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Blogging Tips

Optimal Keyword Density

Keyword density is defined as the percentage of keywords present in a particular article. You must have noticed that keyword density also plays an important role in SEO. It is one of the SEO ranking factors. Whenever we optimize a post, its keyword density is mentioned as great or low. A good keyword is obviously better for optimization. But good keyword density not at all means that to increase it you’ll start with keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is an unethical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique, which leads to the permanent ban of websites from different search engines. Keyword stuffing occurs when a post is loaded with a lot of keywords at places where they are not even necessary. We can say that unnecessary filling of the content with more than required keywords is called as keyword stuffing. Or unnecessary repetition of words in an article is keyword stuffing which further leads to the ban of the website containing that keyword stuffed post. You can read more about Keyword Stuffing on WIKI

Formula = (No. of keywords in the article / total no. of words in the article ) * 100 

How to check the keyword density of your article?

You can check the percentage of the keyword density of your article here. Here you’ll get a free density checker tool which will give the percentage of the keyword density of your article as the result.

Now coming on to the main topic that is Optimal Keyword Density for SEO. Actually, there is no ideal percentage of keywords in an article. There is no short cut to get your link on the top of Google search results. Simple SEO, qualifying all norms, fulfilling all factors, these are some of the basic methods which are behind the success of most of the blogs. It is a myth that if a blogger will use a keyword many times then he will rank higher in Google search results. Though there is no exact percentage of good keyword density but still an optimum percentage is 1% to 3%. If it is more than 3% then you must go through your article once again. Write naturally. If your article looks artificial, it is a sign of risk for you.

I’ll tell you about some places where you can use your keywords for better optimization.


  • Use Keyword in Permalink
  • In H1 Tag
  • In H2 Tag
  • In Meta Title Tag
  • In the start and end of the article
  • Make your keyword Bold and Italic
  • Add keyword in images for image optimization


I just want my readers to focus on some major points so that the posts of their websites don’t get spammed by search engine, rather get optimized in a better way.

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Blogging Tips

How To Write A Blog?

How to write a blog?

You may have found it a bit difficult to write articles on regular basis for your website. You may have many thoughts, or rather many amazing thoughts I should say, but when it comes to jot down the same, we are not able to do so, the way we actually think. We are not able to write in that excellence, the way it is in our mind. Here are some ways which will tell you about how to write a blog or I should say short, efficient and unique articles which will define your blog in the best possible way.

Ways to write quality articles for your blog –

1Create a Date sheet:

The very first task you need to accomplish is to create a calendar which contains the topics that on which date you’ll write an article on what topic.

2Search for a good domain:

The second step to be followed to answer the question – “How to write a blog” is finding a domain on which you want to start writing. Obviously, you must have a topic to write upon. It would be extremely easy and would be a fun for you if the domain or the topic is of your field of interest. So, search your mind and heart and go for the field which makes you happy. Instead of searching for How to write a blog, first get an answer to why to write it and what topic you must choose.

3Divide your content in categories:

Before start writing you will have to categorize your content so that it becomes easy for you to write an impressive article for your users. Dividing will make your writing more creative and artistic.

4Read, Think and Jot:

Having a good knowledge is also an important factor which will make your blog presentable and enjoyable. So, first read as much as you can about the topic on which you’re writing, then think, create a brainstorm and pen them down.

5Create Links:

Linking your article to other relevant contents is also a major and an important part of writing an SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) friendly post. So create a few links which will redirect your visitor to other relevant articles, may it be on your own website or on some another website.

Start with these basic tips, then I’ll get back to you with some advanced methods.

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Blogging Tips

Mobile Version of Website

Mobile Version of Website

Mobile Version of website is getting equally important as Desktop Version. Most people are unaware of the fact that now mobile friendly website is getting more priority than normal other websites. Google has announced that from April 2015, mobile affability is an official ranking factor for search engines. This news is of no surprise because the usage of mobile phones is getting viral. You’ll not see a mobile phone but a smart phone in almost everyone’s hand. The reason is obviously the affordable prices in which different companies are launching smart phones. The purchase of mobile phones has become so easy and inexpensive that unlike past days it is extremely easy to buy a smart phone in nominal prices. Everybody is using internet in their mobile phones and this might be why this announcement of compulsion of mobile version of website has been made. A survey conducted all over the world proves that the use of internet in smart phones is 70% greater than that in desktops or laptops. More than 70% people access internet in phones as compared to those surfing on desktops.

Google has announced (you can visit the official announcement here) that Mobile amiable sites will get higher ranking now as compared to other websites. If you don’t have the mobile version of website, you will have to make it now. You are lucky if your website is made in WordPress because if it is so you can easily introduce your mobile version using Plugins like WP Touch Plugin or Jet Pack Plugin.

To install any of the two just click on Plugins -> Add new

Search the particular plugin with its name, and click on install. Once your Plugin has been installed, the mobile version of website will be installed and you can make the changes in the appearance of your mobile site further.

You can read more about Best WordPress Plugins here.

Now the question arises- How would you come to know that whether your site is mobile friendly or not? I’ve a simple and an easy solution for you. Just visit Google’s Official Tool, it will give the answer to the above question for your website.

How to Index the Mobile Version of Website?

The indexing of Mobile version of website is obviously also very important. If your Mobile App will not be indexed then it will be very difficult to bring users from mobile phones. Mobile App is the need of the hour today. If you’re unsuccessful in bringing visitors through mobiles, then note it, you’re just getting half of what your website actually deserves. Now along with getting mobile site ranking, Google also has broadcasted about the app indexing and showing users the content from the mobile app. In this, only signed-in users will see results from the apps they have installed on their device.


Being a blogger you must make sure that app indexing is implemented in your mobile app. If you want to see how to implement app indexing you can visit this link.

Now conclusively, you have to note down three major things-

1You have to make a mobile affable website as from now onward Google will consider this factor to rank various websites. That is, mobile friendly websites will be preferred over non friendly website. Hence, Mobile version of your website is a necessity.

2You have to focus on app indexing as this will play a major role in getting a large number of visitors and this will also definitely increase your monetization from your blog.

3Create Android app for your website as your website will be completely different now for the people having your mobile app installed in theirs device.

Follow these steps, and start making even bigger money….

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Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online?

How to Make MoneyThere might be some people who say that- Money is not everything. While according to the rest- Money is everything. When I thought about both these statements, I concluded and made a new statement. So, according to me- Money is not everything but we need money for everything. Agree?  as money plays a vital role in everyone’s life, people curiously want to know – How to make money?

Many times people search of various ways through which they can earn money online. so they search queries like How to make money? , ways to money etc. There are abundant opportunities by which one can make a handsome amount of income on internet. Whether he is a school going kid or a college going student or a home maker or an old age person, internet provides ample opportunities to make money for people of every age group.

But before you search for how to make money, you must have an eye which can differentiate between original money making opportunities and scams. I am not saying that all of the advertisements are scams but yes most of them are. When you’ll search for how to make money you’ll come across many advertisements like fill forms, click on ads etc and generate a good income. You can make money even by selling your stuff online. So there are a lot of options, all you need to do is whenever you start making money online on any website, read about it first; read about its reviews and feedback about payment. Be cautious, I’m not scaring you but I don’t want any wrong to get happened with you. Else, you might work for hours and get nothing and get trapped into a scam.

Now let us read about some of the ways by which you can make money online by sitting at home.

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Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing – Everything You Need To Know

You must have heard about bloggers earning from Affiliate marketing. Advertisement networks like Google AdSense and other smaller networks like Infolinks, BuySellAds are quite common and people are aware about monetizing through AdSense but Affiliate Marketing is quite new and I must tell you it is also a good source of income which can be used to generate money online.

First of all let me introduce you to What is Affiliate Marketing. Basically, Affiliate Marketing is a technique using which you can monetize online by promoting the products of a company or a person. It is just like if you refer anything to a person and you get a commission in between, similarly, in Affiliate Marketing you promote the Product of a company on your site, and you get the incentives for the same.

Hence, Affiliate Marketing involves three parties:



is the person or the company who advertises his products on your website for marketing and sales. For example, you’ve started Affiliate Marketing with Amazon or Flipkart or Snapdeal etc. then these are the advertisement companies or the advertisers.



are obviously those who publish the products of that particular company or advertiser to earn commission. In this case, where you are the owner of a website and want to start monetizing through Affiliate Marketing, you are the publisher. Advertisers provide the publishers with creative and catchy advertisements in the form of flashy banners or text links. The ads are so attractive that they compel visitors to click on it.



are the constituent that finally completes the triangle of Affiliate Marketing is the consumer or the customer. The customer is the complement who buys the product from the publisher. When the visitor clicks on the ad, he gets re directed to the website of the advertiser. Then, after he purchases the product, the publisher gets the commission.

Affiliate Marketing - Everything You Need To Know

This is the complete cycle of what Affiliate Marketing is and how it works.

In this complete cycle there is no loss of any of the three plus all of them become happy because-

  • Advertiser is happy because he has a new sale and that too from a customer he could not be able to range to.
  • Publisher is happy because he gets a chance to monetize.
  • Customer is also happy because he gets a new product which he might have been wanting from a long time.

The best part about this business that is about Affiliate Marketing is that you don’t have to take any headache of creating a product. Neither you need to spend any time, nor need you spend any money on generating a product. You’ll get a completely designed product; you just have to sell it on your foot falling website.

Don’t Miss: How to earn money from Google Adsense

Lastly, I would just like to share two important guidelines before you start with Affiliate Marketing. These guidelines are not the necessities to start Affiliate Marketing but these advice will definitely help you growing in this field.

1Don’t directly tell a person to buy a product. Rather, let visitors come to your website through search engines and genuinely buy a product from there.

2If you’re not confident with the product, don’t publicize it. Rather go for something else. This will help you in long terms. Sell only those products, which you’ve experienced and you are satisfied with them.

Now you’ve one more technique to earn money through your website along with advertising networks. So, go for it, the ball is in your court.

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Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimization Tips

Is just developing a website more than enough? The answer is NO. Search Engine Optimization is a must after developing a website.

If we think properly, we’ll realise that we never develop a website just to post articles on it; rather we create a website to promote it in the best possible way and to make it a brand. We basically want to create our name and earn through various advertisement sources. So obviously, before applying for any advertising network, it is a must to have a good number of visitors visiting our website regularly, ie, we must have a decent traffic on our website. And to bring traffic on our website we have to do Search Engine Optimization.

So let’s see how we can get a huge number of visitors on our website. As the maximum visitors come from Search Engine, we need to optimize our website so that it is displayed among the top links for various keywords. The technique which is used to bring our website from the last pages of Google to the first page of Google is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search Engine Optimization is a necessity to generate traffic on our website.

So, here are some tips to help your website get noticed.

Search Engine Optimization Tips

1Research and Analysis:

For On Page Optimization, research of keywords is a necessity. Many a times, while writing a post, you already include some keywords unknowingly. But you need to find other related and relevant tools too, by using various tools and techniques to make your blog a big hit. The best tool to find perfect keywords for your article is Google Adwords Keyword Tool and Semrush. You can even spy on various other websites of the same field as yours, to see on what words they are aiming to bring traffic on their blog.

2Utilize those keywords sharply and frequently:

Once you’ve searched for a couple of relevant and most searched keywords, you need to utilize them in the best possible way throughout your article. Use them frequently, for example, if you have written an article of 20 lines then you should use that keyword approximately 7-10 times. Also, the place where you’ll use them also matters a lot when we are talking about Search Engine Optimization. Place them where they’ll give the maximum impact on the crawlers which are used by Google to index your content. Try to use your keywords in the following places-

  • Title
  • Title Tags and Meta Descriptions
  • Headings and Subheadings
  • Anchor Text
  • Introductory Sentences
  • Concluding Paragraph

Be cautious. Don’t try to be smarter than Google by filling your content with n number of keywords, even at the places where it is not required at all. It will not only annoy your followers, as it becomes difficult to read, but you will also be penalized by Google, and you’ll be banned from Google Adsense for several months.

3Optimize your images:

While optimizing your site, you not only optimize your articles but it is equally important to optimize your images. Search Engine Optimization plays a vital role for both text and images. Whenever you upload a picture, don’t forget to include keywords in the title, alternative text and the description.

4Inbound and Outbound Links:

While writing keep all your past articles in mind, which you’ve uploaded in near past, and give the links wherever you find relevance. If you find that any of your articles relates with your current post, add its link then and there. It will create more of inbound links which is also a plus as Search Engine Optimization. Also, if you want to mention an article of some other website, give its link, so that it becomes easy for your visitors to surf.


5Give Subscription:

Provide your readers with the opportunity to subscribe your blog. You must give an option to your followers to subscribe to your articles via emails. This will give an instant notification to your users regarding your recent posts even if they don’t come to your website regularly.

6Promote through social media:

You must also promote your website through various social media. You can easily do this by creating a fan page of your blog on Facebook and promoting it immensely.

By the above mentioned simple and easy to follow tips on Search Engine Optimization, you can increase your rankings in Search Engines and can get higher traffic.

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