How To Write A Blog?

How To Write A Blog?

How to write a blog?

You may have found it a bit difficult to write articles on regular basis for your website. You may have many thoughts, or rather many amazing thoughts I should say, but when it comes to jot down the same, we are not able to do so, the way we actually think. We are not able to write in that excellence, the way it is in our mind. Here are some ways which will tell you about how to write a blog or I should say short, efficient and unique articles which will define your blog in the best possible way.

Ways to write quality articles for your blog –

1Create a Date sheet:

The very first task you need to accomplish is to create a calendar which contains the topics that on which date you’ll write an article on what topic.

2Search for a good domain:

The second step to be followed to answer the question – “How to write a blog” is finding a domain on which you want to start writing. Obviously, you must have a topic to write upon. It would be extremely easy and would be a fun for you if the domain or the topic is of your field of interest. So, search your mind and heart and go for the field which makes you happy. Instead of searching for How to write a blog, first get an answer to why to write it and what topic you must choose.

3Divide your content in categories:

Before start writing you will have to categorize your content so that it becomes easy for you to write an impressive article for your users. Dividing will make your writing more creative and artistic.

4Read, Think and Jot:

Having a good knowledge is also an important factor which will make your blog presentable and enjoyable. So, first read as much as you can about the topic on which you’re writing, then think, create a brainstorm and pen them down.

5Create Links:

Linking your article to other relevant contents is also a major and an important part of writing an SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) friendly post. So create a few links which will redirect your visitor to other relevant articles, may it be on your own website or on some another website.

Start with these basic tips, then I’ll get back to you with some advanced methods.

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