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Person behind Blog Duniya

About Divya Gandotra

Divya Gandotra is the creator of BlogDuniya. Divya Gandotra holds an Engineering Degree with specifications – Computer Science and is now pursuing MBA in Marketing and Information & Technology. Divya Gandotra has always been a sincere student. Starting from the school she has always been performing well in her Academics as well as Extra Curricular. Divya Gandotra has won so many awards in any field you talk about. Divya Gandotra was the English Gold Medallist of her college and has won many Competitions like State Level Painting Competition, College level Seminar Presentation, College Level Creative Writing and Essay Writing, Dance Competitions, MIME and SKIT and so on. Divya Gandotra has participated in every event and has made herself stand out of the crowd.

Divya Gandotra has also worked in referral marketing along with her college and has learned about Blogging and Optimization from the same. The day she realised her talent of writing, she decided to share her knowledge with the world and created BlogDuniya.

Here, Divya Gandotra shares everything related to – How to create a Blog? How to make it popular? How to start monetizing through your blog?

Writing is her passion and she will continue to share her knowledge, experiences and views with her lovely readers.


BlogDuniya is a perfect destination where you can learn How to create a blog and then to turn it in an infinite money generating well.

BlogDuniya covers all the answers to all the questions related to blogging. If writing is your passion and you are extremely sincere about creating your own blog and earning through it then BlogDuniya is the best destination. It also covers Entrepreneurship articles for people who want to be self-employed instead of being a jobber.

Readers will get satisfactory answers to questions like:

  • How to create a blog?
  • How to make it popular?
  • How to increase traffic?
  • How to monetize online?

It is an emerging blog which is going to make home in hearts of many people all over the world very soon.

Thank you all!!!!

  • Divya Gandotra
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Blogging Tips

Coming soon page

Adding A Coming Soon Page

You have a great idea and a full proof strategy and you want to implement it then the gravity of your idea is equally important. It is extremely necessary to generate curiosity among your readers that you are launching something extraordinarily great for them. When you think of bringing your idea online, first of all you’ll purchase a domain name and a web hosting for your site. Then you’ll install any of the web builders but obviously the development of your website will take some time. Till then if you’ll show them your development, they will lose interest in your idea. And while you’re working you’d rather not have the world faltering across a half-finished idea and terminating it before you even get things off the ground. This is the situation where you require putting your website Under Construction Mode or display a Coming Soon Page.

You need a Coming Soon Page or Under Maintenance Mode when either you’re launching your website or you want to edit it. So let us now see how to put your website under Maintenance Mode in WordPress.

Here are some Plugins and tools. You can use anyone of them to accomplish your task.

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You’ll be shocked to know that there exist more than 700 plugins in WordPress only of this Maintenance / Coming Soon Mode. I’ll discuss a few of them which are easy to use and are better than others.

First of all introducing you with the list of TOP 20 Coming Soon Plugins which can be used to display a Coming Soon Page on your website.

  • Azul Coming soon Page
  • Under Construction and Maintenance Mode by Seedprod
  • Easy coming Soon Plugin
  • Alissa
  • BootStrap Coming Soon Page
  • Ultimate coming Soon plugin
  • Sunshine Launch Coming soon Plugin
  • Minimal Maintenance Mode page
  • Coming Soon CC
  • Site Offline Plugin

You can use any of the above mentioned plugins to display a Coming Soon or Under Maintenance Page on your website. Among all these Plugins Azul Coming Soon Plugin and Under Construction Plugin by SeedProd are best to use. You can also go with Easy Coming Soon Plugin.

Installing a Coming Soon Page is extremely easy. You just need to install and activate the Coming Soon Plugin of your choice.

To Download the Plugin follow the following steps:

1 Open your Dashboard

2 Select Plugins –> Add New

3 Enter the name of the Plugin you want to you use in the Search Box

4 Click on Install Now and then Activate Plugin

5 Your Plugin will get activated

The best part about this Plugin is that your viewers will see this page, but once you’ll login with your WP account on your PC, you’ll be shown the changes you’re making on your site.

Do this today itself if you want to create a hype of your site and want to make people realize that yes you are working on something really big. All the Best!!

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Online Marketing

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization

Make promotions of your website on the world’s favorite online destination that is Social Networking Sites.

Basically, there are three kinds of visitors on your websites- Organic, Direct and Referral.

Organic visitors are those which come from various search engines like Google, Bing etc. These are the most genuine visitors that visit on your website as these are those which enter a search query on the search engines and your link is one of the top links among the list displayed on the search engine pages.

Direct Visitors are those which enter the name of your website in the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of their PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone. Like, for example you asked your friend to open your website, or you gave your card to someone etc.

Referral Visitors are those which visit your websites because of referrals. E-mail marketing, Social Media Optimization etc are included under this category. And this is the topic we’ll talk about under this article.

Social Media is a platform from where you can drive a large traffic on your website. These may be Facebook posts or Tweets or any other post on any other social media sharing websites. You must have seen a lot of times, people sharing different links on Facebook; this is nothing but a way to promote a website on Facebook. The titles and content are so interesting that youth is not able to stop itself from opening and reading the same, these articles are further shared by others and the website gets promoted. This is what we call Social Media Optimization.

Facebook contains more than 1000 million active users, and hence anything on it takes a fraction of seconds to become viral.

Create A page: The very first step to start Social Media Optimization is promoting it on Facebook by making a Fan Page on Facebook. One can easily create a Facebook fan Page and that page is connected to the owner’s personal account. This means that you’ll have a single Login to access both of his accounts. Once a person has logged in, he can switch to either of the two accounts, that is, either his own personal account, or the account of his website Fan Page. It is extremely simple to create a FB Fan Page.

Click here to create a FB Fan Page.

After creating it, promote it on your Blog. Also update it regularly.

1Share Links and Multimedia:

The second thing which can be done for Social Media Optimization is share links and images etc on Facebook. Sometimes your website may not be able to fit some videos. Facebook is the place where your videos will get more value. People will make it viral if it is enjoyable and will like and comment on that too. Similarly, post enjoyable links which are fun to read and share. This is also a part of Social Media Optimization.

2E-Mail marketing:

Bulk e-mail marketing is also a way to promote your website. Write some good content and mail it to a large number of people with the link of your website. Make them curious to open the link.

3Other Social Media:

Other option like sending the link on WhatsApp is also a trending way to promote your website these days. People are frequently using this way of Social Media optimization to promote their website socially.

So these are some basic ways which can be used to promote your website on Social Media. It will definitely help you to increase traffic on your blog and hence you can make more money.

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Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online Using Google Adsense

How to Make Money Online Using Google Adsense

The world has changed tremendously because of great evolvement in technology. People no longer need to be employed to earn and support their needs since internet has provided better and dependable financial opportunities which can be earned at the comfort of their home and time.

One of the most popular and powerful tools used by website publishers in establishing their Adsense empire is “Google Adsense”. This tool enables users to effortlessly monetize from their websites and once used properly, they can generate healthy and large income too. This is an “advertising revenue sharing” program which allows website owners to post ads on their site to earn money out of successful promotions.

1Understanding Google Adsense Revenue Source

Google is a “search engine” that allows people to search anything for free. If this is how Google works, then how does it generate money and why it became so immense? Good question, everybody wonder on how it became so rich, though its services come for free. Actually, aside from the free of cost search service, this holds an advertising product called Ad Words.

Google clients pay the site for advertising their services or business in Google search results under priority list. This is the process of promoting Ad Words clients in “search result” or in Gmail, Google Maps, Google Group, Blog Spot, Google Blog Blogger and a lot more. This is not just adoptable to Google but also in other websites which is not owned by them.

2Process of Signing-Up to Google Adsense

As long as you have your own website, you are allowed to sign-up with Google Adsense. Even the free site owners can apply for it. Nevertheless, Google prefers those sites that hold good and unique content. For you to sign up, it’s best to create your own site that holds unique content.

You will need to wait for 2 to 3 days for an account to be approved. You will be receiving a message whether the application has been accepted or not. Once the application is not accepted you will get a message which states the reasons for condemnation. According to research, the main reason why most sites are being rejected is simply because of their site content. If you really want your application to be accepted, simply change your content and make it more unique. Avoid copying content from other since Google hates plagiarism. You can check the plagiarism of your article here.

3How to earn?

Once your application was approved, you can easily make and post advertisement in the site. Your guests need to click on the ads, Google will be the one to pay the site owner since Ad Words clients pay the site for each click. In view of this, Google share “a portion” of the revenue through Google Adsense program. If your website gains great traffic that click the ads you have posted you can earn millions of dollars. But you have to understand that you will be facing great challenge to do this. There are some who are besieged in getting their initial pay check worth $100.

So at the end I have some tips for you all if you want to earn through Google Adsense –

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Blogging Tips

Increase Website Traffic

Must to use Tips to increase Website Traffic:

Sometimes you might be facing a problem, that even if you write unique content, optimize your site well and follow all other things required to bring traffic on your blog, you face disappointment. Here I’ll tell you some must have merits which will help in boosting up the website traffic.

1Uniformity and Regularity:

Most of the bloggers think that uploading quality content is enough to make a blog famous. But, only a few of them know that consistency also matters a lot. Even if you write amazing articles for your blog at irregular intervals, it becomes difficult to bring traffic. Hence, consistency matters a lot to increase website traffic. This means, that you must upload articles frequently and that too at regular intervals. Regularity makes you more reliable and dependable. Also, be unswerving in your writing style. Be true and honest with your readers and give a regular feed of posts to your readers else they’ll seek somewhere else. Remember, people who are reading your posts on regular basis, get attached to you in an indirect way and if you’ll be loyal with them full of values, they’ll always end up coming to your blog. Even if you upload 1 article in a week, its fine, the idea is just of being regular.

2Ensure Credibility:

Be straightforward. Tell the facts and figures and don’t try to run your blog on assumptions. If you do so, you’ll be caught one day and your website traffic will start decreasing. To prove yourself reliable, add links of other relevant articles. This will not only give credits to sources but it will also make your readers assured that you are not making assumptions. And hence your blog will attract more of new readers. So research well and then Get… Set… Go….


Let me first take an example to explain this to you. If I take a magnifying glass, reflect Sunlight through it on a piece of paper, then what will happen? The paper will get burnt in sometime. Right? But, if I don’t stabilize the glass, rather keep on moving it in front of the paper, will the paper ever get burnt? No.

So, similarly, if you’ll not be focused on one point, and will try to add each and everything in that single post, it will leave your readers clueless regarding what was the discussion exactly all about? So, be constrained in a particular article. It will be good if your site contains information about everything, but a single article is meant to be focused on a single point. Hence be clear with the agenda behind each of your article and if you want to add on things, give the reference of other relevant articles. This will help you in increasing website traffic.

3Be Creative and Innovative:

Creativity not only means adding new things, but it also means creating a wonderful post containing each and everything regarding that particular topic. You must be creative in managing your post in an excellent manner by covering starting from the introduction to the facts then to the causes and problems and solutions, and everything a reader can think about that topic. This will closely effect on regular website traffic. Cover all Pros and Cons and confine it in such a way that when the reader finishes with his reading, he must get a feel of completion. Take time to write, think out of the box and pen down all your thoughts and views in an amazing way.


Rendezvous, basically means, engagement. Yes. Your way of writing must be such that a person gets completely engaged while reading. Sometimes, readers get little shy and hesitated to put their views in discussion. If your way of writing will be like creating a relation with the reader then your website will always be lively and readers will be active to comment and discuss. Also, be active in discussion and give intellectual answers to every question.

I’ll conclude by summarizing all my points. If you really want to increase website traffic and want your website to grow then be consistent, maintain regularity, follow honesty and develop your readers’ trust on you. Embellish your blog with creativity and innovations, focus on your topic and get your readers, engaged in your posts while reading.

Follow these points and note an increment in the website traffic, hence make more money.

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Blogging Tips

Google Analytics – Free Website Analytics Tool

If you really wanna grow bigger and bigger in the field of blogging, you need to understand the fact that you need to write focusing on your target audience. So obviously for doing the same first of all you must know about your audience. You must know about all the statistics of how many daily visitors are you getting, from which country you are getting more of the visitors, on an average how many page does a visitor views, which of your contents is getting maximum visitors etc.

Now I’ll talk about the most important and the interesting part and that is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is the software which tells you about all the up mentioned activities. It will give you the track of the log of your visitors.

The best statistics which can be used to analyse how your website is growing is Traffic metrics. So here I present some amazing tips which you must follow to improve the marketing of your website and it will help you in driving in more traffic.

1Long term Stats:

There are 2 types of metrics and you should analyse both of them: long term values and local values. Google Analytics displays results of the past 1 month. This will help you in analyzing which of your articles have been flourishing the most. You can also extend the Google Analytics graph to find out the trends of 3-6 months or even a year. By doing this you’ll be able to examine which of your posts are reaping maximum visitors. Be stable, it will make your blog a success.

2Audience whereabouts:

Google Analytics also tells you about the number of visitors you are getting from a particular country. Google Analytics displays a map which shows the number of visitors from all over the world. The regions colored with dark green signify more traffic regions. This will help you as now you will focus on those articles which relate to the country from where you are getting the maximum visitors.

3Articles with prevalent keywords:

Your site is best optimized when you use good keywords and your articles consist of those keywords. You can examine that how your site ranks for specific keywords and how many visitors come to your site because of those keywords on search engine. This all is examined using Google Webmaster Tools. You can study which page the visitors visit, for how much time they stay and how many pages a particular visitor visits etc.

So, basically what all you have to do is:

  1. Search for the keywords with low competition and use them in your articles, that is, optimize your posts using those keywords.
  2. Track the locations from where you are getting the maximum visitors and then upload posts which are trending in those countries.
  3. Analyse your stats and post the articles which are more like by the visitors coming on your website.
  4. Post articles at regular intervals rather than posting as and when you feel like. This also plays a major role in Search Engine Optimization.

You can Sign Up for Google Analytics Here.


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Blogging Tips

Attract New Readers and Keep Them

Attract new readers and convert them into your regular visitors

Do you want to get more and more visitors on your website and are you really craving to do so? Do you want to attract new readers on your blog and want to keep them?

In that case, the caution which I would advise you to keep in mind is that it is not about the number of visitors you get but it’s all about the number of visitors who are getting converted into regular readers of your blog. It is not at all easy to increase the number of visitors on your website but it is even more difficult to upsurge the number of readers on your website. So you really need to work hard to attract new readers and then to make them a regular reader of your blog.

So, on what I actually want to focus is that attaining more readers helps in raising the traffic so one must emphasize on increasing the number of readers than the number of visitors.

The Foremost Tip to attract new readers on your website

One of the basic ways of converting the visitors into readers is to work on a niche site. Niche site simply means a site which is created on a particular topic. Rather than uploading each and everything belonging to a number of topics, a blogger must concentrate on a single particular topic. It attracts your visitors towards your site. Not only this, but search engines also give more prominence to such sites. After getting a decent traffic on your site, start giving the option of subscription to your visitors for better connectivity of your clients with your site. This will attract new readers on your blog a

Now let’s move on to the guidelines which if followed will definitely increase the number of visitors in your blog.

Before starting one thing which should also be kept in mind is, though Search Engine Optimization plays a major role in making a blog successful, but impressive writing is also equally important so that your visitors enjoy reading your blog and visit it regularly.


1Communicative language:

Your articles must be such that your readers should not feel that they are reading text, rather they must feel like the screen is talking to them. Your article should be so amazingly written such that they enjoy reading and it should be a fun for them. This matters a lot when you want to attract new readers and get your visitors on your blog again and again.

2Blog Commenting:

You must have already guessed from the name that what you actually have to do. Yes, your guess is absolutely correct. You need to make yourself and your blog a brand, branding is extensively important. When I’m using the word branding, I’m not pointing towards the design or logo of your blog, rather I’m talking about the marketing of your blog. The easiest way of branding your blog is by commenting on other blogs which will give your blog recognition and definitely it’s a way to get referral traffic. You can read more about blog commenting here.

Blog commenting is a game play but it is very important that your comment must be like out of the box. Also, participate as more as possible in the comments of the top blogs belonging to your niche. Your comments must represent your image and the level of knowledge you hold. They should show your personality and must make you noticeable.

3Use Social Media for more Traffic:

Another way to attract new readers and bring a large number of regular traffic on your website is Social Media. Social media is a place where there are millions of people connected with each other. Once you start promoting your article on social media, you’ll get some readers who may also be interested in your blog niche.

The icing on the cake will be when your readers will share your post further. This will get your site more and more readers. Keep updating your posts; keep them evergreen, so that your readers do not lose interest.

4Assimilate Subscription Option:

Do provide your readers with the option of subscription to avail them the excellent service of getting the latest articles of your blog directly into their inbox. This attracts people and they will subscribe to your blog. Keep your subscription box at a place where it is easily and clearly visible. This is one of the best ways to attract new readers and convert your visitors into your regular readers by providing them with your subscription.

5Blog Layout and Design:

Have you heard the phrase that “First impression is the last impression”. You must have definitely heard this. So obviously you need to have a phenomenon layout or design of your blog. When a person opens a website; all right, let’s consider you in the example. When you open a website and you find it difficult to navigate, reading on that layout also does not appeal you, will you stay on that website for longer? Your answer is NO. Make your blog user friendly so that it attracts new readers. Place different elements like Advertisements from which you make money on proper positions so that your readers find it neat and clean.

Summarizing it, if you wish to attract new readers and make them regular on your website then – Provide your readers with a decent layout, write quality content which they enjoy reading and reading you posts become their hobby, promote your blog on social media and by commenting on top blogs relating to your niche. Also, avail the facility of subscription so that your readers are always updated with your latest posts. All these points will definitely help you to attract new readers and you’ll monetize online better and better.

Thank you for reading 🙂 🙂

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Blogging Tips

Keyword Research for an Article for Better SEO Results

Keywords are the basic foundation of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Most of the traffic which comes on your website is through search engines. You think it by considering yourself in the same situation. If you want to get information on any topic, how many times do you enter the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of a website? Almost every time you search it on Google, rather than entering the website’s address. Everyone is surfing for information, products and services and every other individual search with different keywords. Search Engines display accurate and relevant results according to the keywords entered in the search box. And therefore, you need to do a good keyword research for the better optimization of your article.

So now the question arises “What are the correct and the most searched keywords, using which we can get the link of our website among the top results displayed on Search Engines like Google ?” “How to do a successful Keyword Research for an article?”


First of all, compose a list of keywords which are related to your article in your opinion. Think and jot. Think that if you would have to search about that particular topic, what you would have entered to get the best results. Jot down all the keywords which come in your mind and are appropriate to promote your blog online.

Some Blog Topics recommended for you

  1. Select a Good Domain Name For Your Blog

  2. Where To Buy Cheap Domains For Your Blog

  3. How To Choose The Perfect Niche For Your Blog

1Use Google Keyword Research Tool:

Use Google Adwords Keyword Planner to search for the keywords related to your article. Google keyword shows 3 things about each keyword. One is its Local Searches, second is its Global Searches and the third is its Competition. You are advised to use keywords having High Global and Local Searches and Low Competition. You should never choose a keyword with high or medium competition as high competition keywords are for paid results and not meant for organic searches. So, choose your keywords carefully.

2Use Tools from PPC Campaigns:

Google AdWords also provides you with keyword research option. It is free of cost and you don’t need to start a campaign to start with it. It will provide you information about various phrases and keywords that people use as search queries related to the information, products and services available on your website.


We have discussed that what all alternatives do you have to choose keywords, that is, how to choose keywords for an article? Now, I’ll answer to one more important question. You must have thought a lot many times- “What kind of keywords i should focus upon to get the best results?”

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1General Keywords:

These are the 1 word keywords. These are unspecific and very general words used by people. But are not good for organic search optimization as they are very highly competitive.

2More Specific Keywords:

These keywords are phrases containing 2-3 words. They maintain a decent balance between the traffic and the significance of your website.

3Long Keywords:

These are phrases with 4+ words. These are extremely specific and are responsible for driving more than 70% traffic on the internet. Using these will help you In increasing your traffic a little bit.

As a conclusion I’ll summarize everything and will like to give you a precise overview on the selection of keywords for your articles. Survey a lot to get the best keywords for your blog and then end up with keywords which are low in completion and have a huge number of global searches. Also, analyse and track the movement of visitors in your website and improve your overall efforts by implementing improvised strategies to get the best results ever.

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Blogging Tips

Readability Test- Flesch Kincaid

Flesch Kincaid Readability Test

Haven’t heard about it ever? Basically, Flesch Kincaid is a readability test which indicates how easy or difficult an English passage or an article is to read and comprehend. If I define readability then it would be the ease with which a text can be read and understood by a reader.

So, to test readability, there are many ways. I’ll tell you some of them for examples. These are the most commonly used methods for testing readability.

  • Flesch readability Test

  • Flesch Kincaid Readability Test

  • Coleman Liau Index Readability Test

  • Gunning Fog Index Readability Test

Out of all these, Flesch Kincaid Readability is one of the most ancient and the most accurate readability formulae.

Readability of an article is tested on various factors like the number of words, syllables and sentences. Also, it’s calculated that on an average a sentence comprises of how many words. The shorter a sentence is, the easier it is to read and comprehend.

Flesch Kincaid readability test gives a score to a passage by calculating its readability according to various factors. The higher score an article gets, easier it is to read. And lower the score an article gets, more difficult it is to read. So your article is better and easier when it gets a higher score.

Moving on to the formula of the Flesch Kincaid Readability Test


206.835 – 1.015 ( total words / total sentences ) – 84.6 ( total syllables / total words ) – 15.59

If your score is between

  • 0 to 30.0 then this means that it is best for University Graduates

  • 0 to 70.0 then it is for 13-15 year old pupils

  • 0 to 100.0 then it easily comprehended by an average 11 year pupil

Whenever you publish an article on Google, it tests the readability of your post and it is considered as one of the factors of SEO.

You can check the readability of any of your article or passage or document by clicking here.

Alternative Readability test

You’ll be happy to know that this tool not only test the readability of your article but it also gives you suggestions like which sentences can be re-written to improve the readability score of your article.

You can also improve the Grammar of your article by Grammarly. This is the best Grammar checking software.

I suggest that every blogger must also use a tool named Hemingway. It offers you an online editor which also tests the readability of your article. You can read and learn more about readability on Wikipedia.

I’ve suggested you 3 important tools in the above article which will definitely help you in increasing the readability and grammar of your articles turning you into a better content writer. Thank you.

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Make Money Online

Prevent your Google Adsense Account from getting Banned

Scared of getting your Google AdSense Account banned?

Everyone knows this very well that it is not an easy job to get Google AdSense approval, and even after getting the approval bloggers are afraid of getting banned as Google is extremely strict about the AdSense Terms of Services. You have to take care of certain norms and terms and conditions to prevent your blog from getting banned from Google Adsense.

These are some of the mistakes which Google AdSense publishers usually commit and they must try to avoid these faults to save themselves from getting banned.

1Invalid Clicks

The most common committed mistake is Invalid Clicks which takes your account to the danger zone of getting banned. Your account gets banned only when you try to act smarter than Google. When a publisher starts with Google AdSense, in over excitement, he asks his friends to click on the Ads and increase his page views by opening a few numbers of pages. He runs his brain and asks his friends to click on the advertisements with different IP addresses. And then, whenever the AdSense team perceives this activity, they disable your AdSense account. So please don’t try these foolish activities to increase your Ad clicks.

2AdSense on Unsupported Language Blogs

If your Google AdSense account has been approved and you are using that account for a blog in the language which is not supported by Google then kindly make the changes as there are bigger chances of getting banned. These are the languages which qualify the AdSense TOS (Terms of Services).

To get the list of AdSense supported languages click here

3Making alterations in AdSense Code

If you are an amazing programmer and you are implementing your skills in making alterations in your AdSense code then this is one of the worst things you are trying to do because this is not at all permitted by Google. Also, if you’re great in using Adobe Photoshop and you think you’ll make a clever move by adding Google AdSense image with adjacent image then wake up. Doing this might ban your account. Google TOS does not permit you to shade your AdSense images with other images.

4Publishing copied content

If Google has accepted your application of AdSense and you’ve become successful in getting AdSense account and now you want to save your time of writing articles and you take a smart step of uploading copied posts on your website then you’re completely trapped in the threat zone of getting banned. You must know how to start writing a proper blog.

5Hosting Copyright Content

If you’re using Google AdSense for a site which contains copyright contents like songs, movies etc then also you’re in risk as this is not allowed.

6Linking To Wrong Sites

You’ve to take extreme care while adding links on your site as even if your site doesn’t have any copyright or illegal content but you’re linking to sites having stuff like pirated software, or illegal content etc, Google will ban you.

Here is the list of content which is not allowed for Google AdSense

    • Porn, Adult material

    • Violent content

    • Racial content

    • Hacking/Cracking

    • Gambling/Casino

    • Pages selling Drugs, Alcohol (Beer or hard alcohol)

    • Pages selling Weapons and ammunition

    • Distribution of course work. Eg: Student essays

7Advertisement Label

A big no to tricks like Click here to download this paper, Click here to make new friends etc. This is an activity which encourages clicking on the Ads. This may lead to a big trouble for you.

8Using other Advertisement Programs

Don’t use other advertisement programs as Google may not like it. It decreases the gravity of your website. Still, you can use some advertisement networks like Infolinks, BuySellads etc as they fit in AdSense TOS.

So now I’ve shown you all the pits, which will attract you to put your feet in them. Don’t commit these mistakes and enjoy monetizing online.

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