choose the most effectives CMS to design your website.

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Top List of 40 Best WordPress Plugins You Should Know

Want to catalyse your website? Use best wordpress plugins for your website and its SEO to make it more impactful.

These are some best wordpress plugins which will help you to make your website more SEO friendly and it will also help to increase the ranking of your websites on Google. You can install any of the below mentioned best wordpress plugins according to the requirements of your websites.

Top List of 40 Best WordPress Plugins You Should Know

40 Best WordPress Plugins List


Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin: This plugin will help you to optimise your site in a better way as it provides you with the facility of adding title, alternative keywords and meta description for your articles.


All In One SEO Pack: This is an alternative over Yoast WP SEO Plugin. You can use any of the two for better optimisation.


Contact Form 7: It is a simple and a flexible Plugin which can manage multiple contact forms. One can also customize the form and the mail contents.


Jetpack: It adds influential features including customization, traffic and other performance tools.


W3 Super Cache: Static HTML files are produced by this Plugin.


W3 Total Cache: It uses caching to provide WPO (Web Performance Optimisation).


Revolution Slider: To give a catchy effect to your website, slider is the best wordpress plugin option and in sliders Revolution Slider is the best.


Yoast Google Analytics: This Plugin will help you to track your website from all over the world.


WP Page Navigation: As the name suggests, it provides interface for page navigation.


WooCommerce: It is a Plugin which is used for Ecommerce websites.


NextGen Gallery: It is used to showcase the images of your products in the best possible manner


Google Analyticator: It displays the statistics of the visitors from all over the world.


Js_Composer: It is one of the best wordpress plugins for drag and drop page builders.


WP Polls: It adds Poll System to your website.


LayerSlider: It is a slider which contains layers upon the slider images giving it a more beautiful effect.


WordPress Popular Posts: It is one of the best wordpress plugins which helps you to find out the most popular articles of your website that is it will display the articles in the decreasing order of their popularity.


Shareaholic: It helps in increasing the traffic on your website.


Digg Digg: It adds share buttons on a moving bar.


Simple Social Icons: You can add social icons using this Plugin.


Mailchimp: You can add a Sign Up form using Mailchimp List.


SitePress Multilingual CMS: It helps in building multilingual sites.


Wysija Newsletters: It is used to create auto responders and send notifications to your clients.


Social Media Widget: It links your website with social media, the best wordpress plugin to connect your site socially.


Q2w3 Fixed Widget: It fixes the position of some of the widgets which don’t move even when the page is scrolled up or down.


Yet Another Related Posts Plugin: It is used to display other related and relevant posts on your blog.


Vipers Video Quicktags: This Plugin allows you to post videos in an easier way.


Tablepress: As the name suggests, this Plugin is used to insert tables and this is the best wordpress plugin which can be used to design tables.


Gravityforms: Using Gravityforms you can create any kind of form you want to include into your website.


Powerpress: It is used to support features like iTunes etc.


Addthis: You can use this Plugin to add conversion tools into your website.


Captcha: As we all know, it is an extra step for security purposes.


Lightbox Plus: It displays the bigger version of your images.


Easy Fancybox: Used to display videos, supporting flash movies and iFrames.


Akismet: It is used to check for comments to protect your blog from spamming.


BWP Minify: It decreases the loading time of your page.


Add to Any: Again the best wordpress Plugin to add sharing buttons for various social networking websites.


WP Retina 2x: Make your website efficient so that it can even be displayed on Retina displays.


Download Monitor: It uploads and manage and track downloads.


CForms: Again a form Plugin, an alternative for other form Plugins.


Buddypress: It helps you to run social network on your site with features like chatting, profiles, groups etc.

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