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Make Money Online

Best Way to Make Money Using Fiverr and SeoClerks

Making money online has become one of the favorite trends that most of the people are going for. And why wouldn’t they? There isn’t any harm earning some extra income by doing something apart from your regular jobs. There are two very popular websites that provide you with an opportunity to earn money by doing something sitting at your home. These are Fivver and SEOclerks. While Fiverr provides you with an opportunity to make money by doing tasks such as video editing and content writing, SEOclerks helps you earn money by providing services related to SEO.

Let’s try and understand one by one how you can make money online by using these websites.

Two Best Ways To Make Money Online By – Fiverr and SeoClerks

Making Money Using Fiverr

In case you are new to Fiverr then here are the steps that you need to follow to start making some money:

The first and the foremost step is to create an account on Fiverr.

  1. Once done, your next step is to browse through the site and see the possible services that you might be able to offer to clients.
  2. Buy a $5 gig from somebody. This is an imperative step to initiate with, as this will help you get an idea so as how the complete process of purchasing and reviewing works. Like amazon (Make Money by Amazon), here also, you get stars as a seller. The number of stars or rating is given according to your work which determines your quality and reliability.
  3. After seeing and reviewing the purchases now, it is the time to start offering your gig. For the setup stage you’ll require a decent photograph, and you should also try and incorporate a video which will help your customers know what you are putting forth. Gigs which have a video attached to it tend to make more money. The video need not to be made professionally; rather you can directly make it with your phone and later edit it using some video editing software.
  4. Try and include keywords which more people will search for. For example, in case you are offering content writing services then something such as “ I will offer SEO optimized content” will work just fine. Try and incorporate catchphrases in the title, however, do not over utilize it.
  5. Finally, the last step is to publish your gig and wait for purchases of your gig.

Making Money from SeoClerks

SeoClerks is also an online marketplace that lets you sell your services similar to Fivver. However, unlike Fiverr, SeoClerks is more inclined towards serving gigs related to Search Engine optimization or online marketing. You can serve any of your services which are related to SEO or online marketing such as increasing Facebook likes, or twitter followers, etc.

Registering on SeoClerks:

  1. Visit the SeoClerks signup page and click the join button provided on the top
  2. You will then be popped up with a page where you would be required to enter your skill set. Enter the skill set that you possess such as SEO, CSS, and Design, etc.
  3. Once done, you will be sent an activation mail on the registered Email id. So click on the link sent and your account will be activated.
  4. After this step, log in to your SeoClerks account and click on “Seller” button and after this click on ‘Create a Service.’
  5. Once done then a pop-up page will open where you will be required to enter your gig details. Enter the details of the service you are offering and attach a picture along with it.
  6. Once done, click on ‘Submit’ option and your gig will then be available on the ‘SeoClerks’ site and you will be notified if anyone purchases your services via E-mail.

Promotion of Your Gig

Once you have published your gig on Fiverr or SeoClerks, the work does not stop here. It is now when the real work starts. It is the time to make your gig popular and well known, for this try to share it on social media, spread words among your friends or adopt any other method for publicity. Higher the purchases you get, higher is your rank on these sites. You can also list your gig onto numerous social bookmarking platforms such as Reddit etc. Without promotion it is very rare to get good number of clients and hence very difficult to make good income.

On Fiverr each day you can see numerous people making numerous requests to find great sellers. These people can be reached out by going to ‘My Sales’ tab and then clicking on ‘Buyer’s Request’. Make sure to respond to people whose request matches your Gig.

Fiverr and SeoClerks Ranks

There are three ranks that Fiverr offers to its sellers these are Level One, Level two and top rated sellers. These ranks are provided to the seller who successfully fulfils the Fiverr requirements. In case, your level is higher than the other seller, then more people will contact you and hence, your sales level will get a hike.

In case of SeoClerks, four levels are provided by the company these are Level one, level two, level three and level X. Level X being the highest level gives you max number of benefits and maximum chances of generating a handsome income.

Some Tips from the Top Rated Sellers on these Sites

Everyone has the dream of achieving the top rated seller tag on Fiverr. So here are some tips that you can utilise to become one of the top rated sellers:

  1. Try and deliver the work to your clients in time. Clients will rate you after you complete their task. So, if you will complete their tasks in time, they will evaluate you better and hence your rating would improve.
  2. Try and over deliver. A person gets satisfied when you give him the results as he expected and as he wanted. But, if you will give them something above their expectations, they will not only be satisfied but also contented. They would be happier and would prefer you over others for tasks related to your field. This is what we technically call as – Customer Retention.
  3. Always try and improve your Gig descriptions to improve the conversion rates. It is the most important tip, as satisfaction is the second move. You will be able to satisfy a customer after you get one. So, focus on attractive Gig descriptions so that you can get quality clients.
  4. Try and offer clients opinions with regards to what will work best for them. Clients just love this thing. They will love it if you make them feel that their business is not less than yours for you. Suggest them with ideas which will work best for them so as to get excellent results.
  5. Don’t go too heavy on a bad review; it is common to get a few bad reviews. Remember, every coin has two faces. If some people like you, some will dislike you too. It is not possible to satisfy every customer. So be audacious to face some troublesome clients.
  6. Stay to the point with your Gig description.
  7. Treat small orders as well as bulk orders with the same level of professionalism as you never know, what might turn out from those small orders.
  8. You can also offer 24 hours delivery of services in the beginning to engage in more customers. Using this will help you in gaining the attention of the customers who are in urgent need of your services.

So, start with these tips, and these tips will help you with the above-mentioned Money Making Programs.

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What is CMS? Which CMS is Suitable For Your Website

Content Management Systems

Are you a content manager of an organisation and have to deal daily newsfeeds etc.? Or are you a passionate blogger and need to organise all those content you produce? Content Management Systems is the best choice for the people like you. These provide you with a framework for organising all the content that you have developed and publishing that on the web.

Diving in a Little Deep

Content Management system (CMS) is a favourite tool in the internet industry as it helps site administrators’ display their information amongst masses. This CMS or management system does not have to be online and can be used efficiently in the organisations that have more expansive needs.

The content management system allows multiple users or bloggers to manage content information on the websites or project on an internet application. It has the capability of providing the users with the permission to access partial or entire content available. Using this tool you can have a centralised control over the content you produce and arrange this information in a sequential manner. This tool is mostly being used in the fields of e-commerce, blogging and web applications.

When I mention “manage content”, I mean developing, editing, filing, reporting, gathering, information and data. Think: blog. These are sites that require regular maintenance and upkeep to remain just as interesting for the readers. That’s a lot of content for multiple people to handle; therefore, a CMS can make your life easier.

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Some of the Best CMS:

So now you have a quick idea of what a Content Management Software (CMS) is all about. Now which CMS to choose? Or what all CMS choices do you have? For this we list to you, the five top CMS utilised today along with the features that they offer.


Started in the year 2003 as one of the blogging sites WordPress has become one of the most loved tools for content management. What separates WordPress from the others available in the market? The answer is – its simple user interface. WordPress has the most interactive user interface along with easy to use controls. You don’t require any specific technical skills to design your website and host it in no time. For refinement, you might require some back-end knowledge; however, that is not at all a necessity.

WordPress provides numerous free templates for you to use and hence create an eye-catching website. All you need to do is install WP and configure it according to your choices. This CMS is extremely flexible and offers you many interactive features to add to your website. And the best part is that it is totally FREE!! Yes-free! You can design the website all by yourself without paying any amount to the website developers.

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Similar to WordPress, Drupal is also an open source CMS available for designing your blog or website. Numerous popular websites such as the site of White House etc. have chosen this platform for their development. And there is probably no reason that this CMS cannot suit your needs. Unlike WordPress, in Drupal, you have ultimate control over the URL or the permalink of your site. This CMS is search engine friendly and ranks higher than other competitors such as Joomla.

A USP of this CMS is that it allows you to uniquely classify each content page as a blog, story, podcast, etc. You can create numerous categories in Drupal and let the software known how you want this category to be displayed.


Ranked amongst the top three, Joomla is considered a bit different CMS than WordPress and Drupal. With Joomla, you can handle a site with heavy article content with much ease. Although Joomla doesn’t have a much interactive interface or customizable functions, it provides features that are in the middle of these two. Blog users might be very much amazed at the features that Joomla offers with regards to article management.

Other features that you get in this CMS include image resizing, advertisement management, content scheduling, metadata customization, etc. And again, all these things are available at absolutely no cost.

4Expression Engine

Ranking fourth on the list, expression engine is a CMS, which is a combination of open source and paid versions. By the combination of open source and paid, we mean that to get its services you need to spend in a couple of bucks, but once you purchase it, you can customise it according to your needs and add your own plug-ins. This CMS is also very user-friendly and one can work both in the back end as well as in the front end.

Some features that it offers on administrative level include data export, extension manager, site membership, etc. On user level, you can manage user profiles, create member groups, etc.

5eZ publish

eZ Publish is again one of the popular CMS available and utilised. However, this supports a lot of functions but for working with this software, you need to have some basic technical knowledge. It is not meant for the people who cannot dig in to customise their source code. The USP of this CMS is that it offers numerous functionalities at a single click. Anything that you need to add to your blog or website, you can directly download it from the downloads section.

This is more of enterprise management software, however, is helpful and very easy to use for bloggers with a bit of technical knowledge.

Does having a CMS alone solve all your issues?

So do you think that having a CMS alone can solve you issue? Think again. Having a CMS might solve the majority of the issues for you, but there are some restrictions to this as well. For example, consider a case where you have WordPress as your CMS, which provides a user-friendly interface and easy controls. However, now you decide on to add log-in functionality to your blog, for this, you would require some back end programming knowledge, only after which this issue can be resolved.

Similarly using a CMS doesn’t guarantee that your website or blog will be successful, rather CMS will produce the most organised content, but it will be you who will be responsible for successful marketing and quality assurance of your content. If you only depend on CMS services for your blogs to be successful then my friend you will be left disappointed.


So, after going through all the CMS options available to you, you may conclude that WordPress is the best, which is not wrong. If you are a beginner in the field of Blogging, then, WordPress is undoubtedly the best for you. You can read more about this in my article Why WordPress?
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Blogging Tips

What is Blog Bounce Rate and How to Reduce it

Most of the people especially those in the field of internet marketing and website development might have come across the term ‘bounce rate’. But what exactly is bounce rate? Why is there so much hype with regards to this term? Let’s get to the task of decoding this word and knowing how exactly this affects the performance of your website. We keep implementing various strategies to drive maximum traffic to our website. We keep focusing on driving maximum visitors to our site but never think that if we cannot convert our visitors into readers then driving traffic is not even worth it.

With this statement what I exactly mean is that if our website reaches a level where it gets thousands of hits in a day but all the visitors leave the site just after visiting a single page then it is a negative factor which needs to be corrected as early as possible. This is a signal that the site is not a quality one. The user gets to your website from various sources, but he/she does not get engaged on your site, hence doesn’t open more pages and therefore leaves. Now let us move on to the concept of Bounce Rate.

If you are familiar with Google analytics tool, then you probably might know that these tools are very helpful in understanding the performance of your website. ‘Bounce Rate’ similarly is one of the standards or units of measurement used to tell the administrators how well is their site is performing. This metric tells you whether the people who are visiting your site are finding what they were looking for. This further provides an idea about whether the people find your website useful and if they are interested in exploring it further. It is a factor which determines what people are doing after they come to your blog? Whether they jump to a new website or just close your site? So basically, the Bounce Rate is the Success rate of a Blog.

This measurement is an integral part of many e-commerce sites as it helps the company know how well the customers are engaging with their website and how likely they are going to buy the products offered.

This was what the bounce rate is in general. Now let us dive in deep and see what bounce rate is and how does it work.

What exactly is a Bounce Rate?

A bounce rate in technical terms is the number of visitors who arrive at your site and then leave the site without exploring the website further. Such visit of a user on your website is known as a bounce.

To get the bounce rate of a particular website for a particular time, you need to divide the number of bounces by the total number of site visits during that time and multiply the result by 100. For instance, say your site gets 500 visits in a 24-hour period, of which 200 are bounces. Your site’s bounce rate is along these lines (200 ÷ 500 × 100) = 40%.

You can likewise get the bounce rate for every page visit. For instance, if 500 visitors enter your site on a particular page, and 200 of those visitors leave without exploring any other pages, then that page’s bounce rate is 40%.

How is Bounce Rate Important for Your Website?

Bounce means that a visitor came on to your website had a quick look at the page he visited, did not find the content he was looking for and hence left. This bounce rate plays a crucial role in determining the performance of your website among masses. To summarize:

  • A lower value of bounce rate shows that the site is drawing in the right sort of crowd and that visitors are being engaged by the content provided on your website.
  • A higher value of bounce rate tells that visitors aren’t finding what they’re searching for when they land on the site and are going back to find some other resource for the information they are seeking.

So if you are running a blog, a higher bounce rate is a concern for your blog. This tells you that people are not browsing through your website and leaves it just after visiting a single page. Again, if your aim is to get your visitor subscribe to your newsletters and create an account the higher bounce rate will tell that you’re drawing in the wrong sort of visitor to your site.

In any case, a high bounce rate isn’t a terrible thing. For instance, if your site, for the most part, has information, such as articles then your bounce rate is bound to be high. This is because visitor tends to scan for a particular subject, discover your article page, read it, and after that since they have what they need to leave your site (preferably by clicking a back button).

Again if you want your people to contact your through your sales line then again a higher level of bounce rate is acceptable provided people reach to your through the number provided.

But it is always beneficial to lower the bounce rate for your website and hence engage your visitors. For instance, you may need a visitor to subscribe to your newsletter or leave a remark on an article.

What is a “decent” bounce rate?

So what is an adequate measure of bounce rate? This question is a bit difficult to answer; a bounce rate fluctuates to a great extent from site to site and business to business.

Still if you want to get an estimate then for an e-commerce business which requires customers to engage a bounce rate of around 20-50% is acceptable. However, in case you are running a blog on a particular subject, then the bounce rate will be somewhat in the range of 60-70%.

8 Tips to Reduce Rour Blog Bounce Rate

8 Quick Tips to Reduce Your Blog Bounce Rate

Although you might have the idea of how to reduce or lower the bounce rate of your site, below are some quick tips that can help you further:

1Provide a clear navigation of your site

If a client can’t discover what they’re searching for, they’ll take off. So, make sure that your blog is easy enough to navigate and the readers find it extremely comfy in navigation on your complete site.

2Open External sites in a New Tab

Don’t commit the mistake of opening external links in the same tab. Obviously, to reduce the Bounce Rate it is important that a reader stays on your site. If you will send him to another one, then it becomes tough for him to come back to your site. While, it would be much easier for him to change the tab.

3Loading Time and Design

Perfect design with a lesser loading time is the best combo. Be careful about any third-party widgets or content — they weigh down the site and expand load time.

4Make sure that your content is easily readable and understandable

Be cautious about text dimension, contrast, etc., mainly because people today tend to search information on the little screens of cell phones. Therefore, if your articles are not easy to read and comprehend, then you are on the way to increase your Bounce Rate. read how to write a post

5Site Responsiveness

Invest in a responsive outline, which will adjust to any screen size and enhance the client experience.

6Using a Zero Bounce WordPress Plugin

This is a remarkable plugin which works fantastically to reduce the Bounce Rate of a blog. It operates in the following manner – When a visitor lands on your blog from various sources, whether it be social sites or search engines, and he clicks on the back button, (the primary reason for high bounce rates), you can redirect these visitors to any page of your choice. I highly recommend this plugin for your blog as after installing this plugin you may see some great results.

7Search Box and Relevant Links

Put a Search Box at the place on your Home Page, where it is clearly visible. The reader won’t be able to reach the information he wants without a Search Box. Also, post relevant articles. Irrelevant articles will not do anything except irritating your readers.

8Internal Linking

Internal Linking is a must for the reduction of the Bounce Rate. If you are using WordPress, you can use plugins like WordPress Insight plugin to find related posts while you’re writing your blog posts. You can also use SEO Smart Link Premium to auto- interlink posts with your desired keywords. This is the most important tip which will genuinely decrease the Bounce Rate of your blog. Not only this, but it will also increase the visitors’ average time for which they stay on your site, and they will read more of your pages.

So this was all from my side regarding Bounce Rate and the tips to improve it. Apply these tips and experience the difference!

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Make Money Online

How to make money from Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Affiliate program is one of the most lucrative options for the bloggers to turn their passion into something which generates revenue. Before we discuss how to make money using the Amazon Affiliate Program let’s learn what this program is all about.

What is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon Affiliate program is a venture run by Amazon that helps blogger and online marketing specialist earn extra income by promoting one or many products offered on Amazon website. The basic working of the program consists of three major steps:

  1. You direct your visitors to the Amazon website utilizing your affiliate link
  2. The visitors make a purchase from the website
  3. You get a commission for each purchase made

Any purchase that the customer makes on Amazon after visiting the website through your affiliate links earns you the credit. Even if the product they purchased is not the one that you referred you still get paid.

What Should I promote Using My Blog?

Although you can promote any product mentioned on the Amazon’s website, it is best to promote things that are related to the topic of your blog. For example, if your blog is related to fitness, then promoting a particular ‘Whey protein’ sold on Amazon will seem like a good option.

make money from Amazon Affiliate

So How Exactly Should I proceed?

For making revenue out of your blog you will need to follow 5 major steps:

1Start your Own Unique Blog

This is the first and the foremost step in earning money through this Amazon program. You need to have your own blog or website along with quality content. Focus on getting your site designed with the help of popular CMS such as Word Press etc. as they are free, and the only investment you would make is the time spent in designing the site.

Choose a topic that you personally like and writing about it won’t seem a burden to you. This way you would consistently provide quality content on your website and hence more traffic would be directed to your page. Also, make use of social media in promoting the blog you have started. To sum up, the first step requires you to establish a good website that drives in a lot of traffic.

2Get enrolled in Amazon Affiliate Program

Once you have set up a distinguishable image of your blog or website, the next step is to register for the affiliate program. Registering for this program is very easy and absolutely free. You can get the detailed step by step guide for registering for this program on the Amazon’s official website.

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3Start with the Blog Posts and Reviews

Now once you have registered your blog or website, this is the time when your actual work begins. Now you have to apply all your marketing and blogging skills to promote products related to your blog. Don’t be disappointed as the progress in the initial phase is generally slow. Start by reviewing right products and use right keywords in order to target the right audience.

Don’t think that you will achieve an overnight success or you will start earning from the first post that you write. It is your consistency and quality of content that will make your business flourish.

4Linking To Amazon

Now that you have your contents well written and blog well established, it’s time to link to the Amazon website. While writing a review or promoting a particular product you can visit the Amazon affiliate page and fetch the link of the product you are referring too. After fetching, this link includes a hyperlink in your blog which leads to this product.

You can even get banners of these products on the Amazon affiliate page once you have been accepted as the affiliate, which you can utilise on the sides of your web page.

5Increase Your Profits and Optimize Your Content

Once you have got your blog running successfully and have linked numerous products to your site, it is the time to optimise the content you have included so that you have a streamline flow of income. Some things that you can try doing include:

  • Updating new links regularly into the site as the links once clicked by the visitor expires after 24 hours for that particular visitor. Therefore, including new links gives you a chance to increase your earnings significantly,
  • Amazon has numerous products on its site, so try to incorporate as many links as you can with time to increase your earning significantly.
  • Amazon pays you on any purchase that is made using the referral link provided by you. Hence, share these links with your friends and family members and ask them to use it within 24 hours as the link expires after this time.
  • Adding widgets to your blog and site provided by the Amazon can help you suggest products to your visitors and hence again provide an easy way of increasing the income significantly.
  • Products with higher value tend to pay more, therefore try to include numerous products that are doing well in market and are available at a lower price on Amazon.
  • Try to release a list with the top-selling products or highly recommended products every month or every quarter. This will drive more traffic to your website and you will gain more trust of the people who will result in higher income.
  • Try to increase posts based on numerous occasions such as Christmas etc. This is the time when people tend to shop more and hence a list of recommended buys for Christmas will help them significantly. Try to cash in on such opportunities as Amazon does eventually.
  • At last try to include numerous SEO strategies and improve in aspects of Keyword density, short URL’s etc. More the people will read on your site, more clicks you will have on the links that you have provided.

Earning through Amazon is easy, provided that you are familiar with some basic SEO practices and possess basic marketing skills. And you can easily learn and develop these skills by reading various knowledgeable articles provided in this portal. You can learn anything and everything related to Blogging and Digital Marketing, which will eventually help you in generating revenue from your blog. Amazon Affiliate is just one of the numerous ways to earn from Affiliate Marketing; you can have a lot more in this vast ocean of Affiliate Marketing.

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Blogging Tips

Top 10 Off Page SEO Optimization Techniques – Complete Guide

To build up your rank on the Google Index you need to incorporate various On Page as well as Off Page Optimization techniques. On Page Optimization technique refers to the changes and modification that you do on your website only. Whereas, Off Page Optimization refers to the creation of links from the third-party website back to your page or blog. Off Page Optimization is a powerful tool that helps you develop and generate a massive amount of traffic for your web page, thereby resulting in a higher Google rank.

Top 10 Off Page SEO Optimization Techniques - Complete Guide. Use this technique to improve your website rank on google, Bing, Yahoo search.

Top 10 Off Page SEO Optimization Techniques Complete Guide

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Blogging Tips

Simple 200 Factors For Rank Higher in Google

There are a lot of factors on the basis of which Google decides the rankings of various websites. Earlier, the things were completely different. Earlier, the only technique to get your website a higher ranking was embedding more and more keywords in your articles. So, it was easy to disguise the search engines. But now, you have to follow so many factors to increase the ranking of your website. Google has been changing its algorithms just to make the search criteria better and better. Google updated his algorithms from Panda to Penguin to Humming Bird and their further versions too to make everything more efficient and intuitive.

You must have heard that there is a list of 200 factors in Google’s algorithm for deciding the rank of a website.

You are lucky enough that I’m presenting the complete list here today exclusively for my readers but as all of the factors are not important enough, I’ll give the details only of those factors which are the most important.

Here is the complete list. And the most important are marked bold.

Domain Factors

DOMAIN FACTORS – Start Your Blog with Great Domain

  • Domain Name Age: The Domain Name of the website must be at least 6 months old.
  • Domain name consists of keywords: If keywords appear in the domain name, it is definitely a plus, but even if they do not appear in the domain, it is not a minus at all.
  • Keyword as first word in Domain: Domain with first word as the keyword is definitely preferable.
  • Length of Domain Name: One of the Google Patent says that

“Valuable (legitimate) domains are often paid for several years in advance, while doorway (illegitimate) domains rarely are used for more than a year. Therefore, the date when a domain expires in the future can be used as a factor in predicting the legitimacy of a domain”

  • Keyword in Sub Domain: Keyword in subdomain sometimes boosts ranking. Again not very important thing to be done.
  • Domain History: A site with volatile ownership (via whois) or several drops may tell Google to “reset” the site’s history, negating links pointing to the domain.
  • Exact Match Domain: If the search query is as same as the domain, that is, matches with it completely, it gives you an extra edge.
  • WhoIs Information: WhoIs privacy protection service also plays a role. If you have a single site in your name, it is a plus. But, no need to pay a lot of attention on this.
  • Penalized WhoIs owner: If a person is detected as a spammer by Google, then all his other sited will be inspected.
  • Country TLD extension: If your Domain Name is a Country Code Top Level Domain then it helps your site to rank good for that country but restricts to rank globally.

By choosing the Domain name for blog – the question rises that how to select a right domain name for your blog

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Why to choose WordPress over Other CMS?

The name WordPress has now become largely popular in the field of website development and content management. However, numerous beginners still do not know why it is beneficial to utilise WordPress as a CMS rather than other options such as Drupal etc. Therefore below we have compiled few of the advantages that WordPress offers to its customers with regards to their website or blog development.

Why WordPress?

People think that WordPress is merely a blogging platform that was founded in the year 2003. They may be partially correct as WordPress was a blogging platform in the past. However, over the years WordPress has evolved as one of the most popular Content Management Software with the help of which you can create simple blogs as well as large scale websites.

The reason for its high demand is the flexibility and easy to use functions that it offers. In a recent survey, it was found that around 25% of the websites on web are developed with the help of WordPress. Not only a small organisation but large scale companies such as Facebook, Sony etc. are using this as well for creation of their web applications.

So let us see what features does WordPress offers to bloggers or developers over other CMS:

1It is Free

The prime reason for WordPress being so popular among people is it being an open source. You just need to download and install the software and you are good to go. You can utilise the software to design a sort of website, blog, newsfeed, podcast etc. and modify the features according to your needs.

This software is known to contain around 2600+ themes and 30,000+ plugins that are easy to download and utilise. To run this software, all you need is a web hosting and domain. This community software is maintained with the help of group of volunteers most of which are WordPress consultant. As this software is open source anyone can provide his/her input and modify the functionality of this software.

By using this software you become a part of ever growing WordPress community and can get your doubts and query resolved by the group of experienced individuals.

2This software is Easy to Learn

Every day numerous users are entering the WordPress community by making their WordPress powered websites. The reason for this rapid growth of consumers is due to its ease of learning and highly interactive user interface. There are numerous people to help you out in case you feel any issue and there are tutorials available on the WordPress site to help you easily install and work with this software.

3This software is very easily extendable

People who utilise WordPress are mostly designers not developers. Rather they are not even designers they are mere beginners trying their hands at this software. WordPress possesses a feature of easy extendibility due to the presence of numerous themes and plugins which allow you to give your website any appearance and functionality.

These themes available in the software can also be customised and they come with options to change color, design, and upload a logo and many other functions. You are able to perform majority of the customization very quickly without even writing a single line of code.

4Is Search Engine Friendly

The WordPress has been written in high quality code that is deemed as attractive by modern search engines. Any website or blog you develop using this software tends to acquire the WordPress architecture and hence is ranked higher.

Moreover, WordPress offers you a choice of optimizing your content produced using the SEO plug-in.

5Software is Easy to Manage

As mentioned before, WordPress is easily customizable and can be learned by almost anyone in a short span of time. The software has been loaded with inbuilt updater that tends to update the plug-ins and themes. These changes can be controlled easily with the help of admin panel provided. WordPress also automatically informs you in case there is an update available. It also provides data backup facility and you can set up automated backup to keep your data safe and secured.

6It is very much Safe and Secure

WordPress has been created keeping in mind the security and safety of a website. But, there are always chances of intrusions and hacking. WordPress recommends a ‘Sucuri’ tool to be included with the site developed so that there is a regular monitoring of threats and errors.

7Can Handle Multiple Types of Media

WordPress has not only been designed to manage written content. The software allows you to work with the audio, video and images as well. It is very easy to include audio and video in your posts, by simply providing it with the URL.

It also provides the facility to include videos and images in comments posted by the users.

8It secures your websites future as well

WordPress has been developed to meet the ever changing demands of its customers. So, in case, in future you want to grow your simple blog into a revenue growing venture, WordPress will help you make this change with ease. Also, it has been seen that people tend to modify or re develop their blogs or sites in 2-3 years and hence WordPress will serve as the optimal solution for this change. Using WordPress will not only secure the website for now but ensure it for future as well.

9Easy integration with numerous platforms

WordPress offers easy integration with most large platforms and applications and hence allows your blog or site to become a part of large scale business or enterprise.

10Minimizes cost to the most extent

As most of the work and functionalities have already been included, therefore, there is no need of developers or technical specialists. The users save both money and time.

There is large number of CMS available in the market with numerous different features. However, no other CMS tends to provide a greater UI than WordPress. In case you are a passionate blogger or small business owners than WordPress is the best solution for producing content driven and dynamic websites.

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Top 10 Free Online Screen Recording Software

Screen Recording is one of the best ways to consume time and to carry forward your process done on your system by recording it. The recording is the beneficial tool which can be used further any time by everyone; it helps us to know that what has been done before. So there are some of the most advanced software’s and applications which are very useful to you for screen recording available online for free.


Screencast-O-Matic is one of the most popular screen recording software of the time, which is used to create video demonstrations. It runs on Java but still it has become a mixture though it can also be run offline after installing it. It comes in both free and PRO version in which free version allows 15 minutes of recording, set in with a watermark to the video. The recordings will be able to publish on both YouTube or Screencast-O-Matic and the file will be saved as MP4, AVI, FLV or animated GIF format. It also facilitates us to capture sound, webcam or we can specify the region that we want to record. Video editing options and some more features are enabled in the PRO Version, which costs $15 per year.


Screenr is an online application for screen recording which runs on Java. It mainly targets business users for its PRO version on a starting plan of $19 per month. Free usage is limited with its features. You need to sign up if you are new to Screenr, and its free account allows maximum 5 minutes of recording. You must need to sign in with whichever Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn or Windows Live ID to form your Screenr username. Whereas the setup of its free account is cut down with this method, not every user is ready to attach their account with Screenr. Also, you can only download the video in MP4 format or publish it to Youtube.


Screencastle is also an online application that runs on Java like others. You can make unlimited recordings here but cannot add watermark to them. You can record your microphone and state its region to record. Upload the video anywhere you want to share. ScreenCastle is not loaded with many features, but still it is very easy to operate amongst any other screen recording software.


Jing is like a short version of Camtasia. If we compare them, Camtasia is one of the most popular and useful software for screen recording formed by Techsmith. You cannot edit videos at Jing and recording limit is 5 minutes. For screenshot, it offers some basic image editing tools like add arrow, text, frame, and highlight. You can save the snapshot or video recording anywhere, or you can upload them to Jing also offers its Pro version that ends your 5 minutes of recording limit, but it makes this discontinue and recommends you go for Snagit. It needs to create an account so that you can share it across the web.


HyperCam is launched by the creators of the best screenshot tool, HyperSnap. Its latest edition HyperCam 3 is presently sold and maintained by some different group but its previous version 2 is available for free. HyperCam 2 enables you to record both video and sound including closed or translucent windows. Its unique feature which makes it different from others is the ability to move the recorded region. All recordings done in HyperCam are saved in AVI format, and no tools are available for editing videos. It receives reminder during installation because it prompts to install adware.


CamStudio is one of the most popular and used desktop screen recording software, but its development brings to a standstill because of no update in the software since last 2 years. It offers you some unique features like recording sound from speakers, auto panning where the recorded area by design follows the mouse cursor, using a custom mouse cursor and saving the recording to SWF by converting from AVI.

Make an important note that Visual C++ 2008 runtime components need to be installed, or you’ll get errors while running on this application CamStudio


SCREEN2EXE is only one of its kind and unique screen recording software amongst all. It enables you to create an output file from a completed file which simply means you can play any video directly without relying it on any media player or codecs on your system. One more exclusive feature of SCERRN2EXE is it can resize the file by removing identical frames. It also provides us some other editing tools like adding annotation, mosaic, cut-clip, image, zoom/focus and audio-redub.


Bandicam in point of fact is a shareware which allows you 10 minutes of free recording with watermark too. So it is a fine alternative than Fraps in comparison. The recordings done by Bandicam are saved in AVI format only. We included Bandicam in this list because of its unique feature that it is capable of capturing video game screen through OpenGL or DirectX hooking. Also, it can run on any computer either it has a slow processor because Bandicam consumes very less CPU usage.


Webinaria is a simple and easy to use desktop screen recorder which enables you to record your computer screen, sound, camera but that is without watermark or recording limit. The files recorded in webinaria can either be saved as AVI or FLV, or you can publish it to webinaria’s website. It also has a simple video editor which helps us to add text to the video or recording.


The last software of this list is ActivePresenter, but it does not mean that it is the worst amongst them, if we compare them all ActivePresenter is the most powerful software by its features without watermark or time limit. It has 3 versions and the free version of ActivePresenter loaded with as many features that it can easily beat the other 9. Rather than creating no time limit and recordings without watermark it can also capture screenshots. Video files can be saved as AVI, MP4, WMV and WebM. It also enables you to edit videos as you can insert marginal note i.e. shape, highlight, spotlight, text, closed caption (subtitle) and feedback. Textboxes, mouse clicks, keystrokes and mouse hover, can also be created by using ActivePresenter.


These are some of the best available options for screen recording available online for free. The applications and software we explained you, will not only help you in screen recording but will also avail you of so many different features like sound recording, screenshots, video editing and watermarks on video, etc.

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What is SMO? and 8 Benefits of Social Media Optimization

‘Social Media’ at present is what excites everyone the most across the globe. It is indeed one of the biggest creations of the 21st century. One small news even in the farthest corner of the world reaches every single individual with the help of social media. Different news across the face of the earth or even in the outer space is now accessible with the help of social media.

In the last decade we have seen Web evolving from just a limited information sources to a global phenomenon which gives every individual access to more information, more resources and social connections than we have ever seen in the history of Internet. What we are actually talking about is the importance of Social Media Optimization (SMO) and how exactly it has become important part of our life.

What is SMO?

Don’t miss What is SEO?

Social Media Optimization actually refers to creation of such contents on the Internet that can be shared through different kinds of social networks.  It is also referred to as the next wave of online marketing. Social Media Optimization incorporates social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as well as RSS feeds and all kinds of blogging and video sites for example YouTube. If used in a correct way, social media can be the greatest asset for improving the site’s search results.

It connects us with different people and one can extend the reach of his business and can also amplify the opportunities.  As a business at this time in the world, one can’t exist without addressing the critical issues of online visibility and customer interaction. This is what SMO actually does. SMO is very similar to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in a way, as the the main target of both the processes actually remains to generate relevant traffic and increase the visibility of a website in the main search engines mainly like Yahoo, Google, Bing etc. So, both SEO and SMO helps you to promote any given website and its contents by sharing them across different popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and even the media sites, but SMO is more popular right now as it gets faster results for the website as compared to SEO which is comparatively a slow process.

Though Social media optimization can also be very difficult because many times it proves to  be very difficult to come up with contents that can be consistently shared. But It is gaining a lot of noticeable importance because social sharing is being integrated in search results. It has now become one of the most effective strategies for promoting and improving online business and marketing.

SMO basically involve two steps:

1. The creation of shareable content

2. Addition of social sharing tools to make it easy for the users to share.

8 Benefits of Social Media optimization

8 Benefits of Social Media optimization

8 Benefits of Social Media Optimization:

1Firstly, with the help of SMO one can establish a brand and raise awareness about things people haven’t heard of or known much of.

2SMO reaches out to a wide range of audiences and also helps in driving more traffic on the internet.

3It allows others to make use of your content. YouTube is a very good example of this. YouTube allows you to download videos to the websites in order to enhance your content. The positive result is that it will drive increased traffic to the website.

4Bookmarking and tagging can also be used more easily by using content features such as “add to Facebook” and other bookmarking sites.

5SMO also helps in bringing attention to various ranges of products and also helps one to  compare between different qualities of products. Speaking to the customers on the sites will comfort the customers and leads to a better relationship with the customers. It also improves the chances of customer recommendations.

6For an individual SMO helps in building a reputation because it allows one to get his name out to the world. It also helps one to look for a job or even display his resume. One can also showcase one’s talent out to the world or even connect with professionals across the globe to get advice.

7It also helps an individual to create business contacts and share information with anyone he would like to.

8SMO also helps in connecting with long-lost school friends, classmates, old colleagues or even out of town and out of country family relatives.

It may now be easy for you to understand from above points that SMO is simply a nowadays technique and it helps to promote any given website and its contents by sharing them across different popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and even the media sites.

What is the general procedure or method to implement SMO to your website?

  • First Rule is to keep your site updated which means avoid keeping your website static for too long.
  • The second rule is that content’s linkability should be higher to get maximum benefits.
  • Another good step would be to create a blog which will boost your incoming audience. 
  • Submit your contents like videos, audios or PDFs to relevant sites.
  • Don’t encourage irrelevant submissions, remember submitting to a relevant site only will work wonders for you.It will make your content more visible which in turn will bring you more audience or organic traffic.
  • Allow others to share and bookmark your content, it will definitely help you grow and will increase your visibility.
  • Add quick buttons to make tagging simple and fun but again the golden rule is to use relevant tags.
  • Another important quality needed for successful SMO campaign , is to be focused. Focus on a particular website( eg. Reddit) and target your audience

Success of Social Media Campaign varies from one individual to another, depending upon the business goals of each person. Sometimes it is a part of direct response or sometimes the objective may be simply of Branding your business or Brand engagements. So different parameters are for measuring your SMO campaigns success. Social Media Optimization is the easiest and the fastest method to encourage more traffic to your website. So start with it and take your website to another level of earning…!!

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What is SEO? Pros and Cons of SEO – BlogDuniya

Today SEO  (Search Engine Optimization) has become one of the most important tools for bloggers, webmasters and other web professionals to position their site on the top on Google. Though SEO is not a one time job, it is a continuous process. SEO is all about optimizing a website for search engines. As all of us know that nowadays almost everything under the sun is available online and there are many people who search  for things online. So you may be interested in knowing how to actually get maximum and relevant traffic or leads which will ultimately make your business profitable and will generate revenue for you. Without getting into the exact technical process regarding SEO, let me tell you some pro’s and con’s of SEO

Pro’s of using SEO


You get qualified organic traffic: Generally, the results of search engines depend on the existing demand. This means, users that get into your site from a web search engine like Google, are expecting to find a site that satisfies their expectations, which means, whatever the information they are looking for, if they find it there, the most probable is that they will become your new customer, subscriber of whatever you are looking to engage.


First page:  Once your site is positioned, the site will appear at the first page (although this is not completely warranted). 7 Best Ways To Increase Your Traffic On Blog


Independency: The price of a positioning campaign in SEO is higher than the price of a campaign in SEM –ok we agree- but once your site is positioned you will only have to pay for maintenance maybe every two months (each case is different of course).


Your investment is fixed: The investment is stable; it won’t depend on how many number of visitors your site has.


Dynamic process: The searching bots (yes, the search engines) are constantly looking for new content or changes in your site. This means you have the chance to improve your strategy in a completely dynamic way according to the results you are getting.


It is more trustworthy than SEM. 


It improves the Quality Score


Its totally “free”, I mean, you don’t have to pay for clicks, your only investment is paying for people who frequently analyze the websites and making sure that it is at the first position


Inbound links give reputation: A strong strategy is creating attractive original content for other people so that they will link to your site. This way your site gets ranked and influenced.


You will become omnipresent: a good seo can easily make you appear immediately to your target customers.


Higher conversion rate: statistics shows that the SEO conversion rate can reach a maximum of 14.6. This conversion is higher than the conversion that you get from an email or graphic marketing.


The maximum time you work with SEO, the best results you will get.


SEO is definitively cheaper than PPC (pay per click).

Of course, if we dig deeper we will find some other fantastic qualities, but unfortunately, not everything here is milk and oats. Most of the people who initially start to work with SEO, though there are many other factors but most of them get disappointed soon because of lack of patience.

What is SEO and why it is important

Here you have some of the Cons of SEO:


Waiting for results: Definitely, this is not a method for anxious people or business persons who want instant or urgent Internet fame, it is a long-term process. You can see the results in few weeks (we agree) but all will depend on many facts like competitors, keywords (Keyword Researching) etc. Normally SEO positioning takes between 4 and 6 months of daily work, but as I always say, all depends upon the scenery, everything is variable, so positioning can also take between 6 months or a year.


Hard to control: Reached positions at the search engines depend on constantly changing unknown algorithms and the movements of your competitor, so positioning require specialized knowledge, constant monitoring and fast answers. Because of all this, it is impossible to guarantee the position or volume or clicks that you may receive.


Constant inversion: I am sure you don’t want to give an advantage to your competitor. The hard job is not to get on the top, rather it is to stay there. If you want to keep your site positioned on the top, you will require a constant investment, learning, content generation etc. etc.


There is more than Google: You can´t think only in search engines, the big alternative for search engines are the social networks where people opinions and recommendations are as important as the first page results on Google.


You cannot measure everything: You can measure almost everything, but not everything. Google filters a part of the traffic generated from the sites. It doesn’t show 100% of what is happening with users.


Generating unique content in a continuous way sometimes involves a lot of hard work. Read More How To Write a Blog Post


Penalties: Google is constantly uploading actualizations containing penalties against wrong SEO practices like hiding text, creating different links with the same content, creating “link farms”, tricky re-directions or spam comments on blogs. So you need to be updated with SEO practices constantly.

You must know that SEO is one of the most effective and profitable marketing strategies. By using SEO you can get a very high rate of ROI (Return Over Investment). The main advantage is based in the possibility of attracting qualified public or organic traffic in an affordable way. However, like all strategies, it too has its disadvantages, but it shouldn’t deter you from using SEO as an effective tool for placing your website on the first page of search engines.

Follow the following advice to obtain better results with SEO:

  •  Quality content should be regularly uploaded
  • Duplicated content should be strictly avoided
  • Improve the loading time of your site
  • Use only friendly websites
  • Keep the site optimized
  • Publish periodically
  • Improve images.
  • Improve design

And keep “white hat”, if you don’t want to be penalized and don’t want to disappear suddenly from the search engines. Remember Google is smarter than you are. If you’ll try to be smarter then all the hard work you did in the last few months will be sent to trash and everything will go in vain. All the Best..!!

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